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  1. I live in Ohio and work detail and at most get 18 hours a week. I have no assets or SSI. So how would getting a default judgment be a good thing?
  2. Right now, I have pulled up a couple lawyers that might be able to help me out and give me a clearer picture of what's the best way to handle this. I know the court isn't going to give too much of a crap. I am going to gather more information and get a plan of attack going. I am giving myself tonight to get a grip on the panic, since panic won't get me anywhere.
  3. I have a lawsuit that was filed by Syncrony bank for my Amazon Store card. The total amount is $1,624.16. The letter I received says that I have 3 days to with the court but if I am understanding this right, I have 28 days after service of summons. The account is legit and is mine. I would be only able to pay $10 per month right now. Should I call the plaintiff's attorney and work something out and say that $10 per month is all I can pay? I just got a certified letter today. When my PayPal credit account was charged off and they were suing, they gave me 28 days and not one word about 3 days with the court. Please help me out.
  4. My tax refund was pretty small this year and at the end of my Bark Box subscription and I am going to be cancelling that next month. My folks wanted to continue Prime and paid for half. We watch a lot of the Prime shows and movies. Netflix, Hulu, Sephora two day shipping had to go. I didn't use them enough to justify the expense. I work detail and out a slow period but should get better in a couple weeks. So I should have more money to pay down stuff and begin to pay some stuff off. I do worry about more lawsuits and am taking a look at my budget to see what more I can cut. Xbox Live was cancelled too because I don't play enough to justify it. I got two months to go on the Old Navy store card.
  5. Good luck with that stuff looking good when you get to be 60 or 70.
  6. It's been a very long time since I've been here and lots has changed. Had a bunch of credit cards and did run them up and only paid the minimum. Then I ran into financial difficulties and had quite a few charge offs. Chase Freedom, Victoria's Secret, Gap, Bank of America, Paypal, Amazon Store Card and two Amex cards and Toys R Us have been charged off. PayPal has sued me but I managed to work out a payment to before it went to court. The cards I have in good standing is my Discover card, Old Navy card, Priceline Visa, Amazon Visa and Sears MasterCard. I am working on getting a budget together. I cancelled my frivolous subscriptions but kept Amazon Prime and BarkBox. I am trying to pay off my Old Navy card because it's the smallest balance them work on the Sears MasterCard. I am really embarrassed about this, I know that I did something stupid and did bury my head in the sand. I did use my tax refund to help with starting to pay the Old Navy credit card off.
  7. I remember reading that in the 5th grade (early '90's) and also had to read Where the Red Fern Grows. Reading the end of both books was a little tough.
  8. I started out with a no contract pay as you go cell phone. I can't remember the carrier's name but it was almost 10 years ago and I found it to be more expensive than a phone with a contract when I did the math. Now since I "upgraded" to a smart phone and got a data plan, it is a little more expensive but I love my Galaxy.
  9. I think that this is a good idea. Where do all these problems start? At home. These cretins (parents) are not doing their job, these parents are more interested in getting as many government handouts as they can. Teachers can only do so much. A teacher has what, anywhere between 20-40 kids in their classroom needing time and attention as well. I work at a grocery store and I see a lot of people on food stamps buying chips, soda, and filet mignon. Whereas, I bust my butt making an honest living and eating red beans and rice and maybe be able to afford the pound of ground meat. Yet these people have the latest gadgets and fashions.
  10. She is the girlfriend, not part of the family. Just let them know that the niece and BIL are invited but not her. She wanted to act like a POS the last time, this time would be no different and if BIL wants to act snotty about it, let him he doesn't have to come.
  11. What's wrong with going up to the school and talking to the teacher? I'm sure the teacher would be able to give you a syllabus.
  12. I've had asthma and severe allergies my entire life. It isn't the perfume but the underexposure to a lot of things. Everyone freaks out if you sneeze and has to sanitize everything. Like George Carlin said, you can't find a decent hamburger anymore because everything is over sanitized. This entitlement garbage, I swear, started sometime in the '80's. Nobody can wear perfume anymore so people don't know how to apply perfume. You have peanuts being banned from schools because 1 child has an allergy. I love perfume and being outside but allergy shots make my being able to wear perfume and hiking possible. If someone is gonna over do it on perfume, it's no skin off my nose.
  13. Obviously, you or most of society in general hasn't smelled anything really good since the '80's (thanks Obsession). That's led to these weak, inoffensive smelling things that people think they can douse themselves in. Thanks to a governing body in Europe, where most perfumes come from, classic perfumes that have been around for decades, have been reformulated and not for the better. All because 1-3% of the world wide population might be allergic to 1 or 2 ingrediants. I wonder how many who claim perfume allergies have actual medical proof from their doctor that they do. Too many use it as a way to say that they don't like perfume. Elderly people and teens have given perfume a bad rap too. Elderly people either have a hard time bathing or don't believe in bathing douse themselves in perfume to hide BO. Teens haven't learned yet on how less is more when it comes to perfume.
  14. I adore Amazon. When I was in school (few years ago), I used to have Prime but since I'm out, I can't justify having Prime.
  15. School is loads more important than any kind of sport. I think a lot of people lose sight of that.

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