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  1. Is this card a real card with a credit limit that you pay back in terms or is it taken out immediately from your checking account? says I was approved for 5k but then it says it needs bank info and its used instead of debit to save money. anyone know how they work?
  2. is there an online app for Chrysler fleet? I googled and just found a personal or a commercial number, any help in the right direction would be appreciated! I need a new work van asap
  3. like someone mentioned patience try again in 2 weeks or so. Also with the revolver has anyone ever gotten an Instant Approval with amazon rev? I know the net commercial account is instant when approved and you get an email. I don't know if the revolver works that way. anyone?
  4. Most states allow you to file articles of inc online and search for the name, does nh sos site allow this or do you have to print and send them in? My uncle wants me to inc his business but I don't live in nh and all I know is how to do it electronically over the net. any info would be appreciated.
  5. how did you apply for autozone I faxed over an app 3 wks ago and I have heard nothing back?
  6. that's what happened to me with home depot on the citi side lol it was so bad I didn't even get a ref code at the end of the app it just blanked out when I called they said hell no!!!
  7. was the approval when you first applied for the revolver instant or in the mail?
  8. got the letter in the mail 10k approval no pg but amazon puny 2k I called amazon and they will not budge, I will keep calling everyday until I get that one person that increases it KIDDING... once I make a payment on these next month I think im ready for BJ MC?
  9. ah so that makes sense I have the highest rating with dun with out showing financials. so you think I should so ally? with 3 reporting to Experian and 3 to dun?
  10. so my score was 31 with nothing there a couple months ago now its 35 with 3 reporting but not showing the balances, I read that this is normal it spikes up and down, but what criteria is used and when does that happen, cause a 35-34 is low a sh&t I cant even get a candy bar with that score let along an auto loan
  11. Thanks yes I agree they suck but if they report as some say that is a plus! also it will help when I apply for the Costco card if cap1 still has them when I apply. I also applied for the amex simple card is only reports to business 15k I will update which report when I use it... so far staples-1000k no pg od-500$ no pg amazon-2k cap1 spark-2k pg'ed amex simple 15k pg sunbelt-10k and the other small net 30's quill, msc, etc waiting on pnc biz don't know how long they take to email started co in Nov. new egg declined dell declined amazon revolve-declined every gas card-declined-wex-fleetcore I think ill lay off apps for a month until some of these report, they lady at amazon told me I got declined for the revolving because I don't have an eq file, I thought by now I would have one with the biz bank account. but they populate there data in a way I have no clue about! Anyone know if any of these report to eq biz? or the fastest way to get them to make a profile?
  12. I got approved for the cap1 biz sparks 2000$ so if it reports that will be great. as for amazon I found out my limit is only a puny 2000$ that's the lowest I have ever had!!! I think I might have messed myself up though because I applied for the revolving today and they had me on hold for 1hr and called me back and told me I wasn't approved so I asked what my limit was on the pay in full and they said 2k. I have a feeling it was hire and they cut it. does cap 1 have any other biz cards besides sparks and Costco
  13. thanks I don't have either or so I narrowed it down to Amsterdam msc reports as something else I think
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