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  1. My Brother and I currently have a property that’s in its second foreclosure, and third loan modification request since 2012. We're working with a loan mod specialist who is trying to help us get a loan modification with Citi ... They suggested that, being that we make too much money together, and that I no longer reside at the property, I (primary) should sign a quitclaim deed to my brother (co-borrower and primary resident) so that the bank will use just his income for the loan mod. So we signed the quitclaim deed a few months ago (January2016), and sent it to the bank. After that, they were just asking for my brother's docs. The beginning of this month, they started asking for all our documents again, this time, from both of us. I explained to them that a quitclaim deed was signed ... they stated that the investor (FHA) does not accept quitclaim deeds "some banks do, but they don't". I discussed the matter with our loan mod specialist; they said that they've never heard of that ... Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on what’s happening here…? Thanks
  2. Hey Kuuner, this morning I sent an email to the condo board president, and their attorney, informing them that the Affirmation and the Affidavit of Merit they filed on August 25th was filed falsely and not true. (amount inquisition was paid in full July 27). Its against NYS and Federal law to file a false Affirmation and an Affidavit of Merit during foreclosure process. Waiting to hear from them...
  3. Hey Kuuner, no i didn't respond to the complaint. i just paid the amount in question a few days after i was served.
  4. Hi, I live in a condominium in NYC … I was a few months late (April/May 2015) paying my common charges. On July 8th 2015 I was served with a summon and complaint in the amount of $614.94 which was dated June 30th, and filed with the courts on July 2nd. I did not file an answer to the summons, but I did send full payment in the amount mentioned above, which was cashed and credited July 28th 2015. On August 25th they filed an affidavit of merit, and a notice of reference (which is still pending) for the amount I already paid… claiming that as of August 25th 2015 they have not received a payment and the amount is still owed: “ The defendant has failed to pay the unpaid common charges and special assessments in the amount $614.94 which has accrued as of May 8, 2015 and remains due and owing to date” Sworn to before me this 25th day of August 2015 ____________________ Notary Public I just received my monthly common charge statement in the amount of $4705.62 plus my October common charge $294.00 (which I just paid) I called the management company and asked them about the amount mentioned, and they said that they couldn’t speak to me about the account, and that I would have to call the attorney’s office. I haven’t been able to reach the attorney yet, but I’m assuming they’re adding attorney fees. Do I have a defense…?
  5. Thanks for responding tiggerigh, I'm going to send the requested documents today.
  6. I was served with a summons and complaint around April 2014. During the following months, I received a request for judicial intervention, and court conference with the lender. Our lawyer did attend the court conferences, (June through November 2014) and submitted all requested documents to the lender, including a loan modification application. In January 2015, I received a letter from Citimortgage informing me that they’ve received my request for mortgage assistance, and that they’ll let me know if I’m approved or not. To this day, I have received no response concerning submitted loan mod request. On August 3rd 2015 I received an Order of Reference via us mail. After speaking to my attorney (new counsel) about my case, I was informed that it’s too far into the foreclosure process, and I need to submit a loan mod application as soon as possible. After speaking to the bank, they informed me that the loan mod application that was submitted October 2014, was still in active review and additional information was needed as of 8/18/2015: - Hardship Affidavit - Dodd Frank - Last 30 days paystubs - Signed 4506 T Can I still fight this foreclosure and prevent the sale of my house?
  7. Yeah i was just reading the retainer agreement ... it doesn't include foreclosure defense. Loan mod only.
  8. Thanks Guys for responding… yes I did look them up and found a lot of good reviews and some not so good. As far as the service they're providing, they're doing the foreclosure defense and loan modification.

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