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  1. Guess I will let it die off. It was nice seeing that they didn't run off like Macy's and my Best Buy card, had no balances on those things for years and they just dropped off the report.
  2. It's for the store Fashion Bug, I used it less than 5 times, figured they had closed it like they did with the rest of my cards I didn't use after my credit fell apart.
  3. Hello, I just checked my trashed credit and discovered I still have one credit card open with a $500 limit and I have over 7k in collections. My score is at an all time low of 514, cried when I read that. Should I leave the card as it is or should I try to use it, would it help in the rebuilding process?
  4. Hey I just noticed this post, you are on the right track now. If you own your home, get the Home Depot card. It always comes in handy and they give nice CLI to help build credit fast. Use it to buy things for your home that qualify for those energy tax credits. The purchases save you money on taxes, builds credit and increases the value of your home . Well good luck with what ever you decide to do.
  5. I sort of understand why you were rejected. The point of credit cards for the company is to make money off interest, fees. You are not a great customer for them because they already know you don't spend much with your credit cards. They can't make money off you. You must start using the card you have, then call in for a CLI. Establish some history on that card, like make a purchase and pay it off in 3 months or extend it to 6 months. Then go to your bank and apply for one of their cards. I pay $230 a month in interest fees alone when I pay my credit cards. Credit card companies loved
  6. Hello, well after a successful credit rebuild 3 years ago with the help of this site, I have managed to get myself back into debt. This time $12,000 in credit card debt. My fiance owns rental property, went on a remodeling blitz with my cards and promised to pay them off and never has enough to help pay after his tax bill, mortgage, insurance for the property. When he has extra cash, he does pay but lately people skipping out on rent every month. So with my limited budget of $700 a month just towards the credit cards, Im trying to pay these off. The issue I have now is I'm paying about $230 a
  7. How much is your current limit and how much do you owe them? I got my card around the same time you did with a $300 limit, never had more than $100 on it, then they increased it a year later to $700. I bought a TV for $500, paid it off in 6 months and then I got an increase to $1,000. I currently have issues with high usage of my other cards and haven't had an increase from Target since. They are getting really picky now.
  8. The biggest myth for me was once your credit is ruined, it can never be fixed. Thanks to my awful family my credit was trashed. Found this board, used the advice and tips and I'm on the road to great credit. I went from a 520 to 700 in 2 years of credit repair. Paying my student loan on time and then getting my first card wtih Macy's helped kick start it. I had to pay off some CO's of about $1,300 before I applied for a mortgage, and learned that hurts your score for a few months.
  9. I think you may need to pull up your current credit report. Like someone else said, there is more to this than $13. I had about 1,000 in negative info on my credit report when I was approved for my first card from Macy's at $200.
  10. I love Macy's also thanks to the credit card. I had the worst credit but they gave me a chance after it was required I apply for the card for my employee discount. I started out with the $100 card also and now I'm up to $500. No one else gave me a chance before that card.
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