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  1. I'm OC's Personal Assistant - you didn't know that?? That explains a lot.
  2. We here at my workplace were relieved to know that we're not the only ones who get crazies like this. So far this week we've had calls from: A woman who wants to turn in her neighbor because he's blowing arsenic into her house and she's getting arsenic poisoning. A woman who wants to turn in her daughter's school nurse because the school is having an epidemic of head lice and she is SURE the nurse is slipping the lice into the kids' hair when she checks it. A man who wants to come in to because "You know how a toothache feels? Well it feels like that, 'cept in my jewels." I so wish you could tell us where you work. I'd get a part time job there just for the comedy
  3. because you had to go all reachy-reachy about how underlying medical conditions are BS ALL the time They are... Here we go again...round 2
  4. WTH??? How is giving someone a jump going to mess up a car? What a jackhole. If I give someone a jump, I make sure I'm the one who hooks up ALL 4 wires. No sense leaving it to chance that they'll know what they're doing. At home, I'll offer up the battery charger before I'll offer to give someone a jump, though. I'd rather replace the charger than risk damage to my vehicle's electrical system. wait...is Fallon your neighbor?
  5. That looks so good!!! it does look good and I hate him for posting it. LOL
  6. I saw this story on FB and I just knew OC was gonna post it. It made me nauseated which is why I didn't post it. What I want to know (or maybe not) is how is she so familiar with the taste of semen?? Gross....
  7. I think I'm going to do the same.
  8. so why are we arguing then when I couldn't agree more with what you just posted? I think all the processed garbage that is available today is a HUGE contributer to the weight and health problems we see today. I've said that several times in various places on here and other sites.
  9. why on Earth would you do that? I can be as feisty as anyone else on here. All I'm saying is I've seen it first hand with my Mom (who had the lapband surgery btw) and she still is severely overweight. i've also seen what she eats on a regular basis and I've seen what is in her refrigerator, which IMO explains to me why she is overweight. I also know my own personal experience since I've been on a rather high dosage of Prednisone since the mid 90s. My weight goes up and down like a yo-yo. But I've also seen a direct relationship to when I actively try to monitor and control my diet that I'm able to maintain a healthy weight and when I don't monitor it my weight has gone way up. But would you attribute that to a medical condition? I wouldn't. I just know when I give in to the prednisone "cravings" that I eat more, thus taking in more calories, thus I gain weight. I also don't think it is any coincidence that Americans' waistlines have been steadily expanding since fast food establishments have become prolific as well as the abundance of crappy processed foods available at the grocery stores. So again, like I said previously, I know I'm probably squeezing a lemon some people off by saying what I'm saying but that is simply what I know to intuitively be true. I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out that if one takes in more calories than what you are expending on an average basis that one will gain weight.
  10. Great! And I'd like to see some actual long term SCIENTIFIC studies (with control groups with varying diets) and see how many actually do and don't lose weight once their diets are adjusted, if they eat organic/non-processed foods, etc. Show me that and I might start believing some of this. Not "my friend told me that the reason he/she can't lose weight is because.." If that pisses some people off, all I have to say is "oh well..."
  11. nope no brownies in my freezer today. But I can bake you some and send you some. and i will reach all I want TYVM. So many others here do...
  12. who says that? several people in this thread have alluded to people they know as being overweight due to medical conditions. Look, I realize there are things like overactive thyroids etc that can cause issues with weight. But I also know people who deal with stuff like this by modifying their diets (at least in part). I get so tired of hearing about how it's always a "medical condition" when alot of these same people are eating highly processed foods, foods loaded down with sodium, not eating veggies, not exercising portion control, not exercising and they expect me to believe that their problem is medically related? Please... Like I said...I just can't anymore.
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