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  1. Sirrowan hon, you KNOW I'm still holding you up on this one. Life happens, you made informed choices based on good information and dealt with them, life goes on!!! Bowing to you still. Don't let the spewers get to you now, you've still another spare pair of well worn shoes to toss their way, yes? Sassy
  2. Unique doesn't delete per their agreements with the libraries and they do library collections specifically. The library doesn't have to contact you, nor does the CA, unfortunately. Search on them by name, they've been posted about extensively. Sassy
  3. Moving to the credit forum. The information for both MC and Visa are linked in the consumer protection forum as well as within the other threads that this topic has been discussed in. Here's the last thread on the same: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?s...=sassy,and,visa and the links to the contact information in the consumer protection forum are towards the end. Sorry can't get the specific thread to load or I'd cut and paste it for ya, I'll beat my browser and try again though Sassy
  4. This thread will help you, Index and Starting Point: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14797 Then be sure and read the next of the Newbie's Forum as well, it's all good: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showforum=15 Welcome and good luck, find your cozy spot and put your feet up! Sassy
  5. This tit for tat reporting has got to stop, AHEM Co-Sign-R. Overmihead, "ding-a-ling as a symbol on your chest" directed to Co-Sign-R was out of line. Please adjust your posts accordingly, I don't want to go further than that at the moment, given the interactions and history of postings associated with these continuous reports. Sassy EDITED to add: Absolutely flying with fave SchmuckIt, you're living dangerously Co-Sign-R.
  6. Does the letter specifically say that your dispute is "frivilous" -- most don't. If so, they specifically have to tell you what information is required to reinvestigate as required, did they? I have no idea why you think you need to wait for 3 months before taking further action, where did that come from? Sassy
  7. People skills or no people skills, stay off the phone. The advice to stay off the phone has nothing to do with whether one has people skills or not. Reporting isn't required, end of story. CA's (Furnishers) per their agreements with the CRA's can't delete without breaching that agreement. Sassy
  8. A validation letter will keep them from reporting -- then consider payment or settlement in exchange for written assurance that it won't be reported. Sassy
  9. Keep me alive to deliver and save the baby, then donate my organs and whatever else is harvestable and pull the plug. That'd be my vote. Sassy
  10. I hate that experimental treatments aren't covered by any insurance or medicare and nup, not illegal either, sucks it does when it's all there is or the best option available. Christopher Reeves has a foundation in his name that helps with stem cell procedures and treatments. Nodding with all the good advice you received, probably and little bit of everything you can think of, plus some. Sassy
  11. Ummmmm Breeze, be careful of the pellets, I mean presents :wink: that the bunny will surely be leaving you Good fertilizer though!!! Sassy
  12. The last statement isn't validation. They have to obtain verification of the debt (itemized statement showing how they arrived at the total being collected and adding to that total, at minimum) from the OC and forward it to you. A statement showing the charged-off amount isn't necessarily an itemization adding up to the amount charged off nor verification that the correct person is being dunned. Sassy
  13. There is no violation unless and until a dispute has been initiated via the CRA's and the information has not been corrected/updated. It doesn't matter if the debt was purchased, a CA is a CA is a CA, and anyone other than the original creditor (that originally extended the credit) is a CA. Sassy
  14. It is past-due (30, 60, 90, and 120 most likely -- it's progressive usually) as well as charged-off (150 to 180 days, though they can charge-off at any time) and should report with a balance, unless it has been sold/transferred, then it should be zero'd out with a notation reflecting the same. Sassy

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