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  1. Congratulations! Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
  2. Observing others on this board, I applied for several cards in January and accepted the offers (remain opted out). The question is how long do they take to show on credit bureau reports? Home Depot $2K - There already USAA Amex $4K - There already Discover More $3.5K - Not there yet Amex PR - Not there yet Amex BCR $2K - Not there yet In addition, DW accepted offer for USAA Visa. - Not there yet Oh and by the way, two things. 1. We closed on house in December (not there yet), retaining other house as rental property. 2. Still have 3 low limit (rebuilder) cards open; FP, Household and Midland (Total). Total CL of $1550 across the three, after calls into FP and Midland. Of course, thanks CB for the success... Lots of things changed in the mindset, due to activity on the various boards. What companies to apply with, how and when to ask for CLI's, 1/2 punches with banks, time is on your side, etc. Thanks!
  3. The paperwork has photocopies of the front and back attached. We called for explanation on the refund payable to us, but the representative could not explain it. She recommended that we send it back requesting more information. So in the mail it goes. Yes the account is removed from the credit report.
  4. Not to join you in being ugly, but did you mess up your credit instantaneously?
  5. OK, you can pay the OC with the HIPAA letter insert "a" Be sure to follow ALL the directions. http://whychat.5u.com/hipltr.html Within insert "a" use this : Enclosed please find my remittance of $115. for payment in full of this account as per your agreement. Please note, my remittance is payable ONLY to (hc provider) and may not be signed over or transferred to any third party collection agency, as this would constitute an additional violation of HIPAA and State Privacy Act rules . Make sure you make a copy front and back of the money order as you may need it in future correspondence and to use as an IRS deduction ( something you can not do if paid to a CA) Once the money order is deposited, you can send the follow up letter to Ex. ( follows the HIPAA letter) and a copy with the cover letter to the OC. Okay, now the fun starts. The money order from 4/12 was deposited into Fifth Third bank on 5/20. All references to this account were removed. Now we have received a check back from 5/3 bank in the same amount dated 6/28. The accompanying letter from them says "The attached check was cashed in error. Please accept this cashier check as a replacement." The OC is in Texas, the CA office is in Florida (surely they have many locations) so the money order most likely wasn't cashed by the OC. What do we do with this "official check?"
  6. Won't it go away and stay gone after you do the Hipaa Letter with insert A. I wouldn't pay more than the original $90, though. So, you might need to do some negotiation first.
  7. Okay, we received Eq's letter today showing where they deleted the item. It looks exactly like the last one, with the exception of "reinvestigate" verses "investigate." My question is will it stick this time?
  8. Yes it is on the Equifax report. - Specialized Collection *shows consumer disputes this account information, Medical* Confirmation was received back from Eq on 3/17 stating deleted. USAA-CCT = USAA Credit Check Total
  9. New Question about "On a side note, another account was deleted back at the CRA dispute." From pre-Hipaa dispute letter to CRA, this other account was deleted per the reply from EQ on 3/17. Checking USAA-CCT today, this account has been reinserted. *What next?* The account that started this thread is no longer listed, but no documentation confirming deletion has been received yet.
  10. This program isn't as tightly run as other USAA programs. I called and emailed around the same time for an application. I actually processed my application and had the card reporting open prior to funding the CD. Like another poster noted earlier. Now I have received another application, after paying the AF. The card promptly reported on all three bureaus. They did pull EQ. Go for the maximum amount you have onhand, because you cannot increase the CL per the CSR. Only time will tell on that one though. Maybe I will try in 6 months.
  11. Wow... I just checked USAA CCT. I actually expanded the account and WTH, my credit limit is cut in half too. I only had the Jared and Kay combination. Thanks OP, I don't normally expand the accounts. Did anyone receive written confirmation yet? On a side note, they reported balances contrary to this joint credit limit theory. I charged $133 on the Jared card and $65 on the Kay card. Both of those numbers are the reported high balances on the cards. Wouldn't it be the combined $188?
  12. It is only on EX. Their letter had mine stapled to it. The first paragraph is this. "CA has a contractual relationship with MD to assist in the resolution of delinquent accounts. CA also has a HIPPA Business Associates Agreement with PST Services, Inc. for the client. They then list the OC and details of the account. "The other problem is, that IF you pay the CA although they have "promised" to remove any negative entry on your reports, there is nothing to prevent them from changing it to a "paid" collection, and/or selling the unpaid "difference" to another CA." This alone is reason enough to send the letter to EX. If I didn't make my own thread, my mistake. Thanks, again!
  13. I have been following these instructions and have now come to a special challenge. Or at least to me anyway! From LASubprime thread, per Why Chat: "If you used the HIPAA letter program and followed these steps: Opt out http://whychat.5u.com/OPTOUTINST.HTML Get old addresses deleted if possible Send each CRA the initial dispute letter http://whychat.5u.com/hipaadisp.html Post your results IN YOUR OWN THREAD for further instructions. Then your next step would be to send the reporting CA this; http://whychat.5u.com/ltrcavalhipaa.html and send Ex this as soon as you have the green card back; http://whychat.5u.com/ltrcavalhipaa.html#DISPUTE" I have now gotten back the green card and a quick reply from the CA on the same date. Had they come on different days, I would have already sent in the second EX dispute letter. The bill was for my child from 7/06, at $293. Now the good and confusing part is that the CA states in the reply; "Our client has authorized us to settle this account for $115 and delete any negative credit entries that may exist concerning this account." I have read and re-read and read again Why Chat's HIPAA process and do not see this type of reply posted. What should the next action be: 1. Should I send the $115 to the OC per the HIPAA instructions 2. Should I send the $115 to the CA 3. Should I send the $293 to the OC per the HIPAA instructions 4. Should I send the reply to the CRA per the HIPAA instructions On a side note, another account was deleted back at the CRA dispute. Thanks in advance!

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