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  1. JoelDC

    Weekender Card

    I have another cap one card. Wonder if they still combine cards. . .anyone know?
  2. JoelDC

    Weekender Card

    I assume it will keep the account history, Bama. We will see.
  3. RIP HSBC Weekender 2% cash back card. Just got my notice from CapOne that it is converting to a 1.5% cash back card. So one of my favorite cards is no more.
  4. I have approx 30,000 in student loan debt. All three credit scores around 750. I want to ask for CLIS on credit cards. Is student loan debt a factor in whether I will get CLIs and how much. Thanks.
  5. I just received an offer for this card with 14.99% apr, no annual fee, 0% on purchases the first year. It appears there are no rewards at all. I already have a citi platinum with no annual fee, $10,000 limit and 1% cashback. Why would they even bother to offer this card? Puzzling. Does anyone know whether the Diamond Preferred has some special benefit, or is likely to give me a very high credit limit? My credit is good (all three around 770), and I am looking to ket a high-limit card: should I go for this one?
  6. I have the HSBC Weekender (2% back on weekends) which I love. Will Capital One allow me to keep these rewards when they switch me over? I can't see where they have addressed this in their mailings to me. Thanks.
  7. I'm starting a new job that will require an hour-long commute each way by car. I have not owned a car in years and I'm completely out of touch when it comes to the best current cash back deals for gas purchases. Recommendations? Thanks.
  8. JoelDC

    CAP ONE LUV!!!!

    Could you please tell us your scores, % util, etc.?
  9. Forgive me if this is not on-point for the Credit forum -- I could not figure out where else to post. After all of the news about big banks raising ATM fees, etc., and general disgust at the "too big to fail" banks, I am ready to switch. I live in Brooklyn, NY where once upon a time there were local banks. Not so much any more. I'm not sure I qualify for a credit union -- perhaps as an alumnus of my university -- but I have no other connection I am aware of. Any suggestions for alternatives? Non-brick-and-morter banks online? They're all FDIC insured, right? Any pitfalls? My priorities are free and widely available ATMs, and no (or very low) fees. I have direct deposit, but would love to hear about banks that don't require it for low fees. Thanks!!
  10. JoelDC

    Holy Crap!

    Congrats. Almost exactly the same thing happened to me several years ago. Now my FICOs are all around 750 and CapOne is my card with the lowest limit. Don't stop now. Clean up your credit by reading advice in the various threads archived here. And pay in full, on time, from now on.
  11. Nope. Most start at around 500 bucks. Hmm. Probably not worth it. Any idea about CLIs?
  12. Is Target giving generous limits on their Red credit cards?

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