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  1. I think the business loans are backed by Web bank. They preapproved me for 40k with a cut your knee caps of rate on the personal side with a 760 TU. I guess too many new accounts.
  2. I applied with PG and got declined. I assume they wanted my EX file. Never gonna get it!!
  3. Yeah... LC hit me with 18% with a 762 fico... I did it just for the score... but if it was under 8% I might have taken it to plow into my business Same here. I applied for for the Lending club business loan first an was declined. Then asked for 35k on the personal side and they approved me for 32k at 24%. FICO of 752. 120k available credit. 1% utilization.
  4. EX will delete "duplicate" inquiries that happened within several days of each other over the phone.
  5. I would add a gecrb card as well. Easy to get those 20-25k limits.
  6. Has anyone ever seen DCU hp as a sticky? I had FIA and DCU on 2/17. The FIA fell off a couple days ago but DCU won't budge. 3 pullers, never been C*
  7. First National Bank of Omaha. Seem to be exclusive EX pullers. I have enough business products that pull EX
  8. Sounds like there doing more good than bad to me. If Amex gave you 20k than you probably don't have any recent negatives or any negs at all. What's another address? 21 year old accounts sure help AAOA
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