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  1. Is there a setting somewhere that I'm missing ?. I keep seeing these spam posts with just a hyperlink in the first post - no context, explanation or rationale for what I assume is 'news'. I assume this is being posted in the Credit News forum, but I keep seeing them in the main forum and I'd like to turn this spam off. Where can I find the setting ?
  2. BB has one other 'scare tactic' if you already have a card. I have a BB store card - had it for 6 years.....but I only use it for large purchases, the rest of the time I pay with AMEX. But when they scan your RZ card and if you have it linked to your store card, it comes up on their display that you're a BB HSBC Card Holder or a BB Chase Card Holder. So....the cashier works out that you have one of their cards and you're not using it....then you get asked 'when was the last time you used your store card ?'.....the first time I was asked this it had only been a week and when I told her that, she said that 'you just have to be careful, they routinely deactivate cards that are not used'. I guess most people would just walk out the store at this point as they tell you this when they're handing you your bag of goodies......but I stopped to ask what the dormant interval was to flag card closure............'4 years' she said.
  3. I spent over $250,000 since 1999 (including 2 SUV's on AMEX DELTA)...not a down payment...THE WHOLE THING X 2 100% PIF They loved me so much that they needed to reduce my credit limits by $193,000 (3 cards) If you're implying I suddenly trust them because they've offered me with promises of Platinum...I don't buy it. I don't trust any bank or financial institution. At a time when I was most vulnerable following criminal theft, the financial institutions were the least dependable resources. If it weren't for the fact that my employer can't deposit directly into my mattress, that's exactly where my worldly funds would be right now. But what are we to do......I have a home that's mortgaged with a business that's been taken under the control of the British government, a pension in the UK that's in a similar position. I bank with a US bank that's considered to be fraudulent and absorbing US tax payer money by the day and I'm still paying off debt from the American thief that ripped off my identity (don't believe it when they say you're not liable). Life so hard...I need a vacation.
  4. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR ARE GETTING AT What does the subject of the post have to do with your problem??? Read all the posts since my last entry and this one - and all will be revealed !!!! Just like magic !!!!
  5. My car gave up on me repeatedly over the past 3 months....I went from AMEX saying - get your credit score for free for 30 days, to you're pre-approved for a gold card, to this month being pre-approved for a platinum card. Yes, it's unusual spending for me......and yes, I paid the card off within a couple of days of the expenses registering on the account. Do you think they love me ??
  6. I had a checking account, savings account, car loan and CD with Wells Fargo. I was subject to identity theft on a major scale, but from WF it was a $80 fraudulent withdrawal from an ATM. I had a police report and evidence that I was 4000 miles away in another country......they denied my claim. I closed all my accounts immediately and refinanced my loan. If I can't trust them $80....I certainly can't trust them with $thousands each month. Their loss.........not mine. Morons
  7. There have been many replies here since I last posted - forgive me, but I was angry at the lack of understanding from a community who should have every empathy. Two years later from my identity theft, I continue to pay over $600 a month to a lawyer, for what amounts to a bunch of letters to various creditors and credit reporting agencies for nothing than 'build a case'....as I'm told. I'm still prohibited from access to credit, because the CRA's state I'm in repossession for some accounts that have been paid in full....and a credit history littered with hard inquiries and apparent debt to the order of over $100K. I can't continue to write more....I came here for help and inspiration to resolve my problems....as a British guy who was so inspired to move to this county in the first instance......I am very disappointed in the reality.
  8. Post a photo of each and we’ll point out the major differences. Obviously it a major security and identity theft risk, extreme invasion of privacy and a no-brainer to keep your ID to yourself. No reasonable adult would hand over their ID to some violating cashier on demand. The most important thing is making sure it never happens again, so if any violating merchant should ever pop-up in your community, make sure they are eliminated/brought back into line immediately - 1-800-VISA-911. CREDIT CARD SIGNATURE IS ALL THE ID NEEDED When you pay for merchandise with a Visa card, MasterCard, or American Express any store that accepts these cards should accept yours too, no questions asked. It's part of the deal that merchants agree to when they become participating members. They must check your signature and the card - electronically or by telephone - to be sure it's valid. Once the answer comes up yes, they can go ahead and charge. They can't ask you for any further identification - not a license plate number, Social Security number, proof of address, phone number or photo ID. Your personal ID isn't needed because Visa, MasterCard, and American Express all guarantee payment on cards that have been properly checked. If the issuer mistakenly authorizes a sale on a bad card, it should make good. MasterCard says that merchants receive instant settlement. The contract MasterCard merchants sign specifically prevents them from asking for personal ID. Unfortunately, not all merchants play by the rules. Some, apparently, haven't read them. WHAT YOU CAN DO MasterCard wants to hear about merchants who break their rules. Send the name and address and an account of what happened to MasterCard WorldWide 2000 Purchase St. Purchase, NY 10577 or call 1-800-300-3069. The merchant's bank will get a stiff letter, ordering it to investigate and bring the offending store into line - or pay a $2,000 fine. You may also report violations online: http://www.mastercard.com/us/personal/en/c...violations.html Visa enforces the same rules as MasterCard. "When we hear about a violation, we ask the bank that signed the merchant to get together with the merchant and see that the practice is stopped," Visa representative states. To report a merchant, send a letter to the bank that that issued your Visa card or call 1-800-VISA-911. American Express also prohibits merchants from asking for IDs. "All a merchant is supposed to do is take an imprint, make sure the signature matches and swipe the card through the terminal, to get authorization." I still await your explanation on how someone who obtained a credit card in your name, then signed it in their own hand but with your name is somehow detected and overcome by the ID method you propose as infallible.
