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  1. Surface Pro's are the worst built computers ever. Impossible to upgrade or repair. Everything is soldered in including CPUs and memory. You cannot open them up without destroying the case, they are literally glued together. Search YouTube fir videos of people trying. Utter garbage.
  2. My pet peeve with laptops is the trend to make the right click left click indistinguishable from the general track-pad real estate. It's so easy to select something when you mean to right click or left click it. Five minutes of actually trying it by a beta tester would have stopped this in it's tracks. Actually, 5 minutes of actual beta testing on everything would probably fix the world. An example of this is just now, above, when I misspelled "probably" as "probebly" and it suggested "porcupine" and "parachute".
  3. At least you didn't call it a hot water heater... "Hot water doesn't need heating!" RIP George Carlin.
  4. Oh jeez. I for got that one. ON PURPOSE! For those who kinda like the tune, here's the 10 hour version Daryl got 24/7 https://youtu.be/lDnva_3fcTc
  5. My home office faces the front of the house on ground level, and their house is right across the cul-de-sac. Try concentrating on work all day with a dumpy Alero pouting at you. Oh, I would understand if you were just being nosey. I was laid up for a couple of months after a surgery and for amusement I would go out on the front porch and watch all the drama's unfold 'burb style. I really miss my "stories" as I called them.
  6. For childless people, a swing set in the backyard shouts "windowless van parked outside an elementary school". Just add a bucket of candy to complete the scene.
  7. Hmmm... One useful, and non-intrusive place to look, would be their own working conditions. I find many companies cant comprehend why anyone wouldn't want to work for them. It must be flaky employees, no way could it be how they treat them.
  8. I assume the rate was posted just above the other sign that reminded you that they are not responsible for anything that happens to your car while it is in their possession.
  9. That's a great logo for a breastfeeding station. Happy boobs.
  10. and what does that say for him for staying married to psycho and ahole for 21 years.. .desperate Id1ot...and stupid too. Funny how a woman staying in an unhappy marriage long enough to squeeze the man for every cent he has is a victim, but a man staying for any reason is an Id1ot.
  11. Thanks for the explanation.Ever try hot pot? I've had Japanese and Chinese hot pot and enjoyed them both very much. Cooking at your table has come a long way since '70's fondue.
  12. We have used our salt block a few times with good results. It doesn't take an hour to heat up, about 20 minutes. Put it on a gas burner on low, turn it up a bit every 5 minutes or so until it is on just about full. You can then move it to it's stand in the dining area with several layers of pot holders. You wan't to cook fairly lean or dryish ingredients like filet mignon, shrimp, halibut. fresh vegetables etc. You'd think it would add a ton of salt flavor but it really doesn't, just a hint. It stays hot the entire time you are eating and cooks hot and quick. Cleanup is done similar to a pizza rock in that you wait until it has mostly cooled off then run water over it. A very small layer washes off each time but they last a long time. To me, the flavor is great, but it's mostly the fun of cooking at your table and watching the big plume of steam and hearing the loud sizzle. The danger factor is fun too.

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