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  1. Date of first DOFD was January 2007
  2. Ok, hope I can explain this so it's understandable. In 2007 my Washington Mutual Bank Visa went into collections. Debt was sold to a CA. In June of 2008 I made a agreement with Hudson & Keyse to pay a reduced amount. Got everything in writing. I kept everything, all communications. Receipts of my payments. Just a FYI during the course of making payments Hudson & Keyse sold the debt to Hidden Oak Group. For a reason I can't remember I stopped making the payments, still owed them over $1000. Possibly because I was out of work for 2 months, had surgery, and no income. Last payment I made to them was in June 2009. They did not report the collection account to the CB's, I've since brought a house, 3 years ago. Recently got a letter from First National Collection Bureau, saying they are collecting the debt for Hidden Oak Group. paragraph in letter: The law limits how long you can be sued on a debt. Because of the age of you debt, our client will not sue you for it. In many circumstances, you can renew the debt and start the time period for the filing of a lawsuit against you if you take specific action such as written promise to pay. You should determine the effect of nay actions you take with respect to this debt. As of now they haven't put the collection on my CR's. How should I handle this? They are offering a reduced settlement. Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. bump, I'd also like to know the answer to this question.
  4. We actually had a loan officer for IFreedom suggest we use LexingtonLaw. She said she had clients clean up their credit with them and get mortgages. We signed up and after listening to them making no sense, we called back and cancelled all in the sameday. Unfortunatley I did'nt find CB until I made some credit clean up mistakes on my own. I've gotten so much help here and things are looking up. So Annie don't worry, with lots of reading and asking questions on this site you can do it. Good luck to you! P.S. We won't be using IFreedom mortgage to get our VA loan.
  5. So I got my final settlement letter from CO. Dear Thank you for your payment of $1958.50, which we received on07/03/2012. This payment completes the settlement on your Capital One® account, and we'll stop collection efforts on theremaining balance. We'll notify the following credit reporting agencies thatyour account has been settled with an outstanding balance: Experian P.O. Box 9595 Allen, TX 75013 1 -888-397-3742 www.experian.com In no vis P.O. Box 1534 Columbus, Ohio 43216 1-800-540-2505 www.innovis.com TransUnion Corporation P.O. Box 2000 Chester, PA 19022 1-800-888-4213 www.transunion.com Equifax P.O. Box 740256 Atlanta, GA 30374 1-800-685-1111 www.equifax.com The credit reporting agencies may take up to 90 days toupdate the information on your credit report. You can contact the agencies directly if you havequestions. If you have questions about your account, please give us acall at 1-800-258-9319. Our office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET, Mondaythrough Friday. Thanks for working with me on your outstanding balance. Sincerely, Recovery Specialist As you can see it differs from the letter they sent after my CFPB complaint. The letter they sent to me and the CFPB says that my account will be reported as settle for less than the balance. Now this letter I just got says it will be reported as settled with an outstanding balance. Should I file another complaint with CFPB?
  6. I sent a dispute letter to Equifax in the mail.(rrr) I was disputing 4 items. They sent out disputes for almost my entire file, not what I asked for. By doing that an account with Cap 1 that was paid on time and closed on my request some years ago is now deleted from my CR. Is there any recourse? Is it better to have an old paid account deleted anyway? I hate EQ and if there's some recourse I'd like to know what I can do. Thanks
  7. Update: Got this response today from Capital One August 2, 2012 Account Ending ii Capital One Case ID: CFPB Case Number: I am writing regarding the complaint you filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns. In your complaint, you express concerns regarding a statement you recently received reflecting a balance owed. You assert that you came to an agreement for settlement of your debt on June 25, 2012. for $1,958.50 if the amount was paid by July 6, 2012. You further assert that you paid the amount due on July 3, 2012. You write that you received a statement advising the amount due is now $1,958.74. You request that we discontinue sending statements, consider the account settled per the agreement, and update your credit file showing the account as settled. Please allow me to respond. After review of your account, we confirmed that your payment in the amount of $1,958.50 was applied on July 3, 2012. Your account was coded as settled on July 5, 2012. When a payment is received for settlement, the payment is placed in a holding router for 35 days to monitor for returned payments. Your account will update to a settled status after the 35 day holding period, at which time you wilt receive a letter stating that the account is settled. Information will be sent to the consumer reporting agencies at this time as well advising the debt has been settled. When an account is settled, it means that we accepted payment for less than the balance owed. Therefore, the consumer reporting agencies will report that information. We continuously strive to improve our processes and appreciate the feedback we receive frorr our customers. We trust you will find this information helpful. If you have additional questions or concerns, you may contact me directly at <j Sincerely, . on behalf of Capital One cc: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau So we'll see what happens with my CR's in the next couple of weeks. Thanks again for telling me about CFBP.
  8. No I did'nt settle this one, it's a judgment on my CR. I'm getting all papers from the court on the judgment because they lied when they filed the judgment.

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