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  1. Only Bloomingdale's for $3000 on January 1. Most likely won't apply for anything else this year.
  2. I called in for one at 9 months on my Guide Dogs card. They doubled my limit from $1500 to $3000 and I was told I could ask for more once my card turned 1 year. I called at the one year mark and was denied. Cost me a hard pull at 9 months (totally worth it!) and another at 1 year (totally NOT worth it! Haha!)
  3. One more update.... Logged into CCT this morning and the collection was already deleted! Talk about fast!!!! I even pulled a backdoor EX to make sure! I'm thrilled!
  4. Just to update.... I wrote back and stated that I was not providing my SS#, as I figured they already had it on file. Got a response stating that they don't have it, and they put the collection on my report by using only name and address. Didn't think this was possible, but she then stated that she processed the deletion so apparently she didn' t need my ss after all. Anyhoo, I'll be watching to see if they disappear.
  5. Hello all! I was sooooo darn happy to finally have completely clean reports, all due to the awesome amount of help I received from the wonderful people here at CB, when lo and behold, an evil CA showed up on EX a couple of days ago. Before the report was even completely out of the printer, I fired off the following via email..... ___________________________________________ To: account-inquiry@receivablesperformance.com Sent: Mon, July 12, 2010 6:39:32 AM Subject: Account Number XXXXXXXXXX RE: Acct#: XXXXXXXXXX To Whom It May Concern, Good afternoon! I am hoping that this email is being sent to the correct person. If not, I would appreciate it if you could forward it along to the appropriate department. I've noticed this collection account from Receivables Performance on my Experian credit report. I have received no prior communication from you regarding this matter and am seeking to find out more about why this account has been reported. Obviously it was placed there in error. Please delete it immediately. In an effort to find out more information on this, I contacted the original creditor. They informed me that they have no outstanding balances due from me during the dates in in question and cannot locate me in their system by social security number, name or account number. Therefore, I do not believe this debt if mine. The validity of this debt is disputed. Under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA), I have the right to request validation of the debt you say I owe you. I am requesting proof that I am indeed the party you are asking to pay this debt, and there is some contractual obligation which is binding on me to pay this debt. I am requesting that you do not contact me by telephone, and respond via email or the USPS only. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon. Warm regards, thatgirldina ____________________________ I didn't hear back, so I sent them this..... Sent: Wednesday, July 14, 2010 08:38 To: account-inquiry@receivablesperformance.com Subject: Re: Account Number XXXXXX Good morning, I am just writing to follow up on my previous email and make sure it was received. I will also be sending a copy of this letter this afternoon to your mailing address via USPS Certified Mail with return receipt. to ensure it gets prompt attention. I would like to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible. Warm regards, thatgirldina ______________________________ They responded with this...... Ms. ??? – I’d be happy to perform the credit deletion for you. To do so effectively, and ensure that it is removed, I will need current address, SSN, and date of birth. If you are willing to provide this, I can complete the deletion. Please know, once the deletion is done, it can take up to 30 days to be removed from the report completely. JXXXX XXXXX Manager of Quality Assurance & Compliance Receivables Performance Management, LLC _______________________________ So what do I do now? Will an email stating they will delete be enough to fight this if they don't keep their word? And why do they need all this information to delete from my report. They must already have it if they placed the collection to being with, am I right? I want to play nice and get this deletion as quickly as possible, but I'm hesitant to provide such personal info. HELP!
  6. I was in the very low 500's with approx. 13 baddies. Now I'm in the low 700's with completely clean reports. Just need to get uti down a tad, and let things age.
  7. thatgirldina


