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  1. i have never applied for a payday loan myself neither has my husband applied for one in my name so what should i do about that? i really dont want to file BK. REALLY! thnx for all of your help thus far! It is really appreciated.
  2. thnx everyone for your input so far! the thing thats crazy in my situation is that all of the usage on my CC's are not from shopping! i hardly EVER shop retail. i had absolutely no credit a little over 2yrs ago but to be honest, my husband applied for all of these cards on my credit and true enough i did use them occasionally for retail shopping and such, but honestly, the majority of the usage went towards bills. I did not want all of these cards, but he told me he was going to make sure the cards were taken care of every month and he did until he was laid off also. Everything just went downhill from us losing our jobs. Im honestly not a big shopper, i love being on top of my bills because it feels Awesome not worrying about a cut-off notice being in the mail! My husband is considering BK but as of now thats not really something im interested in. Can anyone else chime in?
  3. My scores were. TU- 677 EXP- 642 EQ- 661 since the last 8 months they have declined to TU- 491 EQ- 388 (MY FICO) EX-? Completely horrible. I don't know how to fix this.
  4. Hello, my name is Tonya and i just registered with u all about a week or two ago and i think im ready to strt wk on my credit, but i first wnt to tell you about my credit and and get some good, sound,experienced advice before i mess anything up. So heres my story: I am 23yrs old and i am roughly $35,000 in the hole. $14,766 is an installment loan on a 05 chevy malibu w/ 18% interest which leaves about $20,234 in cc and collection debt. As far as the cc's are concerned i paid them on time when they were due and i paid the minimum, but in August 07 i lost my job and was unable to keep up with them for 4mnths. I was rehired in December 07 but i didnt sign up for any of the credit protection offers so i defaulted on about 9 cc's. When i strtd bck wking my pay was reduced and it was hard for me to try to catch up with all of the back pymnts and the upcoming pymnts so 2 of my CC accts were charged off and the others i enrolled in different payment programs but the accts were still closed by the credit grantor. i have only one acct that is open and in good standings and that is Hooters with a limit of $500 but a balance of $478. The nine accts i have are marked late on my CR upto 120+ days. the accts i have are as follows: CREDIT CARDS Wamu:$3000 limit w/$5782 owed. i have a pymnt plan which is drafted out of my checking acct every month for $148. Citi:$2000 limit w/$3693 owed. 5yr. pymnt plan w/$87 drafted mnthly. Hooters:$500 limit w/$478 balance. pay mnthly pymnt of $25-50. still open. Creditone bank:$200 limitw/$220 owed. closed but pay minimum evry mnth. Continental Finance:$500 limit w/ aout $950 owed-charged off. Cortrust Bank:$750 limit W/about $954 owed. charged off. Orchard Bank:$250 limit w/$120 owed. will pay off this month. Total Visa:$200 limit w/$300 owed- pymnt plan of $35 mnthly. Salute Visa:$750 limit w/$0 owed because of match pay program. Americredit:$14,766 w/ $346.32 paid mnthly. Collections HSBC TAX:$420(collection/charge off) Meadows Southwest(apt complex):$2793 Assigned:8/01/2005 Reported:6/01/2008 Last active:5/01/2005 DirecTv:$451 Assigned:7/01/2007 Reported:5/01/2008 Last active:2/01/2005 Dishnetwork:$115 Assigned:3/012008 Reported:3/012008 Last active:12/01/2007 Most Funding 2(i dnt knw who they are):$412 Assigned:3/01/2008 Reported:4/01/2008 Last active:8/01/2005 At&t:$286 Assigned:3/01/2006 Reported:12/01/2007 Last active:9/01/2003 At&t:$455 Opened:5/2008 Reported:6/27/2008 Rewards 660:$300 limit w/$400 owed. Opened:5/13/2005 Reported:10/01/2005(cancelled by grantor) Quick Payday(dnt knw who they are):$400 Opened:4/2008 Reported:6/15/2008 Wachovia bank(savings):$159 Opened:12/01/2007 Reported:5/31/2008 Wachovia Bank(chcking):$457 Opened:12/2007 Reported:5/31/08 West Houston medical cnter:$1748 Opened:10/17/2004 Reported:8/01/2006 Time warner:$456 Opened:10/17/2003 Reported:4/09/2004 Now as far as the cc's are concerned, is there something i can do to get them to remove the late payments off of my CR? Most of them are showing 120+ days late. I have about 46 inquiries in the past 2 years where two should have come off already and about 7 or 8 more are due to come off by the end of this month. can some one please help me?! I would like to purchase a house and also i am preparing to open a womens retail store and i really wnt my beacon score to be at 700-750 by October or november of this year, is that impossible? I would like to be able to just go in a place for credit with no worries of "Denied" coming back to e as a response. i am married and have been for 7yrs now and i had my first child in august of 06 and my husbands credit i sextremely bad and i feel if we are to get in the place i would like us to be in, i have to do something because my husband does enough already. He is a car salesman and he works 11-12 hrs a day to pay our bills. its my time now and i knw God has more in store for us and that He can do all things but i also know we have to give Him something to work with!!! I appreciate all responses and thank you in advance!!! sirtonyam

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