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  1. steelers1

    Crap 1 nerfs account combos

    It doesn't surprise me. I kinda think its a good thing. It was pretty cool at first combining accounts for larger CL's, then applying and collecting a new SUB then rinse and repeat. When they started cutting the new big combined limits at the knees then I was done with it.
  2. steelers1

    Blispay Suspended New Funding Email

    I just netted this turd a few months ago. I haven't used it once yet. It looks like my opportunity may be gone.
  3. steelers1

    FNBO not issuing cards outside of footprint?

    Yea I learned my lesson the hard way. Over 2 years I applied 3x for their business rewards card. The first 2x it was some BS excuse. The 3rd. time they pulled my TU at 801 DENIED. I pushed then finally they relented that I was outside of their area of business. Now all applications for this card must be done in branch.
  4. steelers1

    Master 2018 Approvals and CLIs Thread

    I'm sorry to hear that. It just sucks...
  5. steelers1

    Master 2018 Approvals and CLIs Thread

    Congrats! Nice catch
  6. If you couple the PayPal MC 2% along with a PayPal biz account (using the PayPal biz debit card 1% CB) it's a 3% cash back card all day long.
  7. steelers1

    Master 2018 Approvals and CLIs Thread

    Do you have any other Comenity cards? It seems from previous posts here and elsewhere, if you have any of their retail cards and you add one of their majors they tend to close them.
  8. Miss the next payment and jack up your utilization above 75% across the board and you"ll get there in no time! 😀
  9. steelers1

    MyFako Condones this Crap

    He wants to apply for a secured card just for the aesthetics of it. This beats the sh!t out of "I want a metal card just because its metal" all day. https://ficoforums.myfico.com/t5/Credit-Cards/Convince-me-not-to-do-it-please/td-p/5390578
  10. Has anyone had any success with Kohl's & Macy's goodwill letters? I just started helping a relative with her credit and she has 2 late payments to Macy's 15 months ago and 1 late payment to Kohl's LAST MONTH. Other than the above items and high utilization the rest of her reports are clean. Any suggestions? TIA
  11. steelers1

    New AMEX gold card APPROVED!

    Just pick your corners and work them biatches!!! 😀
  12. steelers1

    US Skank - WTF kind of survey questions are these???

    It's a FINANCIAL / BANKING survey not a sexual orientation survey. Their supposed to be questions from a financial institution about finances. That's why I found it offensive.
  13. What does this have to do with banking / financial matters? it's offensive I didn't finish it.

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