    I don't get softs from them daily, but I do get them monthly on EX. Usually around the 1st week of the month. Been with them a year in September....have the AmEx and my auto loan through USAA. Not sure why they do it.
  8. Target pulled a soft on my EX June 21st as well. Wonder what's up with them...
  9. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can help me make sense of this. Right now I'm just pulling CCT and would like to B 3 inquiries from 12/09. How much longer do you think I will have to pull and should I add another service or am I fine with just the one? ARIZONA PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY 02/21/10 EMPL DTC-CHOICEPOINT::9292035981 03/16/09 CIC/EXPERIAN ALRTS 11/26/09 Q-SPACE 12/31/09, 11/30/09 CREDITEXPERT 1-866-673-0140 06/05/10, 06/04/10, 06/03/10, 06/02/10, 06/01/10, 05/31/10, 05/30/10, 05/29/10, 05/28/10, 05/27/10, 05/26/10, 05/25/10, 05/24/10, 05/23/10, 05/22/10, 05/21/10, 05/20/10, 05/19/10, 05/18/10, 05/17/10, 05/16/10, 05/15/10, 05/14/10, 05/13/10, 05/12/10, 05/11/10, 05/10/10, 05/09/10, 05/08/10, 05/07/10, 05/06/10, 05/05/10, 05/04/10, 05/03/10, 05/02/10, 05/01/10, 04/30/10, 04/29/10, 04/28/10, 04/27/10, 04/26/10, 04/25/10, 04/24/10, 04/23/10, 04/22/10, 04/21/10, 04/20/10, 04/19/10, 04/18/10, 04/17/10, 04/16/10, 04/15/10, 04/14/10, 04/13/10, 04/12/10, 04/09/10, 03/31/10, 02/28/10, 01/31/10, 12/31/09, 11/30/09 EQUIFAX INFO SVCS 09/02/09, 02/03/09, 01/30/09 EQUIFAX INFO SVCS. 08/11/09, 07/29/09, 07/27/09, 07/20/09, 01/20/09, 08/12/08, 08/04/08, 07/29/08 EQUIFAX INFO SVCS. 06/01/09, 05/27/09, 05/08/09, 03/17/09, 03/13/09, 01/19/09, 12/10/08, 10/22/08, 10/21/08, 08/27/08, 08/09/08, 07/25/08, 07/23/08, 07/17/08 EQUIFAX 09/21/09, 07/14/09 ND-EQUIFAX 12/10/08, 12/01/08, 11/12/08, 11/03/08, 10/27/08, 10/21/08, 10/01/08, 09/21/08, 09/11/08, 09/03/08, 08/27/08, 08/19/08, 08/12/08 ND-EQUIFAX 12/10/08, 12/01/08, 11/12/08, 11/03/08, 10/27/08, 10/21/08, 10/01/08, 09/21/08, 09/11/08, 09/03/08, 08/27/08, 08/19/08, 08/12/08 EQUIFAX INFO SVCS. 10/19/09, 10/02/09, 09/30/09, 09/03/09, 08/28/09, 08/27/09, 08/10/09, 08/10/09, 07/26/09, 06/02/09, 06/01/09, 05/12/09, 03/17/09, 03/13/09, 03/12/09, 01/31/09, 01/29/09, 12/17/08, 11/24/08, 11/15/08, 10/23/08, 10/22/08, 09/21/08, 08/28/08, 08/24/08, 08/21/08, 08/13/08, 08/05/08, 07/30/08, 07/28/08, 07/25/08, 07/24/08 ND-EQUIFAX CONSUMER SER 12/01/09 ND-EQUIFAX CONSUMER SERVICES 10/01/08 ND-EQUIFAX CONSUMER SERVICES 07/23/08 EQUIFAX INFO SVCS. 01/29/09 ND-FAIR ISAAC 07/09/08 FIRST ADVANTAGE CREDCO/ 01/01/10 AR-GECF/SAMS LOC 11/02/09 AR-GEMB/SAM'S 03/03/10 AR-GEMB/SAMS CLUB 12/22/09 ND-HSBC BANK 03/16/10, 01/08/10, 01/04/10, 12/30/09, 12/26/09, 12/15/09, 12/10/09 AR-HOUSEHOLD BANK 03/18/10 AR-NAVY FCU 04/27/10 Thanks a bunch!
  10. Just got an email alert stating that I was close to the limit on my Apple financing card. Knew something was wrong....logged in to see that they cut my credit limit! Poo! Also noticed that they decided to charge me interest on this month's statement, when the only purchase I have on this card is my iMac, which is on 12 month - no interest deal. So, I called. They apologized profusely for charging me interest and immediately credited my account, but couldn't tell me why my limit was dropped to $300 above my balance. I'm sooooo bummed! Was told to call back on Monday to speak with the credit department to find out why. Nothing has changed on my reports. In fact, they look better than when I got the card in November! Do you think it could be for "non-use"? I've only used it to buy my computer with no interest. It's been in the sock drawer ever since that first purchase.
  11. My VS card started out at 250 in march of 2008. It took awhile to get the first increase....I want to say 9 months, but since then, I've been increased to 550, 720, 920 and the last increase bumped me up to 1220. Not too shabby! Although it max it out, I'd have to buy alot of panties!
  12. thatgirldina


    YUP! Just settled for 40% on an old bank account this past Saturday....POOF! Gone from EX this morning! I couldn't believe it either! Now I'm waiting for it to disappear from TU! Good luck! Let me know if you want the name of the gal who helped me. I'll PM you.
  13. I realize this is a really old thread, but I am currently dealing with RJM and am researching my next move. Does anyone know what ever became of this thread and whether or not RJM is still slipping through the cracks in the AZ law? According to RJM they bought my debt, but yet their letter states that they are a debt collector....I'm so confused!

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