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  1. The BK is not showing on my reports any more, I just know Amex never forgets. It's not all that important for me to have an Amex card but I am in position now that I could easily pay it and as crazy as it sounds I still feel like I should, even though I have no legal obligation. I just thought if I am going to pay it then I could also see some benefit on my end I.E. a TL in good standing with some age. It was my understanding that if you get in the oasis program they date your account back to the original account.
  2. Thanks for the number sginpa, I may still give that a shot.
  3. Well I'm not going to beg them to take the money, I don't want back in with Amex that bad. Guess I will take your advice coppertwist and just apply when my scores get better. Been working hard on my credit for close to a year now, need to update my siggy, TU is 719, EQ 692 and I can only guess that EX. is close to that since I can't get that score anymore.
  4. It never left Amex, discharged in ch.7 before it ever went to collections.
  5. I have a old Amex that charged off back in 1998 for about $1600.00. I just called there collections dept. (1-800-253-1709) to see if I was eligible for there oasis program. I know the old account isn't hurting me anymore, not even showing on my reports, but I was hoping this could get me back in with Amex. The Rep. who answered had no idea what the oasis program was, said she never heard of it so she put me on hold to check with her supervisor. The supervisor got back on the phone with me to tell me Amex had discontinued the oasis program. Can anyone confirm this? Seems odd that
  6. Ok, I just did my first complaint with the FTC and I received the following message when I was finished inputting it. We have received your complaint. Thank you for contacting the FTC. Your complaint has been entered into Consumer Sentinel, a secure online database available to thousands of civil and criminal law enforcement agencies worldwide. Your reference number is: xxxxxxxx Here are links to the publications you may find useful: FAIR DEBT COLLECTION If you want to update your information or have any questions, please call our Consumer Response Center, 1-
  7. The following is a breakdown of my Truecredit change report for a repo from CitiAuto. For some reason this account goes back and forth every couple of months between showing a past due balance and not showing one. The balance is unpaid but as of today shows as $0. This would be great but I know it will pop back up in a couple months, it has been going back and forth like this for about a year now. Only happening on TU, Balance never leaves EQ. or EX. I check the hard copies for TU and TC is accurate, balance is coming and going just like TC shows. In the date reported field
  8. dubblist, Congrats! Would you care to share what you put in the goodwill letter? I also have many lates from over two years ago on my direct loans. Was thinking about writing to see if they will remove them, your results are very encouraging. Have you been paying on them the last couple years or where they in deferment? Would really appreciate it if you could give me an idea on what to say in my GWL. Thanks
  9. Called number on back of card to cancel because of the AF. They gave me a $400 CLI to keep account open but would not move on the AF. I've had the card for 5 months now, never late always PIF.
  10. I canceled it back when they first stopped daily pulls. It was due to renew 2 days after the cancel but it did not rebill and I got an email confirming the cancellation. I have been able to pull the TU only update report every day since then, anyone else have this happen? It's a neutered service now, but if they are going to let me have it for free I'll use it. I kept the cancellation email just in case they try to bill me later I can say no way.
  11. The car loan was tied to my social security #, so do you think removing old address's will help a dispute? I already have them removed from EQ. & TU but EX refuses to remove any address still tied to a CL.
  12. I had a car repo'd by citi auto and sold at auction in feb. of 2006. Since then both NCO an Synergetic Communications have tried to collect on the resulting deficiency. But as Citi did not send the required notices to claim the deficiency I was able to get both the CA's to fold pretty quickly. I believe since the CA's know that they can't collect on it they have sent it back to Citi. Early this week Citi changed it's listing on all three reports. For the past year it had shown as a repo with a $0 balance, they have changed it to a chargeoff with a $5483.00 balance. This has re
  13. Just called 800.889.9939 & got a $300 CLI on card I got 8/08. Was $300 CL is now $600CL, just stared rebuilding credit and this feels good
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