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  2. Hi Hegemony--another CB lifer!! :-) I've been dummy-ing down my resume, in hopes of even a temp job. I'm trying the dual track route right now--immediate cash of pitching a few small and sustainable social media contracts, while trying to find something with benefits. If I land a regular job, I'll do the contract work at night and weekends, because every $ generated will help. I'm probably over-reacting out of stress--but I'm not about to trash my credit by getting a 30 day late on a car payment--that's what it's come down to. I called Ally (car) today, and they will let me pay $300 next week, tack the other $200 onto the end of the loan with no fee, and then I'll have to find a way to get the $500 for the regular Nov. payment. I was hoping they'd put a full payment on the back end, but that was a no go. I'm just going to keep pushing along and try to bounce back ASAP, as I don't have family to turn to--they've always come to me!
  3. I got another small contract and I'm now current on my bills. BTW, wow, Konrad 2012, way to be judgmental! After having been away from CB for a few years, if your comment is any indication of who is using this board now, I many not want any part of it. This board is meant for helpful advice, not negativity. I am trying to KEEP my good credit, so I have no intention of "burning" anyone. As a new biz without a Paydex score yet, and not having 2 years taxes to show self-employment, I was simply looking for a card that didnt' require income proof on the spot. I only have a Kohl's card $0/$2,500, one year left on a car note, and student loans. If anything, I am super-conscious of having as little debt/credit as possible EVER, after going through a medical BK in 2012, and having a major heart surgery since that time. I was looking for a small float to ensure that I could cover any payment(s) due prior to receiving my first check on a new contract with a state university (already signed). The work doesn't begin until 11/1, so I can't submit my first invoice of $6k until 11/30, which will likely mean my first of 12 payments won't drop into my bank account until mid-December at the earliest. In my field, it's typical for clients to pre-pay the first month, but the State ONLY operates on a reimbursement basis, which will put me out over 8 weeks.
  4. Hi All. I've been on CB since almost its inception, but haven't been active for a few years. I'm in a position where I need some credit immediately, and ideally with a cash advance option. My scores hover around the low 700's, and my only credit (since I BK'd early 2012) is a car loan @ 4.88%, Kohl's $1,000 with $0 balance, and $70K in student loans-in deferrment. I'm contemplating doing a mini-app spree, but need places that won't look for income verifications. When I BK'd I had Citi, Cap1, Barclay's Patelco, DCU, and all the old standards from app sprees back in the day. Many had $0 balances when I filed, but of course, they all closed on me nonetheless. I'm looking for suggestions as to where to start over ASAP. Anyway, long story short, I'd had a health crisis, ran through my retirement/emergency funds, and was just getting back on track by starting a new business in May. I landed a good size client almost immediately with a 1 year contract, and they pre-paid for social media content and marketing services for May, and did the same in June. Well July came, and no payment. I talked with them, and they assured me that they were having a tough month, but would pay both July/Aug on Aug 1, and that in good faith, I could just come in and pick up the check. I went there Aug 1, and the owner was super nice, apologized, and said, "I'll get everything to you on Friday. I apologize for the delay, and understand if you can't do any more work until you get payment." Well, that Friday, I received notice of their biz BK in the mail, and they included what had been due in July, along with Aug/Sept "contract buy-out" costs. That left me in the lurch to the tune of $9,450 ($3,150/mo.) I'm soooo tapped out, and cannot ruin my personal credit over having $0 income temporarily. Right now, my car note, utilities, insurance, student loan, cell, etc, are all current. I'm going to hustle for new clients this week, but I'm a hot mess, as last month I only made $1,300, and my rent is that alone--of which I haven't paid October! Ugh. Temping in the next few weeks isn't an option--I'm better off finding a $1-2K contract doing Messenger Marketing by developing a promo chatbot for an area restaurant, car dealer, attorney, etc. Thoughts, suggestions???
