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  1. BDK - neh, the back # is for front end customer rep. I kind of need to talk to the underwriter or executive level that have authority to do something. Back number mostly will take you to India.
  2. is there a special phone number i can call citi to discuss this?
  3. What's your utilization like on the individual cards? Citi Forward = 81% Citi Ty Pref = 55% <-- closing to end the balance tsfr Citi Slate = 79% Bofa = 91% Umb = 93% again, all these are balance transfer offers. And, i have been doing citi forward and Citi Ty preffered and slate for almost 4 years...back to back. paid off when offers ended and took it again once they offered to me. But, i guess this recent balance transfer with bofa and umb, they didnt like it.
  4. Citibank did this to me! 1 card closed with limit $4200. Hardly use with 0 balance. <-- closed 2 months ago. I dont intend to use the card so i wasnt care about it. Citi Thank you Preffered reduced from 13.5k to just few hundreds $$ above my current balance. I still have 3 more months to pay off my 0% balance transfer. And today, my citi forward dropped from 21k to also few hundreds above my curent balance. And I stil have 6 more months to pay off my 0% balance transfer. Anyway i can fight this? This is messing up my credit.
  5. I am not quite sure what is my score really...but I have not late payments and really havent open tons of new cards... they only red flag that i can think of is that I like to use "free" money. I have currently 5 cards with balance transfer offer... citi freedom, citi ty, chase slate (i took the offer last year and will pay in full this year. Still have 3 more months on Citi Thank you and 5 - 6 more months on freedom and slate). Then, i took in March 0% balance transfer from Bank of America and UMB. I have paid close to 1/2 what I owed to citi since last year as of today. My utilization is about 42% overall.
  6. Is there anything I can do? My score is pretty okay..but I took several 0% balance transfer offer from few of my cards such as Bofa, Chase Slate, Citi Forward, Citi Ty Preffered and now they are reducing and closing my unused card. They reduced my citiforward from 21k to 17.32k. My balance was 20.8k when i took out the balacne transfer and i still have 6 months to go. Citi reduced my TY preffered from 13.5k to 7.4k with a balance of 7.3k. I took the balance transfer as well at 13.2k then and i still have 3 more months to go. They closed my 4.2k citi..i dont remember what brand, but i dont use it at all... Is there anything i can do now? they are trying to ruin my credit....
  7. what contract are you referring to? This is Visa card with credit union.
  8. Never been into court..except for parking ticket and come to court for quilty and ask for less $$. I have made offer close to 80% now and they wont take it. Why would they take it at 50% when we are going to court? The judge usually like to see both parties try to workout their differences prior to hearing the case. If one party is unwilling to workout the differences, then the judge might find the other party in favor of the case. The CU might be willing to take a lesser amount to avoid the judge hearing the case and risk losing the case. Are these offers you are submittiing to them in writing? While in general that is true if the defendant in a debt case continues to make unreasonably low offers on a large debt the court will not just back that up. Now anything 70% or more and then the plaintiff is going to have a problem explaining their refusal of the offer. as of today, debt is $11,153.42 (principal is $9200). I am not sure how they came out $11,153.42 but the $9200 is already have interest prior to default...maybe the $2000 is the collection fees? if 7360 is 80% of 9200... $7900 that they offered to me is about 70% from 11k or 85% from 9.2k. My credit report is already have charge off trade line from the credit union. If I made installment payment, the collection agency will also report it., this collection agency reporting that I tried to avoid. I know its stupid since my credit is already ruined. BkinSM
  9. $5500 yes. I sent them email. Then they counter $4000 + $140 x 24 payments. Then, they cant wait any longer and sent it to the outside collection agency (for only less then 1 month). $7360 is a letter send to me by the collection agency via fax. She is asking for my bank account and I said I wont give her until I got the letter. So, she fax me a letter and then i gave her my checking acct#. it says: (On Tuesday). dear Mr BkinSM, in an effort to loquidate the above outstanding balance, we are giving you a potential opportunity to settle this account with a payment of $7360 by 05/10/13. If you are able to take advantage of this offer, call me upon receipt of this letter so we can present it to our client for their final approval. Once our client has approved the settlement and we ahve received the funds, this account will be marked as "paid and satisfied" and will reflect a zero balance. Then today she called it is denied and they can take the $7360 bla bla bla and the rest in additional payment. I am really strectching myself offering them $7360. All i have is really $5000-$5500. But, I just want to get over it and I believe my friend is willing to lend me some money and my paycheck is coming up. Originally they are asking for $5500 + $200 for 12 months. I would take it but I dont want the collection company to report in my credit bureau. If they are not reporting, I would probably take that offer.
  10. Never been into court..except for parking ticket and come to court for quilty and ask for less $$. I have made offer close to 80% now and they wont take it. Why would they take it at 50% when we are going to court?
  11. What the CU said: wage and bank account garnishment, trashed credit, added statutory post judgment interest, court costs, attorney fees making the debt WAY more than 7.9k. 25% of gross wages. Your monthly expenses will not be a factor. At this point the creditor being a credit union isn't really the biggest issue. The major problem(s) are that the debt is large and worth pursuing and you are WELL within the SOL. If they sue you defend in the meantime continue making settlement offers hoping they accept one because you really don't have any leverage which is why they are in a position to be stubborn and they know it. I would also set aside any feelings you have about being threatened because they have the leverage to do it. Getting too angry about it will only cloud your ability to think clearly and deal with this in your best interest. I am actually the stupid one. This account was mix in paperwork. The account should have been with outside collection agency since last year (mid june) because in Sept 2012, I called them, they didnt want to talk to me anymore... But, I kept paying them. Then, In Jan I would like "fix" my credit report, then this can of worm was out. Well, I tried to put my feeling a side, but I offered the collection agency $7360 and today they said NASA denied it, and wanting the $7900. I told her i have to think about it, and she said she cant wait that long and will report as I denied it. So, this pissed me off, because I made offer from $4000, $5500 and now $7360 and they wont budge and I have no room to think?
  12. what can i do to prevent non-judgement?
  13. Yes. In california. Well I started defaulting last year (Feb 2012) when I tried my third time to get my mortgage modified (HAMP). I finally my modification permanent in Sept 2012. Since Sept 2012, I have paid down the debts from high 13k to 9.2k...now they are saying the balance is 11k with int + fee. This account has been charge off in my credit report. I read somewhere, whenever i make payment i renew the age...so, I am not sure...my last payment was in Feb 2013. thks! BKinSM
  14. anyone here that can give input? I talked to the collection agency... I have been offering 5.5k, now 7.36k that was offered to me (by the credit union) prior sending it out to the collection agency. but now they wont budge, asking for 7.9k. It will be hard for me to come up with 7.36k, but i think a friend could lend me some money. But I hate being threaten. I am at the point dont care anymore, but they kept saying that it will go to judgement, garnish my paycheck and etc. and the balance will be alot higher. can anyone tell me what will happen if i got sued? how much money they can take away from my paycheck/garnish? 50 - 60 % of my paycheck already goes to mortgage. 10 - 15% more for bills (phone, electric, pge and garbage and awater) rest goes to food, gas and paying my current debts... can anyone elaborate? What should I do? has anyone dealing with credit union?

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