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  1. Just tried Moneystream and besides the fact that they import your accounts in, they don't have all of my creditors....like only 60% Gosh I'm gonna miss Manilla.
  2. Not only does Commenity not generate a statement for a zero balance, but you know those SP CLI's that you get? Well, they won't report unless a statement is generated. I've got quite a few Commenity cards (got too happy during my rebuilding), and one of my cards, the last time they updated my report was May 2013. I had went for a few CLI's between May and the first of the year and got them. Well my reports showed the old CL until I made a purchase that generated a statement last month. If I hadn't of done that, that old CL would have been on my report for an entire year. Thankfully now I don't care at all about the Commenity cards and the only reason I used it last month was because of a good sale I finally looked at .
  3. Made my B* of 8 inq yesterday Think the big C* is coming tonight for Michigan. I'm done with B* for another year or two. B*ing just gets too much everyday for me. No matter how many reminders I have sometimes I still forget . I've got all the cards that I need and want anyway.
  4. If you are experiencing a huge financial set back, paying a credit card is the last thing you should be thinking about, especially since you mention paying $10 on a minimum payment of $150. But if you are really going to file, it makes no sense to pay them because you're throwing money out the window that I'm sure you could use for basic needs.
  5. if you can sign up for an online account you can get C$. Not true! I have online access but when I tried to sign up for C$ I got this message "Your American Express Card is not eligible for enrollment in Credit Secure". I called the number and the lady confirmed that I can't sign up. Agreed! Corp cards do not have access to C$....gotta have a personal account to do it. Tried it myself a while ago and got the same message.
  6. My thinking was: My credit is at a point where I have a decent chance of being approved... And if I ever F-up my credit again, I have the ability to backdate with American Express. I've been losing a lot of sleep because I have a lot of accounts dropping off my credit reports because they are older than 10-years, so I'm trying to prevent this problem in the future. Excellent long term thinking....I was just in this situation. There was a hiccup with EQ and they deleted 17 of my oldest accounts close to the 10 year mark. My AAOA dropped from over 5 years to 2.8 years and my score plunged! I got in touch with EQ and they reinserted my accounts but they will start falling off naturally again in Sept of this year. So I went and app'd for Amex and got backdated with 2 new cards. This was right in the nick of time for me and definitely a savior in my scores, so cudos to you for getting those Amex's because it really helps! OP, I wouldn't close that card until that card was at least 2 years old. Think long term instead of short term benefits here. Yea you can get your $1K back and have that in your pocket now, but father time will eventually get you to that 10 year mark and you'll be in the same position as Jonson and I. And even now you've already taken the hit of the Cap1 card on your AAOA so why not just let it linger on until at least 2 years because that will look better on a manual review? You will eventually get one of these anyway. I'm not sure about adding in additional deposits to increase the Cap1 limit since you already have Amex and can request regular CLI's. If you get your CL's up with Amex and then close Cap1 in 2 years then any new apps might consider matching at least what you have on Amex. At least that has been my experience on CC limits.
  7. I have the wallaby app as well but I don't connect my accounts to them. I just have the type of card entered in there. So far I can't say that it works that well. However I do use manilla to track all of my accounts which includes GE cards. It's not a rewards optimization app but at least I can see every bill I need to pay all in one place. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Please excuse any incoherent messages.
  8. I really hate this about them. I don't know any other issuer that restricts increases like this. I would think they do this to minimize overall exposure. And if you can triple your CL's in 1 year on both cards I think that's pretty good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Please excuse any incoherent messages.
  9. I see Applied Bank was deleted. IF this was a current secured account flagged as fraud then I guess he can't get his money back since the fraudelent person is the one who secured it. Sighh....this should go at the top of things NOT to do when repairing your credit. But then again schemers will always be schemers.
  10. I guess Babydaddy thought he was being smart by blocking out all of the information so that he can brag. But..... He forgot to block out the date, soooooo I surmise it won't be too hard to find if TU just did a database search for dispute responses dated 3/21/14. OP could be on the next episode of World's Dumbest Criminals.
  11. +1 CFPB worked out my situation a very short period of time...like maybe less than a week.
  12. Yes I believe that you did it wrong which is another reason why it is advised to dispute in writing. Sometimes it works out online and sometimes it doesn't. I had success one time disputing online an obsolete item and honestly it's because I was just too damn lazy to send it snail mail. So at this point the only thing you can do is wait and let them go through the process. Perhaps they will just try to verify the account which in itself is a PIA because once they verify it and then you try to dispute it again, they tell you that they won't reinvestigate because it's been done already. Unfortunately all you can do is wait, or try to call them on Monday to change the dispute maybe? This I'm not sure of but you've got nothing to lose by trying.
  13. I have too many Commenity cards because I got so excited in the beginning of my rebuilding stage and over did it a bit with the shopping cart trick. My starting limits were all over the place. Some started at 250, 300, 350 etc. That was in 2012 and all of them are over $1k now. No big deal to me at this point because I rarely use them now. Don't even need them for utilization anymore. But my point is that they WILL grow with you no matter what the limit. I PIF sometimes and sometimes would carry a small balance for a few months and both ways resulted in increases. Also one thing to keep in mind with them. If you get an increase, you need to generate a statement because if not, they will not report it to the bureaus until one is generated.
  14. Have seen this as well. +1 And not without one helluva recon. I read about a guy who got approved and his was 9 years old. He had to jump thru some hoops but he did get it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Please excuse any incoherent messages.
  15. No, Amex will not approve with BK showing that is only 5 years old. It will be a waste of another HP. Once the bk is off her reports then she has a chance. I applied twice while bk was showing at just under 7 years. Denied solely due to bk. As soon as bk fell off it was an instant approval. Chp 13 bk's fall off 7 years from date filed and Chp 7 is 10 years. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Please excuse any incoherent messages.
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