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  1. the SOL in texas on an open acct is 4 yrs, so if the acct is closed then whats the limitation on that? im tryin to dispute a paid collecton that shows the acct is closed, last reported 3/29/2009, do i send PFD letter or do i just dispute with the bureau's? thanx in advance
  2. i got their addy from the letter sent to me, dunning letter (if thats tha CA) i havent done disputes yet, i was jus trying to stop them from reporting, did i mess up something? could i stil dispute with CRA's w/o having problems? where would i find another addy for them, online?
  3. ok ive read in a few threads that its not good to talk to CA over the phone.....ive also heard that if you do talk to them over the phone, never give them your social or bank acct #......... well i sent the CA a PFD letter and i havent heard anything via mail and its been about to weeks.... so do i wait a little longer? or do i call the 800# and verbally ask for something in writing, stating that they will remove from my report if i agree to the settled amount? and if so, if i do pay..what the safest/securest way to pay a CA need help ASAP thanx in advance for any feedback
  4. ok ive read in a thread or two, that itz not a good idea to give your SSN or Bank account # to any collection agency, so whats the best form of payment or other form of route to take? any recommendations would help thanx in advance
  5. ok, but even though its still within SOL, and i can go ahead and pay it off, should i send in a "pay for deletion" letter even though they havent sent me anything for a settlement ?
  6. ok this time i wana know how to approach a charge off that is still with in SOL and is reporting correctly and is affecting me, but i js want to get it off period.. we are talking about more than one charge off sooooooooo...... for the one that isnt affecting me, do i leave that alone? or do i mess with it? for the one that is affecting me, do i just let it run its course for about 6 months to where its not affecting me or do i mess with it now (last reported 3/29/09) and its a low amount , like $361 or should i just ask them if they"ll send me something in writing stating that they'll remove it if i pay?, then pay it off any advice would be great , thanx in advance
  7. do you have the link to Jack Attack?
  8. yes it is.......sry.........well where do i go to find out my states SOL ? WhyChat's SOL/States also, can u give me the exact definition of statue of limitation? isnt it something like the time limit that an agency can report you within a certain time frame? (if u could elaborate on that it would help) lol thanx
  9. here goes, im trying to remove some addys off my report, but i dont have an updated copy of my drivers license yet, it still has the old addy on there............... 2ndly on one of my accounts i need to send in a PFD letter.......and, im not sure which addy i have linked to that account........ so what im getting at is, hw do i approach this situation because it would make no sense for me to send in an addy removal requesting to remove addy's of my report when they'll notice one of them "IS STILL ON MY LICENSE" !!!!!!!!! and , but if im guessing right, if i send a PFD letter asking them to move the account after i pay it.....they'll know that i actually do have something to do with the addresss because why would a person try to pay off something that there stating they have no connection to, hell i wouldnt so any advice would be helpful i jus wana kno do i wait n get updated license? or if i send addy removal now, will it bite me in the behind later? or shoud i send the PFD letter 1st........? uggh........dis stuf gets confusing... thanx in advance
  10. yes it is.......sry.........well where do i go to find out my states SOL ?
  11. ok i was told that its not good to "wake a sleeping giant", so , saying that its not a good idea for me to dispute something that is charged off or a baddy on your report if its not affecting you ne more because it might start reporting again.......so if i had something between 06' through 09' that shows a paid charge off , how do i approach it...... thanx in advance........
  12. oops, not yet i 4got about that, thanx alot........i will do.....
  13. i paid one in 06', 08'and 09' but they stil show on there..........

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