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  1. The Miracle Juice, I have two companies, one of which brings in roughly around 100k in revs and another that Im starting has maybe 30k. It should have alot more in the future. Anyway, my question is- They both have seperate Duns files. On there own, they could be viewed weaker than together and they are related businesses. Should I set one up as a sub of the other or will that mess up my credit files?
  2. Interesting, I had Uline, Quill , Staples, Gempler, and I believe Grainger report for me. Office Depot I picked up in April and they havent reported for me either. I thought Reliable was supposed to report but maybe that changed. I know Staples is more difficult to get now.
  3. Cashpoor, Im just wondering does it make sense for the smaller guy? I was hoping this may draw out someone who is doing this. I would think that if you are showing a profit , it is a positive. They give you credit limits based on nothing. Wouldnt they rather know that some cash is being generated? Especially in these times. I would fall in that 75k-125k area most likely. Im hoping some more people with financials on D&B share in this thread. I could see this may not be for everyone.
  4. So you dont think its better to not have a rating rather than a lower one? My business has revenues over 100k. I know its not alot but it may add some seperation for me in comparison with the makority who report nothing. Again, I am not saying which is correct. It would be some good info to know tho. If it meant getting approved from HDMC, for example, for a 10k line instead of a 5k, Id do it. I know financials are big when trying to go public. The transparency, I would think, would help you out?
  5. I have read that someone on here had alot of his limits jump up by posting financials but his revs were net assets are close to 5 million. For the smaller guy, in the 100k-200k range, does posting financials make you appear better or worse? Because, after all, the goal is to obtain as much access as possible.
  6. Miracle, Just curious as to what kind of revs, earnings you had to know where I would fit in. Always thought that was the next logical step. Appreciate the help. Thanks.
  7. I applied for Dell for my biz 1, which has 5 reporting and an 80 paydex. I couldnt get by the personal guaranty page. Has Dell changed there policy recently?
  8. Well I just applied to Dell and I have 5 tls reporting to D&B with an 80 paydex and I was asked for a personal guaranty.
  9. Well, I was declined last week for biz #2 of mine. Looks like we all need to keep our personal scores in tip top shape. Tough environment now. I wish I was a big bank so I could put up some crap as collateral and borrow at 2%.
  10. I know Quill,Gemplers,Uline report from personal experience. I have heard Reliable does too but Im not sure.
  11. Sassonyc, You applied for Biz 2? See you got Key Bank. For my biz 1, I was recently denied. They wanted pg for key. I am a little hesitant to try for hdmc yet. I have similar numbers to you for biz#2 but you have some higher limits and more years in biz. Looking forward to seeing your results. Good luck. Robert
  12. I had the same experience, needing a pg. I have 4 reporting and an 80 paydex. In business less than 2 years so maybe that is the problem. They told me either financials or a pg also.
  13. Ziddo, How long have you been in business? Or LLC formation? Just curious because I have alot of the same lines but with smaller credit limits. Ive only been in business since 5/07. Im trying to get the Walmart card, I recently failed with Key Bank. Id like to get Sams ploc too and Home Depot and Lowes would be very helpful for what I do. I
  14. Is it possible that the company was never activated with the state but could still have an ein and a d&b file on it? Because that may be the situation here. Anyway, if there is a fee, I think I will do it just because the age of the corporation should let me run my business better faster.
  15. Well, actually if you get large enough, 40k is not nearly enough. I think it all depends on your industry and sales. But I guess at that point you may not be considered such a "small" business.
  16. But from what I see, it looks like once you develop your initial lines, larger credit lines will come your way because of the number of years in business. Is this true?
  17. Im trying to do the same thing with an old, inactive corporation of mine. I think that the D&B file stays intact because that is based on your EIN. Im just hoping, like you, that the age of your duns report is looked at and not the date of incorporation.
  18. I am trying to activate my old company's ein. The company has a duns number from 1997, and an ein from then too. I think the company was never registered in the state or the records are no longer there. I want to form an LLC with the company name if I am successful in activating it. My question is whether the d&b file is the important aging or would the company lose that and be treated as new if I form an LLC?
  19. I had a business when I was in college from 1993-1997. I contacted the IRS and found out that the tax id number can be activated again, at my request. I am hoping that this means my company will have a 15 year history now. A pretty nice shelf corp, huh? Anyway, wondering if I should go through the hassle or not. I have another company that is about a year and a half old that is building up credit nicely. Should I just stick to that?
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