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  1. I'm not new. Well kind of sort of. It's been a few years Well almost a decade so yeah. I'm a newbie . I paused and had an entire life happen lol. Just wanted to jump back in and say hi.
  2. That's what I was about to say... I thought DV's weren't for OC's.
  3. ^^^ Hard pull as on my personal credit reports? No they didn't require a PG nor did they pull. The app is done online & it says they will give you a call in 5 biz days. This is standard. The app didn't ask for numbr of vehicls just about how much fuel I would use I believe. When the rep call, she too didn't ask me how many, just how many drivers but that was so she could suggest the right account set up. The form I am filling does ask for how many vehicles and I only put one because there is a $2 charge for each card each month. HTH
  4. Great Miss Jay & Nawlins Also like to add that I applied for Wright fleet the same night (forgot all about them) the rep called today and I'm approved for $1500. She also confirmed that they DO report to dnb & experian as soon as our statement is paid (or not paid) lol. My Uline & Quill came in. Tried Nebs and a non-english rep called me said they changed to some other company and asked me for payment in advanced. I asked did they report, she replied no. I kindly declined and requested she cancel the order. Next on my list is to fax in this app for grainger and I think that should about do it before I start messing with the bigger dogs. So just a recap Inc. since 2004 Biz address & phone is searchable Only 1 TL reporting as of 2/11 2/20/11 purchased $50 of product Uline - approved net 30 2/20/11 purchased $160 of product Quill - approved net 30 2/20/11 applied with Wright Fleet - 3/1/11 approved for $1500 net 30 2/20/11 applied with Nebs - wanted advanced payment
  5. Oh wow! Equifax reports businesses now?? I wonder if they will be linking personal & biz credit next. Jeesh.. Thanks for the info!
  6. Thnx for chiming in Cmedia! Great. I have Quill, Uline and working on Reliable. Quick question, and again feel free to link me ( i love to read ) To build a good dnb paydex file, what should a persons TL's look like. For instance. I just ordered $160 from Quill. I pay that in full and should my next order with them be even higher? I'm just trying to build a good solid file and I forgot how to do it. Back when I was on the biz section, there was no such thing as Experian biz or at least it wasn't as relevant as Dnb. Again, thanks for all the insight. I'm sure this will help some newbs out there.
  7. I have the app for grainger - haven't sent in yet. But u are so right station - the game has changed so much. I tried Uline a few months ago last year. Can't remember the amount but ordered under $50 Monday and it's on it's way. Same thing with Uline. Gosh, I've tried them a few times, total no more than $200 and they always wanted me to pay upfront. Ordered $165 Monday and it's already here today. It's just not cut and dry like it used to be so for the newbs that read this, all I can say is if first you don't succeed, try, try again and yes just like cracker station said, be very patient
  8. I've been reading but I can't seem to find a good list of current TL that are reporting. I need to build my Dnb. I've been incorporated since 2004. Opening a salon and need to do some remodeling. Home Depot said I have credit history but not enough to go without a PG. I only have one or 2 TL showing on Dnb for $50. I think. Anyway you don't have to list them, I'm ok with reading but a lot of the threads are dated and everything has changed since I've been on and the old net 30's that I thought were easy & report are no longer easy or don't report. T.I.A
  9. Thanks admin. I personally paid for an atty for the probate/contesting of the will and let's just say we are where we are now because of inadequate council. Hiring another atty is just not feasible at this point. Any other suggestions?
  10. I'll try to make this as brief as possible. My father passed in March of 2010. Left his 2 houses to me and my other 2 brothers. My living stepmom was not paying on the houses and thus they were several months behind. She also took out a large loan on one of the houses & forged my fathers name which is adding to the bill(my father has not been of sound mind for a few years now so she took care of everything) After all the dust has cleared, probate court, etc etc one of the houses is already in foreclosure and the mortgage company said if $6900 (lawyer fee's included) isn't paid by the 20th of this month, they will foreclose. Now rewind back to probate court and all of this mess I refused my inheritance and stepped down as co-executrix. It was just too stressful for me to deal with; however, I still try to help my brothers in anyway possible. One of the 2 brothers is the executor and the one that does not come out of pocket for any expenses. My other brother is the one who has loss thousands of dollars trying to keep the homes in the family. I am pleading with anyone who has any info that can help. The goal right now is to save the main house. The mortgage company is Citi Mortgage. They are actually just $3000 behind in payments but a total of $6900 with fee's. They owe about 70'000 on the house and there is $65,000 in equity. Any help, resources, ideas, prayers would be appreciated.
