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  1. Speaking of the dashboards/menus... what about Direct TV?
  2. Anyone else lose credit card and call to report it and they ask for your card number? How many people know credit card numbers by heart? Ridiculous ! You
  3. I have two accounts and never noticed the change.
  4. I asked a simple question, which is what the purpose of this group is. I did not ask for your opinion on it. And, for your information, freezing EX was suggested to me so they will pull TU when I apply for a CC since my EX and EQ are in still the middle of disputes and the TU disputes have concluded favorably. And, it won't be my "first" credit card. It will be about my 25th since, thanks to what I learned at CreditBoards, I had over $200,000 in CLs before my financial issues. Your condescending attitude is unwelcome in my threads. So, please, I ask again, just scroll on by. Go You sure get butt hurt easily.
  5. Im just trying to figure out where to start my new portfolio. Right now I have no active credit beside an AU. My first round of letters went out last week to clean up a total of 8 derog's and ID/addy correction. I do not suspect I will see substantial bumps in my scores, maybe 5-15 points Nothing wrong with a 15 point bump.
  6. This is true. I canceled AAA policy half way through term and they put me in collections. Wouldnt PFD after I exhausted all disputes.
  7. Why would you skimp on the registered mail? What would be a good time frame to hear back from the apartment community who I paid off (before I dispute with the CRA)? I would send out the letter via snail mail (non registered mail nor return receipt) and nicely ask them to pull back the account from the CA. And is there any sample text that I can "borrow" for my letter? Left to my own devices I would simply ask them to pull back the account from the CA because by law they have to pull it back. But that doesn't sound very "legalese" nor intelligent. Is there a better way of putting it? Thank you

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