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  1. It's easy to qualify for Signature Member status. If you keep a minimum balance of $1000 or have direct deposit, it is waved.
  2. I opened an account in-branch if that makes a difference. I joined because they're right across the street from the new place I moved to and it was inquiry free so no harm in having an extra checking account open. I used them solely to park a few dollars in, and now learning about all their cool little perks which is a welcome plus. As I mentioned in my original post, if you are offered a credit product which resulted from the soft pull then there is no hard inquiry if you accept the offer. If you apply for a credit product without being offered it, it will result in a hard pull. The CSR's at Wescom, unlike other banks' know the difference between hard and soft pulls.
  3. I love this place. I'm surprised not too many people know or talk about it on the forum. I've been with them for 4 months so far. No hard pull to join or open up checking/savings account. They soft your reports regularly. Credit cards, lines of credit and auto loans are offered without a hard pull. Credit limit and APR is determined by what they see in your reports at the time of the soft pull. If you are offered a product, it will POP up on the main page when you sign into your online account. Just a week ago when I logged in to my account, I was offered a credit card with a $15,000 limit and a $50,000 car loan. All I had to do was click "SEND ME THE CARD". Received my card in the mail today. Checked my reports and it's already reporting. No hard pull just as they promised. I didn't need the car loan, but rep told me the offer will be there for when I'm ready WITHOUT A HARD PULL! Card has a pretty solid award system as well, very similar to many of the major banks reward infrastructure. The only time they hard pull is if you apply without being offered a product. Other than that.... Unlimited credit products without hard pulls! Gotta love this place! Go check them out.
  4. I heard a dirty movie works wonders as well.
  5. So I received a phone call from 866-890-1644, a quick Google search turned up a Richard J. Boudreau & Associates LLC. BBB reports them as having an F- rating. So a lady with a very nice and pleasant voice asked me if she could speak with (mother's name) "God rest her soul" . I asked her why are you calling me about (mother's name) when you could be calling her directly. That's when her voice went from Mother Theresa to Mother F***er. She then introduced herself as blahblahblah from the Law Office of Richard J. Boudreau & Associates and that she needed to speak with (mother's name) regarding an urgent matter. I told her, well I'm not sure why you would want to talk to (mother's name) but if it's urgent I guess so. So I put the phone next to my Cocker Spaniel (trained her to bark on command). After about 30 seconds of barking I got back on the phone and asked the lady if she was able to resolve the problem with (mother's name). She was furious and asked why I did that. I told her (mother's name) is my dog and you were very persistent about wanting to talk to her so I handed her the phone. I told her my dog, according to the FDCPA would like you to cease and desist all further communication. Then she responded by *click*. Good times.
  6. It's difficult to believe/trust someone who says they received a "CAP1" inquiry from an "Orchard" pre-qualifier.
  7. SPG all the way for 2 reasons: 1) Because Delta Skymiles aren't worth that much that's why in the flying community they refer to them as Skypesos. 2) SPG points are valued higher and you have the flexibility to redeem for hotel stays or transfer to many of their airline partners for flights.
  8. That article is full of all sorts of doo-doo. They skipped all the details in-between. You can't be arrested for debt. You can however have a warrant issued for your arrest for failure to appear if you have a court order issued to you.
  9. My friend adopted a "retired" bomb sniffing dog that the military had trained and used overseas and was past his prime and could no longer serve. The dog did live with me for a couple of weeks while my friend and his wife went on vacation. The dog was like a child to me. I wonder if I could qualify through that. He is officially "retired" and has paperwork to prove it.
  10. If and when the supposed "confirmed rumors" of British Airways becoming a transfer partner goes through (there is currently an extensive discussion going on over at Flyertalk) then: 25k TYP > 25k BA > 25 AA = LAX-LIH-LAX
  11. Apply and find out. If you're blacklisted you'll get no inquiry but an immediate denial instead.
  12. Amex pulls your personal credit report for both personal and business products, unlike other banks who check D&B and the like.
  13. I'm waiting for the rumored British Airways/Singapore Airlines partner points transfer program to be implemented. Many bloggers have confirmed with Citi reps that this will go into affect sometime in April, then all of a sudden Citi had a spaz attack and told all of them to take the information down.

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