  9. Wanted to clarify one thing: My identity thieve, got into my mail, ordered new credit cards and replacement cards for my existing legitimate accounts. He received the cards and signed them with a signature of his own that was my name. In other words - the theory you quote would not work in the slightest for this form of identity theft. I hope you would see this as the flaw in the process you so adamantly promote. Baggy
  10. There is no more information on my DL than that on the window of the electricity bill that comes into my mail box each month. Do you have any idea how many people handle your mail ?....as opposed to the one individual you selectively choose and supervise to handle your driving license when requested for a financial transaction. I agree - it is a breach of process. But just because a process exists, doesn't make it right, or ideal or even in the interests of one or more parties involved. I'm sure there is a happy medium that can be achieved, but from experience, what you're suggesting exposes the individual to greater identity theft than you believe....and to simply quote procedure......isn't enough.....after someone has set you up for thousands of $ of debt you didn't create. In short - what you promote is a result of identity theft.....not the cause......and does not in any way mitigate or limit the damage caused......can you not see that ? Did you not read my experience from people following the procedure you promote as perfect ? - it's flawed in the greatest way possible - and not in favor of the cardholder.
  11. Yes, it makes much more sense to give a potentially crooked cashier your ID so they can now have your address and date of birth to assist them in stealing not just your credit card number but now your entire identity. I can't believe that people are so naive to think that requiring additional ID protects them, when it does exactly the opposite. The theft of one single credit card number is a hell of a lot easier to deal with than the theft of one's identity. I find that remark somewhat insulting - I had a thief rack up over $20,000 on my credit cards - the cards themselves were stolen. Had someone asked for the DL of the person presenting the card they wouldn't have been able to - because the DL was with me, over 4000 miles away in the deserts of the middle east. ..and don't say, 'well the credit card company will not hold you liable' - Providian did hold me liable and refused to even acknowledge another person made the transactions, even with proof I was on the other side of the earth. I spend 2 months arguing, being bounced from person to person filing the same claim multiple times. I got aggressive letters in the mail asking me to pay for a debt I didn't make....ruining my credit history and destroying my personal life at the same time I was trying to fix all the other debts with other companies that had been created in my name. So don't call me naive, or even claim that what I went through was easier to clean up than if the cashiers had asked for a DL. Because clearly the reverse would have been true. Besides, when you hand over your DL, are you 'naive' enough to let them walk off with it to copy it, or write down information from it in front of you ?? I didn't think so. Insulted
  12. I really don't mind them asking - having been a victim of identity theft, I really feel more comfortable that they DO ask. Believe me, the small inconvenience to you is nothing compared to the damage it can do to your life when someone takes your identity. The only grind I have, is that my DL is in a window in my wallet....and in most cases that's fine for people who want to see it. It's the ones with the attitude that insist your remove it from your wallet to inspect it. If there's a chance it could be fake, I'd accept it, but the holograms are perfectly obvious through the window. I've got up and left a restaurant once, when the waitress who had a cactus up her a** insisted I remove my DL from my wallet for her to inspect. Yes, I made a scene - but she asked for it....if she had something better to do than her job, she should go and do it, not take her frustrations out on the people paying her wages. Baggy
  13. You did well OP ! I have almost an exact pattern of delinquencies to you - I tried goodwill letters......twice......didn't even get a reply - so you did really well !!! I did tackle the same OC on a related matter and mentioned that they didn't have the courtesy to reply to my GW letters - the response from the Presidents office was that they were required 'by law' to report the delinquencies (yeah, right....but they don't have to report the TL). So it seems GW works really well, but only for some.......not for me Anyway, Congrats ! Baggy
  14. WHAT IS THE "REAL" COST OF THAT SAVINGS ACCOUNT??? so I should drain our savings accounts and do what? spend it? put it in a mattress? being pro credit does not have to mean being anti savings... 1) APY ON THE SAVINGS 2) APR ON THE CREDIT CARDS YOU ARE PAYING MINIMUM ON (and racking up interest) **DO THE MATH** Not every post is about you I stole that from YOU It is actually possible to do both - you don't have to be wholly one or the other. Apply common sense to your own personal situation....there's no hard and fast rules that fit every scenario.

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