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  1. No other way to get the trade to report. It has value to me...depends what the fee is.
  2. I called ally about my commercial auto loan and they told me they would only report if I missed a payment. That said, I am contemplating biting the bullet and paying for d&bs product and Im not sure what experian does in a situation like this. If anyone knows, please share. I know d&b has a product that I can get for a month for like $70. I would do it for a month or two. Dont really feel like creating a new monthly expense for myself, but I am prepping my file for the end of the year. My business is starting to roll and I can get by now, but if I want to grow, the credit sure would help.
  3. Heads up here. I called them and they said they wont report this unless I miss a payment. Sucks, but they did say that if d&b or experian called, that they would share the information. Sucks, because it looks like Ill have to pay for a credit builder product to get this on my report. However, this may be worth it as the big line should help my profile quite a bit.
  4. 100k is better than 10 10ks because of the size of the trade. That said, if you have only one of those, that could be a drawback for a potential lender. Not a lot of breadth. My largest trade is going to be my van and Im just starting to work on my business credit profile. I am sure that once this reports, I should be getting much larger lines.
  5. Will do. I just made the first payment last week, so should report in the next couple of weeks. The only report Im monitoring atm, though, is d&b. Think I just got my paydex, too, so I may be ready to go after some trades I really could use.
  6. What is a cfpb report? Would it be useful with all 3 agencies? I have an au account id like removed but been having a difficult time with it too. Its not in horrible shape, but the person using it keeps a high utilization and Id rather have things under my control.
  7. I just got a 2013 chevy express financed, with a co- signor. I put 0 down and got 5.9% over 72 months. Getting it financed commercially added to the difficulty. A factor to lenders may be your experience in the business, but they are likely to demand a large down payment.
  8. might as well just get the personal at that point.
  9. FWIW, I received an email asking me to pr-pay. I called in and they were able to approve me for the net30 terms. It's a two for one, as I am using my ups account for the shipping.
  10. I applied for a net30 with them and was shot down. I think it is because I still only have 1 account reporting atm and no paydex. I wanted to buy a $200 laptop off them. Anyone know of another net30 I could get approved for to buy a cheap notebook? I can at quill, but I already purchased there, so Id prefer another trade.
  11. Bank of Atlantic Juniper card does not report to personal. Thats all I can confirm.
  12. I actually think the reason it went down is that the LLC is no longer a subsidiary of an llc established in 1997. Just so happens the inquiries occurred at the same time. I do remember people saying inquiries on Experian Business credit lowers your score with them. I know it's not as bad as personal....but if you go on an app spree, it could have your file flagged.
  13. It doesn't say what the numbers actually are. It is kinda limited, as it is free, and prolly a teaser to get you to pay for more. But, it says they went down the day the inquiries hit. Overall, you think the trade far outweighs the damage from inqs?
  14. I am signed up for that free credit monitor services, and I have 5 inquiries on it now due to my Van Financing. Says my delinquency predictor , financial stress, and supplier evaluation all declined. I was wondering if there's anything I can do to get those inquiries off my business credit? I imagine my scores will perk up once the $23,000 auto loan hits my credit report?
  15. You mean, contact BOA and citibank? I imagines im going to get the run around , bc , they are already reporting to tu and eq. Being that my credit on its own is poor, I have like an 80 point differential without the aus. thanks
  16. I used a co-signer and my companys info to get approved for a $23k loan for a 2013 chevy express cargo van. The purchase was made with 0 down, financed at a rate of 5.9%. That is not bad considering that the financing of this with nothing down was very difficult to attain. The really good news is that the finance guy told me this will report to dnb . Not sure if that means experian and eq too, but I imagine this tradeline will really boost my business credit.
  17. I've got three authorized user accounts and the amex reports on all 3. the bank of America just doesn't report on experian and same with the Citibank. just wondering what my options are? I tried calling experian and they said they report all info. maybe these banks don't report to experian only? would definitely like these accounts to show because my score got a big boost on the ones that they are reporting to.
  18. I'm about to buy a van 2011 or newer with some miles on it and I might as well get that loan to build up my business credit file, if possible. Does anyone know of commercial lenders that will report? Besides ford? Does ally?
  19. I just changed my signature. I had them in the past, but they seem to have gone away. No big deal , bc Im not in a big hurry. I could definitely use the gas cards, lowes/home depot, dell in the near future though. Gas cards would definitely come in handy.
  20. Im asking this question because my companys start date is in 2009, and I received the paydex score shortly after, but, I only see one trade still on my dnb report. I cant seem to tell if it still has a paydex or not.
  21. I can show a business that has steadily grown in profit over 4 years, from no profit but revenues in the 50k area in year 1 , and basically steady growth since: year 1 revs- 60k ish , 0 profit year 2 revs- 60k ish, 15k profit year 3 revs - 67k ish 20k profit year 4 revs- 70k ish 23k profit Is it worth it to post these on d&b? How about experian or equifax? Just wondering if it would help me get larger lines or not?
  22. To greywolf and leaseadvices posts- first of all I respect your biz credit knowledge, but isnt there a little corruption going on here? Yes, America was great, but now, we are heading into dark times. The globalists have deindustrialized this country, by design. They enslaved us with personal debt, government debt, real estate goosing to create property tax bubble, devaluuing our currency and handing taxpayer money over to gamblers such as govment sachs, etc. Am I the only one that has a problem with people bending over Americans? And George Bush's "weapons of mass destruction" and Obamas lie after lie? Are you people living in todays world? What is wrong with what I said. THESE ARE FACTS PEOPLE AND WAKE UP BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!
  23. Total debt now is 1.5 times as great per gdp as it was in the height of the great depression. The ship is a sinking.
  24. Let me clarify a couple of things: - I was reffering to strictly app only approvals, no financial package required. If you have strong financials, there is always room for exceptions. - It is easy for you to say that there is no money available, I would have to disagree with you. There is plenty of money available, there is just a lack of quality credit borrowers. - Why would a lender want to lend money for start up if so many of them fail? Whatever happened to saving money every month to start the business on your own. People with no industry experience demand loans or leases for 100k for a start up with no personal guarantee. - Personal guarantee lowers the risk of the transaction which lowers the cost of the money and makes it more affordable for everyone. - I pull personal credit regardless if the transaction is corp only or not to get a better idea about the principal of the company. If he or she are 3 months behind on their mortgage and credit cards, do you really think that they are going to pay their business bills on time? Your assuming the game is fair. The big banks, who can hit the discount window at will and who have hijacked our economy, took $23.7 trillion . The economy is now a basketcase. This is reality. And alot of people dont have the ability to "save" to start a business bc we are overtaxed , raped, and looted by the govenment. I have a business that generates enough cash flow to live off but it is so frustrating trying to get loans in this environment. People cannot "save" to start a busines bc the savings rate is below 0, not bc of excessive buying, but excessive squeezing by govt and poor policy after poor policy. From the banker takeover bill, what dont you realize? Government is not for the people but to control the people. The politicians are as broke as the system and work for govment sachs. When will people care that they are openly being raped? Guess when it affects you or you realize it is.
  25. The point is, getting to the point of 25 employees is very tough with no funding in the beginning stages. I think people are going to resort to dpos more and more. But there isnt alot of money in the private sector looking to plow into startups. Things are very tough now for 99% of americans right now. We keep sliding more and more into total tyranny.
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