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  1. Depending on how much you owe on the current cards, if you're near a utilization threshold (90%, 70% 50% 30% 10%), you could pay down the current things until your TOTAL utilization is below the next utilization threshold. That should give you some points. Alternately, see if you can get an inquiry free CLI on any of your open and active lines.
  2. Interesting....I'm in repayment mode for several things. I might guinea pig this in 2 months.
  3. NEVER NEVER NEVER Do something like this! Any legit company does not need to use your friend's banking info to log into her account - although they may ask for statements, which is fine, this should be throwing all kinds of red flags!
  4. They sent me a letter saying 4550 was the highest limit that "program" allowed when I asked for my latest CLI with them (yes, I actually use it for the semi-annual sales).
  5. According to the woman I just spoke to, it will report as a closed account. They will move any remaining balance on the PSL to your credit card limit, and drop the interest rate to the prevailing 9.9% interest rate of the Visa credit card. Interestingly enough, if you look at their website now, it says that credit card limits are offered up to $30k, when before it was $20k max.
  6. You can call Amex and ask them to do an out of cycle update to your reports. They might do it.
  7. Did your letter have the same credit limit as the PSL?
  8. When did you get this letter? I don't see anything about it online, but I also haven't been home to open my mail in a few weeks.
  9. If you can pay before the statement closing date, a 0 balance will report to the CRAs. This will then reflect the fact that you have 0 debt. You should pay all your cards to 0 before the statement cuts (which is different than the due date), with the exception of 1 card that you leave a $2 balance on - this will maximize your FICO score.
  10. Quick question, I know Midland has been sued in the state of Maryland. In the major case, does anyone know if they ever disclosed how much they typically pay for debt (ie what the discount is versus the face amount of the debt). My friend is going to court today, and although Midland has submitted their purchase agreement with Credit One, it says that because his debt was purchased as part of a package, they do not know how much they spent to acquire his specific debt. I feel that his argument is that if they don't know how much they spent, they have no idea what he actually owes them, so he owes them nothing (or some alternate, lower dollar amount). Thoughts?
  11. Also, since it's a government backed student loan, if they choose to, they can garnish any tax refund you are entitled to until the entire debt is paid....
  12. Also, a 1099-C was issued for this debt years ago, AFTER the judgment. Does this change anything?
  13. Oh, and I had some confusion on that 10year score - I wasn't sure if it basically extinguished itself after 10 years, because there was something I read here http://www.pacode.com/secure%2Fdata/231/chapter3000/chap3000toc.htmlabout things running for 20 years, but I didn't fully understand it.
  14. I was rather hoping either yourself or ICANHASMUNY? would reply. The initial revival was done within the initial 5 year period, which elapses early 2016. I'm going to want to buy a house soon, and if it's not showing as satisfied, or addressed in some fashion, won't I run into issues with the title company? It's actually one of the very first things I got deleted off my reports back when I was repairing (thanks to you), so that's not an issue at all. I just don't want to be denied a mortgage at the 11th hour because of this. It's recorded, so I assumed it would come up when the title company or mortgage company did it's due diligence.
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