  5. It looks like they're laying off 250 more in the Minneapolis area. http://www.fairisaac.com/fic/en/news/press...+Reductions.htm
  6. Is there a Community Capital Fund in your area? Where I live, there's one and you can only apply if the city's economic development team is willing to sponsor your application (meaning that they think there is a 65%+ likelihood of business success). Funds can be used for buildings, land, capital equipment or inventory only--which pretty much covers what you'd be asking for! Here, minimum loan is $100,000 and maximum is $1,000,000. Good luck in your financing search...I'm doing SBA paperwork as I write.
  7. Yesterday, I received a letter from Barclay's saying they were decreasing my limit on the Carnival Seas card from $6,100 (which they just bumped me up to in early May), and dropped my limit to $3,300 because of pulling a TU report. Their reason? "Significant increase revolving credit balances." I've don't have any lates in the last 7 years, no collection accounts, no public records--nothing negative whatsoever. Too bad they didn't take notice that my balance on the card was under $500 prior to me charging a single purchase of $2,400 in wholesale business products on THEIR card in the last month. Too bad they are so quirky. Now I'll just pay it off over 3 months and then close out the account before they can do it to me.
  8. Well, the rep just called and we're meeting at 5 on Friday, so I'll give negotiations one round before I decide whether to walk away. I appreciate all the input...this was so easy at first, and now, between a FT job, a very-part-time grantwriting business and this new venture, my husband and I are running 18 hour days. I was beginning to think I wasn't being objective.
  9. The owner isn't bankrolling anything. The only thing that kept this property on my list of 3 sites was that a discount grocery opened a few doors down and there's a lot of "new" traffic, the neighboring tenants don't seem to have any complaints, the demographics are ideal for an ethnic salon in a growing area, and this particular space was set up to be a salon when the future tenant backed out of a lease. This means that I don't have to pay build outs for an ADA-compliant bathroom, plus the plumbing has been done for 3 shampoo sinks and all of the extra electrical outlets are set up. Also, the drop ceiling is installed, along with nice lighting. All this will save me $20-25K over selecting a different property. Granted, I know other landlords would make build out concessions, but for the fact that this one is within a couple weeks of being ready to go, it seemed like the best choice. The guy I've been dealing with doesn't seem to have a mind of his own & seems disorganized. I was hoping it was just him, not the whole company! I don't care if they do a personal credit check--my scores are fine. I'm so torn right now. My funding is within a week of being in place, and this is the address I'd used on all the loan docs too.
  10. I'm in negotiations with a landlord for a retail salon, and now that I've signed the Letter of Intent, he's suddenly demanding copies of the business plan (which I'm quasi-OK with) and cash flow analysis and personal financial statement. I'm fine with providing a personal guarantee for the rent, as I live in a homestead exemption state and there's little likelihood that he could do any attachments to my home as the first $250K is exempt here. We thought everything was good to go--they gave us keys two weeks ago, told us to go ahead and get bids on the buildouts, etc. We'd discussed that he'd have a lease available for review by our attorney by the end of this week too. Now today, I got a somewhat demanding/condescending email saying he wants personal financials for "the ownership" (who I know for a fact is his father). Has anyone had experience with a landlord demanding personal financials? Anyone have a feeling as to whether there is a legitimate "credit" business purpose for asking for this? I'm feeling funny on this one and just don't know if I'm being too sensitive...I'd offered to show him my current credit report, and he said he won't accept that--that he wants a personal financial statement. Any sage advice???
  11. NCO is licensed here. I can't imagine what they would have bought other than a junk debt, but the pull is irritating me because I'm trying to secure business credit and don't need to have any flaws on my personal credit show up right now. Ah, the wonders of CAs!
  12. My Target red card was sitting at $300 since they opened it two years ago. The $5,000 limit was stated by the rep--it wasn't the result of me asking for a CLI at conversion. My highest limit card is Patelco @ $10,000, so maybe they're giving me 1/2 that amount??? Who knows!
  13. I called a week ago to make sure they'd changed my name along with the upgrade to the VISA. The rep said they print cards on Fridays, and that they go out in the mail Saturday of each week, and that mine was scheduled for printing 7/14. She said if I don't have it by 7/21 to call back. We'll see. She did say the card is for $5,000!!!
  14. *bumping* back to p.1 in hopes someone responds before I have to mail the letter out over lunch hour...
