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  1. Thanks cv91915 Congrats on your approval too Replied to the PM. Sorry we were on a much needed holiday, so took a while to respond. Hopefully you have the $50k in your sights too You have until 90 more days to use the same pull.
  2. Got the upgraded card in the mail today and Penfed called me to make sure I have received it and activated it. Explained the new benefits like Concierge, Price Protection, Extended Warranty etc and did notice that my old card already had the Chip & PIN, so it wasn't necessarily an upgrade for me personally. Here is the kicker, she asked me if I wanted to get my limit bumped from the current 20k and said maximum eligibility is 50k (which we know around here courtesy of Bob's Master $50k CU Issuers Thread) and I obliged to apply They used the same pull as our Mortgage from a few months ago. Instant approval to $36,000 when I asked for the full $50,000. Agent said that it will need a manual review for the full $50,000 and an hour later I had the Congratulatory email with $50,000 approved. My first $50k card Edit: Submitted to Pulls Database.
  3. 819 Recent inquiry from Penfed (Mortagage approval!!!) Spouse: 796. Don't I have a credit worthy wife
  4. Have you pulled you free CR from annualcreditreport? If you last pulled it more than an year ago, you can just use it to get a copy. The report number from the free CR is again good to check going forward from time to time. Checking it periodically resets the 90 day clock.
  5. Yup it is 180 days to be more precise. Can request again on any *one* card starting the 181st day since last CLI date. Rinse/Repeat till Amex says no more soup for you.
  6. Mine hasn't updated yet No updates since March 5 (EX Frozen since January)
  7. http://www.navyleague.org/membership/member_benefits.html Only Penfed and USAA mentioned. Just another FT hoaxter who wants to be AWOD (Attention Wh*re Of the Day).
  8. Too many accounts reporting balances ? Citi Forward, NFL VIsa, Amex Gold (3rd account+new account = 807), BOA Amex (4th account = 796). Oh welcome to the 700 club
  9. 90 days same hard pull for membership + all loan products except mortgage. This is also obviously EQ hardpull only. The mortgage pull is done by a 3rd party (CREDCO based out of Hollywood, CA) but can be used for a free 60/90 day rate lock at the time of application. This hits all 3 CRAs.
  10. Bob is that the CU that has 5% cash rewards? Perhaps you can talk them into providing monthly EX04 scores
  11. tifozi

    July DCU is up

    Down 17 to 781 due to a 3rd account reporting balance (0.1% utilization on the 3rd card).
  12. FSA/NPSL, any account not reporting a credit limit work the same way for FICO purposes. If they carry a balance, then it affects the number of accounts reporting balance part of the equation. Easy to see the effects on utilization in a similar way.
  13. Penfed messes up the reporting when doing conversions as stated, but very promptly delete the "closed" lines if you contact them and let them know about the erroneous reporting. I know using "Contact Us" after logging in works for this, but I contacted a manager directly as I had her contact info during the EMV conversion back in December.
  14. Alright myFico, how about an EX ScoreWatch

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