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  1. Thanks, I've done a lot of reading up but didn't see anything on this. I'm going to search and see. That said, I am doing what I can. Think the best I can do is get it down to 2 or 3 right now in my current situation
  2. Hello, Now from my understanding, accounts with balances doesnt affect score per se, but, affects lenders willingness to lend to you. Now I assume they are measuring things that can have zero balances but arent closed? If that's the case, my Util is like 35% but have 13 open lines and 4 have zero balances. (Was worse before) Several have like minimal balances and Im cleaning those up so it should be 3 or 4 out of 13 with balances. Would that ratio be ok? Am I understanding this correctly? Tried to get a cli from barclays recently with a 738 fico TU and was rejected. Only reason they gave was number of accounts with balances.
  3. They pulled experian and I have a 721 score. I have one 30 day late from July, which really shouldnt be on there, but thats another story. Rest of the report is clean. AAOA is 6.6 years. Was prequalified on both these, thats why i figured Id give them a try. Havent tried for any credit besides business loans for a year or two. Guess I need to get debt down more or something. I do have several loans on there for vehicles as thats my business but not sure what else Im missing. Is the number of accounts with balances a major factor? Not scorewise right, but, lender criteria? Hope some can give advice and this helps others
  4. I have 3 cap one accounts, wonder if I should just try with another..All 3 have less than 1% utilization
  5. Im on the phone with them now. They say only do a soft pull so either way wouldnt hurt. He couldnt find an explanation why they pulled from November 24, 2020 but said I could try again right now or in a month, etc. Guess it is what it is for the moment.
  6. The score was in the 500s and dated 11/24. I know my scores were in the high 600s fico. Maybe theres another score they were looking at? Just said equifax.
  7. I requested an increase on one of my capital one accounts and they denied me citing a two month old credit report with an inaccurate score on it. Anyone else have a similar experience. They pulled equifax .
  8. Went from $1000 to $2000 on one card and $1700 to $2700 on another...these are some of my lower limit cards. Discover and kohls denied me so far...
  9. would you guys happen to know about TD Bank? I have my business account with them. Was going to try .
  10. Its fico score 8.. 2. ive got 25 total accounts, 19 active...17 with balances, 6 with utilization over 90%. 3. no lates for history. Im just surprised that theres been zero uptick with like 4 accounts reporting major droppage in balance. There will be a lot more coming off in the next few weeks. Guess Ill see what happens. Is that what you mean by bucket? In some ratings class now?
  11. I have like 78k in credit card limits and carrying like 71k in balances and my score was 680. I am paying off most of it and I know it takes time for them to update but I see that 14k of it is already off but no score bump. Kinda disappointed because I have to renew my businesses insurance and was hoping for a bump to get a lower rate. Anyone know why there is no bump yet?
  12. Do you guys know of some business credit cards that you can get and dont report to personal ?
  13. money was in my account this Tuesday morning ...so app'd after hours Wednesday night, approved and signed docs Thursday. money in the account Tuesday.
  14. I just applied last night like 5pm, and, says im approved for $89,400 today. Not sure if amount is lower than yours because of how late im applying or what, but, this is huge for me. Need to refinance like 200k worth of debt...This will enable me to get non loan shark like rates.
  15. wasn't expecting it, but, being that w2 was one of their self described ways of proving income, I thought I would be ok...it misled me to apping,
  16. hey trollboy, "you don't have a real business", stick your comment bro. Trying to help people out. You don't know what kind of money I bring in.
  17. Gotta share the good, bad, and ugly... I had about 719 score on TU , UTIL in the high 20s..Was approved for 26k at 8.99 so I decided to go thru with it. I have a business and pay all my bills and stuff thru that and this was the problem...I even submitted a w2 but they wanted to see my personal bank account, which has no activity..just a lesson for those going forward. I tried to get them to take the inquiry off but no dice..Got kinda pissed off at the end and just hung up. Anyway, hope this helps someone if they are in the same boat.
  18. You can ask the lender to just do a soft pull to see if you would get qualified. They looked at my last 3 months revenues, which were around 50k, and they looked at my personal credit. Think my scores were in the 720 range, but, somewhere in the 70s on util. Between this loan and paying off balances, I have been getting credit line increases on my personal cards and am now able to get some much needed financing.
  19. Ive been working on bringing down my UTI and have been ...I get daily updates on my Experian scores and I noticed a 25 point drop. It appears its because a new balance reported. I recently got a Discover card and I used almost the whole limit to transfer a balance. Could this alone be the reason, or, is it because I have too many accounts with balances? I'm just wondering because that account was the trigger. Is there some % use of an account that causes your score to tank? Stinks because it will be like this for a month. Balances are actually 2500 lower than they were when this happened but the 25 points have still not come back.
  20. Just a little info on my current situation: have like mid 60/70s Utilization on my personal credit, and about 200k business revs.. I did a preapproval check on lendio and I spoke with the rep and told him to just try and get me approved using soft pulls so my credit didn't get dinged multiple times. A company called headway capital offered me roughly 21k..the rate is in the 23% area, but , its a pretty good option for me now to pay down some cards with it , then use some 0% offers I have and hopefully get some new credit before paying it off...It stays open and I can use it again and again. Supposedly , the rate and line may get better in as little as 3 months. Just figured Id share bc I'm pretty happy that I may be able to free some stuff up and get my utilization in order..Been paying down the balances 2-3k month too, so, things starting to roll a bit.
  21. teamgreen

    US Bank

  22. this answer is the problem with this site. most of this answer is borderline trolling and stating the obvious. the helpful line is suggesting I call in about the Walmart and amazon line. I guess there is some basis for this? I didn't come here for therapy on why I have high utilization...the way credit works is, some of you guys that have 300k in lines could have the same debt I have and be in way over their head. Just looking better to lenders bc you played the game better...That's what we all want here...to improve our situations...people like to lecture..just help if you can
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