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  1. I have credit established for one of my businesses. I plan on starting another one. My question is, can I use credit from one business to purchase equipment for the one I plan on starting?
  2. Do you mean that you have no assailable assets and that your income is all exempt from garnishment ? If so, you can still be sued, even if they have NO chance of collecting on a judgment. What I want to know is, what is my next step? Negotiate the debt, 623 method, pay it off...
  3. How can the hospital sue me when they sold the debt to a collection agency?
  4. It's been about a year and I don't have any records. They were aware that I did not have any insurance and was given a discount.
  5. Here is the sample DV letter I sent them: http://www.creditinfocenter.com/forms/sampleletter9.shtml As far as their validation it appears to be an itemized copy of the services performed at the hospital.
  6. What State are you in?? Mass. does not allow CAs to report without authorization from the OC. If you are vulnerable to being sued and did not qualify for assistance when you incurred the medical charges, OR if the medical charges were from an auto accident, then please post the correct data so that we can try to give you the best possible advice. I'm in the state of Nevada. No, I will not get sued. The accident only involved myself at my home.
  7. They are not on my CRs, but probably will be. Then again, not sure because they don't have my exact SSN. The total balance is around $1800. No insurance.
  8. I have several collection agencies that has been contacting me in regards to medical bills. I sent them a request for validation letters and 2 of 3 have responded. After looking at the documents sent to me it appears they have all my information except for the fact that they have my SSN off by one digit. My question is, since they have the rest of my information correct will they be able to figure out my SSN and add the collection to my CR? My second question is, what is the next step I should be taking after sending them debt validation letters? Thank you.
  9. Thanks for the help, guys. Any more information is greatly appreciated.
  10. My Fico score is currently around 727. I have a friend who would like to purchase a car, but his Fico score is in the low 500s. I plan on adding him on as an authorized user for one or two of my credit cards (I will be holding on to the credit cards) so he can get my credit history and hopefully my score. I've done some research and I know that my credit history will transfer to him. My question is, will he get my credit score as well?
  11. That exactly what I plan on doing with my phone. I tried doing a search for "net 30's" but came up with nothing. Can you please explain to me what that is? Is a DNB # the same as a DUNS number?

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