  11. I finally have the info. And I will post for the future newbs that man run across this post during a search. If Verizon does not handle your area, contact your main phone company (not cable company or off brand phone companies). The main company should be a recognizable name (Verizon, Alltel, Windstream, Time Warner, ect) May not be the case for large metro areas but I am assuming that those areas are covered by Verizon. Another good way to tell is to whom delivers your phone book that has both the white/yellow pages and is the standard size. Nevertheless, call the business department and ask to speak with the foreign listing depart. This department will/may have different names (directory dept, 411 dept, ect.) just let them know that you need to set up an account to have a business foreign listing. Depending on whom you speak with you may need to go into more detail but make sure they don't transfer you or give you number to the "advertising" department. This is mostly for the yellow pages and online advertising and this is not the goal right? The goal is to get listed in a basic white page listing/411 directory for business credit purposes. If they attempt to transfer you because you have the wrong department, insist on being placed on hold while they advise the next rep of your inquiry before transferring you. My rep did this for me and it saved me 2 wrong departments I had to go to before getting to the right one. You should be good to go. I'm in KY and my local company is Windstream. My cost is $36 a year which is only $3 a month/no set up fee and is payable 2-3 months after the directory is printed. So since my next directory doesn't come out until 12/09. I won't be billed $36 until Feb or March of next year but my 411 listing goes in immediately (72 hours) Windstream Business 800-843-9214 FYI: They may handle more areas than I am aware of but I didn't ask. HTH, Les
  12. My business cell phone is through Cricket (metropcs) and is under my business name. I have no need nor is it feasible for me to have a business landline /Voip at this time. I like some others here have been unsuccessful with the Verizon foreign listing because they do not service my area (KY). What other services are available that will kill 2-3 birds with one stone? Get us listed in 411, create a bill (biz utility), and possibly reports would be great but of course isn't a deal breaker! I have used the freeee listings (listyourself, yellowpages,google) but this doesn't help with the papertrail. Thanks Les
  13. I just never seen my credit report like this. It was amazing, lol. No ONE single neg, just a beautiful paid on time/as agreed credit line I know, I know. I need to nip it in the bud. But you haven't seen my credit file Big bear. It's horrible. I have over 20 negs, no positives, and a few defaulted school loans. There's no coming back from that. I can't get approved for a cup of water.
  14. I haven't been on my credit repair journey for quit some time now (a couple of years) because with all the baddies, the CRA's not budging, and the new school loan defaults, I had just given up. So I changed my name in 06 for religious purposes but I didn't notify the CRA's because I like I said I hadn't been worried about them. Well last year I applied for a dental charge account (with new name) and I was approved with a co-signer. Today I decided that I was going to go back in and try another go round of credit repair and I went to annualcreditreport.com Well I used my new name, old social, and old b-day to sign in. I only have 1 tradeline on eq & ex and that is of the new account (which is in good standing by the way). I looked at my personal info. It has only one address (where I currently reside), my new name, my old social, and my old b-day is correct except the year is 3 years off? I couldn't go into TU because it said I had a previous user name and password so I am guessing my new creditor doesn't report to TU or they merged the files. So my question is. Is this a good thing or a bad thing. I mean, I didn't do this on purpose but I can't say that I wouldn't trade my 25+ baddies for 1 goody any day. Any advice or input? TIA
  15. Thanks for all the help guys. I am in business to build business credit and to make money. That is why I ask about the set up of my organization. This way I know where to put my focus. I will be contacting professional help early next year but basically I want to build biz credit with my parent company. and maybe a division it owns. All the d/b/a's will be piggy backing off of the parent company.

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