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  1. Thanks for your responses everyone. That is really good information JeffeVerde. I live in Massachusetts. This collection agency has called my work several times. It is very frustrating. It's hard to pay off all these credit cards when I am the only one that is working in my house and I have two kids. Most of my debt is about 5-6 years old.
  2. Agreed. The first thing you have to do is find out if there really is a judgement against you. Have you looked at your credit report lately? Of course you should order paper copies of your reports. If there's a judgement, you will see a collection of your credit report, and it will list who the current creditor is. Also, there should be a PR (public record) showing on there as well (I've never had a judgement, so mine is clear, other people here can go further with this). This way, you can find out what county the judgement was recorded in (it's possible they sued you somewhere else, w
  3. I cannot find anything. Maybe I am looking incorrectly? Do you have a correct website? It's really frustrating. I searched through some of my bills and apparently I did receive a summons back in 2010. But I haven't found anything else. Also, at the time I received a summons I got a court order for another credit card. I accidentally thought it was all the same so I didn't do anything to the one that I am currently having a problem with. The court order for the other credit card has been taken care of. Do you think it's wise to start a debt management plan?? Also, there have been many
  4. Hi all! I haven't posted here in awhile. I need some help. I have some debt that I have been trying to take care of. Asset Recovery Solutions has taken on one of my credit cards and it's alot of money. They called me at work. They said a judgment was sent to me on May 28, 2010 to my house. I never received this judgment whatsoever. They gave me a case number but when I look it up on the courts website there is nothing. Now they are talking about wage garnishment and I can't afford to have my wages garnished. I am the only one working in my house and I take care of two kids. Asset wanted to
  5. Hello! I signed up awhile back but forgot about posting. Oops! I'm so glad I discovered this site and I look forward to posting more. Right now, my fiance and I are in debt up to our eyeballs. We have too many credit card bills and hospital bills. I've debated on whether or not to file for bankruptcy. I'm not sure what to do but I need to get out debt soon.
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