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  1. I'm asking because of thing that happened in the past that might happen again I am expecting my second child and i'm preparing for delivery in the next couple months. and last time when we had our first child the hospital was horrible. (ok maybe not horrible but still) 1. after c section they never checked on my wife and when someone finally showed up she was dripping blood from the bed she sat in this for a few hours. someone was supposed to come and help her but nothing so they finally got her out of bed and changed everything 2 then everytime my son was needing fed they would roll him into the room and leave but then leave him like 10 feet from the bed my wife just had a c section she can't just get up this happened numerous times. one time she didn't go back to bed because she couldn't get in it. the nurse came in and was like why are you sleeping in the chair. so she told her 3 we were told no kids under 10 but if so only for a few minutes people nextdoor seemed to move in the whole family for 2 days literally they ALL slept there like 6 people kids running up and down the hall nothing said to them other small things stemming from poor care Nothing might happen BUT. Has anyone negotiated lower price for poor care? if your going to bill me for something I should get it. I'm going to stay longer this time.
  2. I am really tired of balance billing. Always getting little bills months later for this or that. I'm about to have my second child and last time i know I got lots of bills (which i hate Can't they lump it on one bill) from the hospital. from lots of stories of how people did everything they could to prevent balance billing they still get hit. Can I make the hospital sign something? I will not pay for out of network services. I'm coming to a in network provider I can't control what they do. seems most hospitals even though they are in network employ out of network Doctors. I personally think they should be paid as employees and not separate entities.
  3. Very close but my colection guy was way rude. Thank you i guess they give up if they don't get money right away.
  4. I got a call from someone saying they will be serving my wife with papers tomorrow will i be home to sign for them. if not then it will be considered a failure to appear. she has 72 to hours to appear or something. I tried to get info he gave me 855-313-6051 and a folder or case number. So i call ARS is answered and they give me to someone who then sends me to the person who has my wifes file they ask who i am i said the husband. NEVER ASKS FOR INFO no SSN nothing just starts giving out info They tell me who is suing my wife and the amount. did we not get the summons or letters back in march i said i just got a phone call they said oh thats from the process server. I said well i'll have to look up that account and the date on it. he said most people try to blow me off why do you care about a date. I said for SOL I believe this is past SOL. He said we are not a collection company, we are a law firm, you ARE being sued. Then said i'm too ignorant and annoying him and said he is going to hang up now. So i look up the number and see complaints So i called back and asked for company info they refused to give me any company info. i said i'm just asking for company name and main office address maybe a website they can't give me any info they are a switch board and there are multiple locations blah blah I said you must give me legally identifiable information, which is required under the FDCPA, she said i don't have to give you anything and hung up. These guys must be bottom feeders? lots of scare tactics and lies I thought they can't really lie about who they are or whats happening? ​and last they definitely can't give out information to me without some sort of identifiable info DOB/SSN something. Right? This is a new tactic for me. BTW my wife said someone did call two years ago trying the same type of thing but said they were a police officer trying to serve papers to an address we didn't live at and such. Can't they get into trouble for saying they are law enforcement?
  5. I someone told me they can't garnish wages if your making payments. If i say keep sending 25.00 a month can they do anything? is there a minimum i can send where if they accept they can't do anything?
  6. I was never notified i just got an alert on my credit monitoring and noticed the company name. I have not received anything from them in a long time. this debt is about 4-5 years old now. any letters i should use to write to either CRA or CA? I would contact the credit CRA but not sure what i would say they always seem to be in favor of the CA. the only proof i'll be able to find will be a credit report with them listed and a later one with them not listed
  7. Let me say thank you for all your help i went from 500-710 and was able to get my house. Now i'm almost 100% sure on this. I had gotten this account removed after much fighting. I know for sure they were removed down to TU or EX only. Then they were gone completely for what seems like a year. Now that I got my mortgage, I now see this company back on all 3 stating date opened 2/1/2014 this is WAY older then that. it says date opened but only appeared on my credit report this month or late last month. Since i got the house my credit has been the least of my worries. (I could care less about this now too, since i got my house and all the credit cards I need, but I did pay someone to remove this) I am currently looking for old credit reports where this company was on there. its been a while, so I can't seem to find any yet all paperwork is in boxes lost in stacks of boxes under my wifes stuff. I did find my mortgage report from march but this is not on there even though it says opened 2/14 I can't for sure say My fighting removed them since I never got letters saying x was removed things would just disappear. this is the only one to come back. General Revenue Company. Do accounts just disappear without being removed by the CRA? I wouldn't think so.
  8. I see lots of older posts. I had credit check total then they closed that. most posts were from 2013 and was looking for a more updated list since things keep changing all the time. i need to keep checking for the next few weeks when my credit card companies will update so i can have my loan officer pull my new score. none of the companies can say when they update but most said 30 days from the last time. freescore only allows 1 once a month pull. credit karma pulls every 2 weeks about i'm not trying to wait to long loan officer needs to know as soon as possible to score me.
  9. I'm curious I have 4 Cards I have some money (300) to pay down one or spread it around but i'm trying for the biggest impact this month on my credit score. I don't want to put 300 on say the highest card only to not make any difference because it didn't make x % 1 has 850 out of 1000 2 has 350 out of 850 3 has 300 out of 500 4 has 30 out of 500
  10. I've paid mine down below what they were when i got qualified. also i'm not sure at what % will it effect my score again. I don't want to throw another 300 at another card if it doesn't help my score. I'm also not sure if credit usage is looked at as a whole or per account. paying 300 and basically paying off a cc a bigger effect then paying the 300 on a higher utilized card. which wouldn't pay it off.
  11. I am an authorized user on my wife's cards and she is on mine. anyway I am wondering if removing one of these cards from my credit with hurt or help me. the account is near its limit and its only about a year and a half old. will removing the account from my credit report hurt me or help me I'm trying to get most my credit cards paid down for my next report i'm buying a house and I want every point i can get I got pre-qualified prior (i was median score 643) but during x-mas i used my credit cards and now my score dropped below 640 we finally found a house and I don't want to lose it due to me shy a few points I know my score dropped the next month due to the credit inquiry my bank did. they need to re qualify me possibly and i'm getting worried. So if i can gain an extra 10 points by removing my wifes authorized user account from my credit i'll do it. Thank you for your replies
  12. I was finally approved for a home loan. We found a house but that fell through due to a title issue. we haven't been able to find another house we like. now my pre qual letter is about to expire and my score dropped. last month my CC company reported they lowered my limit but in reality they raised it. this along with the 2 hard pulls on my credit lowered my score from over 640 to 600. nothing really changed on my credit in reality but on paper my score dropped and now I will probably miss out on a house we like. its hard for us to find something that fits our needs and price. My mortgage guy said disputes right now are bad don't dispute. the CC company is credit one bank. they have no phone number on their site and would they fix it anyway? it would take another month for a new score to come out right? Do I just have to wait and lose a possible home for my family? (in 2 months we found one 1 home we liked)
  13. I almost used them but they couldn't beat my progressive rate.

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