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  1. s7v7n


    I just ordered my new report (been doing this for about 7-8 months now) and just noticed that all my INQ's just came back from TU? What the hell?
  2. s7v7n


    Just called the number on the back of the card, no English told me they are not giving out CLI's at the moment....is there a way to still do it through a back door when you say you want to cancel? That was effective like 6 months ago, no?
  3. s7v7n


    my spouse had the form. I did not. seems there is some screening going on. Hege, Any good number still out there now-a-days?
  4. s7v7n


    Number? Online there is no form, says to call...?
  5. s7v7n


    Any truth? Ditch the card?
  6. s7v7n


    I need a CLI on this card...any good back doors?? My credit is much better shape (FICO up about 28 points) from when I got the card. I appreciate it.
  7. s7v7n


    What is a good standing point credit wise for this card? I'd love to have it as for Costco basically and I've been with BOA since I was 16, so I have a good standing effort with them...also have Platinum Plus Rewards with BOA, should I ask to convert or apply seperate? Thanks.
  8. s7v7n


    Here's the thing: -2 years since I got a CLI on AZFCU -13 months since I got a CLI in FIGCU -9 months since I got a CLI on BOA -HSBC has been about 5-6 months
  9. s7v7n


    I was thinking of doing an all around CLI on all my cards, and I was curious if people were asking for CLI's, where was your current cards balance...all of them? About 2-3 out of my 7 will have about 30-50% balance on them...The other 3-4 will have under 10%.
  10. Agreed. Both store cards that I have (Target and Macy's) was approved in store when I applied.
  11. s7v7n


    Point is to get an approval or CL on a TU Pull -> POOF But if that said creditor pulls EX and it is frozen, as stated above, they will decline or ask to unfreeze...so how do you get them to go POOF with TU
  12. s7v7n


    Ok thanks...that's what I needed to know...so then...may I ask, what's the point?
  13. s7v7n


    So here is my question.... I am thinking of freezing EX (so many INQ's), and EQ (lowest score) so that when I ask my CU to refi my car, they pull TU only. Is this the rule...or do they ask me to unfreeze EX (only report they pull, was what I was told) so they can pull that report? I am sitting at about 14% APR with a co-signer and with the help of this month's pay (nice bonus) and you guys here on CB, I have my credit shaping up and can pay off most of my balances (about 3400$)...bringing me to NO co-signer and about 5.5% APR...YAY
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