  15. To one of our dear "Top 5" (NCO, Asset, Palisades, RMA, etc.) My credit is perfectly clear on all three reports, and I've never had a late payment ANYWHERE in the past 8 years, and live in MN where the SOL is 6. I know there isn't anything they could be collecting for...anything that would have been purchased by a JDB would be at least 15+ years old! All of my scores are over 700. Of course, the inquiry popped up on my reports just as I had completed paperwork to secure a small business loan. To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to inquire as to your alleged purpose for placing a hard inquiry on my TransUnion credit report, since I did not apply for employment with your organization nor did I request credit from your organization. I am furious to see that your company placed a hard inquiry on my credit file dated 6/14/07. Since it is against federal law (Fair Credit Reporting Act -- 15 USC 1681b) for an entity to view a consumer’s credit report without a "permissible purpose," I demand that you tell me the alleged purpose. I researched your company on the Internet and discovered that you are a collection agency. I also saw that NCO had to pay one of the largest FCRA civil penalties not too long ago for violations. I am likely to be the next individual to take you to court for violations (at $1,000 per violation). Should you make a claim of an alleged debt, please note that you must provide full validation, and that any alleged debt that is beyond Minnesota’s Statute of Limitations will not be acknowledged. I have no account with you, nor have I ever. There is no account number listed on my credit report—just the hard inquiry. You may not contact me by phone at home or at my place of employment, as you clearly have my mailing address below. I’ve never received mail from your company, so I don’t have a clue why you would have a permissible purpose for pulling my credit report. I ask that you remove the hard inquiry immediately, or risk racking up further violations. Since you saw fit to place this item on my credit report, you obviously have all the information you need in order to investigate and correct your error immediately. Is this too much all at once???
  16. AA=AAdvantage PP=Premiere Pass PS=Platinum Select
  17. I just received an "invitation to upgrade" in the mail, but haven't read it thoroughly. I've been stuck at the initial $300 limit on the red card for 2 years. We'll see what they have to say...
  18. I just recently got married and added my husband as an AU onto some of my oldest cards (10+ years). None of them asked for a SSN. I believe they just tie my account and the address to his name and the same address, which is enough to begin reporting. JC Penney's reported the same day I requested the card, and the others (with the exception of Target) reported within a week. In short, all but one were reporting before the cards came in the mail.
  19. My 16 year old daughter has been an AU on my JC Penney, Old Navy (GAP/Banana Republic) and Kohl's cards for almost two years, and on my CU VISA for almost a year. She gets more platinum offers than you can imagine! (No, I haven't opted her out, as I'd like to see what she's offered until she turns 18.) My rule is that if the purchase totals more than $40, she needs to call before going to the check out. When she comes prancing in the door with the bag in hand to show off her new bargains, I always make a mental note to go online and PIF. As a side note, she also has a student VISA check card account through Wells Fargo, and knows to transfer $100/mo. on the 1st of each month to my WF account. I use the money to go towards her car insurance (choke--$135 just for hers!), any credit purchases, etc. She knows she's getting a bargain on her "bills".
  20. I'll echo you on that one--it's great AND convenient!
  21. Doesn't it feel great to be empowered? Congrats on the climbing scores!
  22. I had a LOC and a VISA with Patelco, but shortly after approval, I had the available credit transferred over from the LOC to the VISA and closed it out. Combining the two bumped me into gold card territory at Patelco, which dropped my interest to 8.9% across the board. If I need quick cash I can BT from the card to savings and do an ACH to my local bank. I did just that in the last few days and it worked beautifully. Oh, and the LOC never reported, because it was never used.
  23. A little evening update: Before going to the bank with a $3000 check, I had the sense to go online and apply for a CLI. I asked for $10000 total and *voila!* 5 minutes later logged back in to see it was approved!! Of course, now I'm wishing I'd asked for a full doubling to 12K, but I guess I'll settle for a nice $4K bonus for the day! Doing the happy dance. Now Patelco is my largest card.
  24. Call them. They may need to verify personal information. Patelco seems a little bit slow and disorganized at first, but once you get beyond that, you will love them!

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