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  1. FWIW, Navy Federal provides this one based upon EQ data
  2. Just got an email offering and it showed 2.24%. Checked their website and it shows the same. No more 1.74% so be sure to consider other CUs/sources if you were planning on DCU
  3. Just got an email offering and it showed 2.24%. Checked their website and it shows the same. No more 1.74% so be sure to consider other CUs/sources if you were planning on DCU
  4. Nice Just got a $3k increase to $19,500 I should check this more often. Have had the card a year now and this was my first attempt.
  5. Most dealerships won't allow it. a few % of the overall cost maybe. However, there are some dealerships, in conjunction with certain Amex cards (my Gold card apparently qualifies) that will allow one to pay for a car entirely with a credit card. There's only one near me...the Honda dealership where we bought my wife's minivan 5 years ago. In the market for a new compact and the new Civic looks pretty good....
  6. Roland99

    Target Auto CLI

    6 months later it's now bumped to $2,200! Accidentally left a few hundred bucks report on the statement date (paid off the next day) but that statement showed the auto CLI. A year and a month later and it's now... Get this!!! $7,000 I just logged on to check the latest statement and saw the new CL is $7,000 (from $2,200) Ho-lee cow!
  7. Target Red Card: $2,200 CFNA (Tires Plus): $2,200 Chase Southwest: $2,500 (transferred most of CL to Freedom Unlimited which is at $43k)
  8. Actually, for DCU, as long as there are regular ACH transfers, it will suffice. I told them it's difficult for me to split direct deposit thru my employer and I was told by a DCU rep that ACH transfer would be ok.
  9. NFCU Go Rewards VISA - 50k Chase Freedom Unlimited VISA - 43k Tie: PSECU VISA and SDFCU Platinum VISA - 30k Total CL: $342,700
  10. Awesome! Just don't forget the "luv button" on your Lowes card. Try that after every statement (or perhaps after every 3rd statement). Some (including myself) have had better luck using the online chat feature for CLIs, though. They are soft INQ CLIs. Just wanted to say thanks again Roland99! I pulled the trigger on Lowe's today. Went thru chat feature and was waivering on what to ask for! $10k, $15k, $25k? Took a deep breath and typed "$25,000 or highest limit possible"! Ha! They gave me the $25K! Thanks again! Excellent!
  11. Appears the "Find my loan option" is a soft pull (from what I've read elsewhere. Tried it for s's-n-giggles and got three options (tried the max of $30,000): 8.99% for 72 months = $540.61/mo 7.99% for 60 months = $608.14/mo 6.99% for 54 months = $649.10/mo Heck...$30,000 on my NFCU Visa would be 2.9% thru the end of the year and paying the 2% of $600/mo would pay it down much more quickly than a loan! Although, I guess if someone has only high-interest cards this would be a decent option but, typically, they probably won't have the FICO scores to get these lower rates on the Marcus loan, eh? Just don't see the draw, personally.
  12. DCU offers best rate (1.74% right now with the 0.50% discount for the relationship reward status) if one's EQ FICO 5 is 730+
  13. I haven't seen one in a while, myself They have a 2.9% BT for 12 mos right now
  14. no limit on debit card transaction amounts? My kids like gum....

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