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    Helping people on chexsystems obtain accounts wtih banks and credit unions that do not use chexsystems. Visit my web site for more information on chexsystems related issues and an updated list of banks and credit unions

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  1. Ok so I have good credit... I make all of my payments on time and try to pay cards off every month... So two years ago (almost) when I bought our truck the dealership put hard pulls on my credit 30 times, some auto, some personal and what not. So many different reasons. I have been trying to get the credit bureaus to recognize that they’re just one for the one vehicle but they won’t. It’s been a two-year issue and it did affect my interest rate on my house, etc. So now finally all those hard pulls for that truck fall off in May and June (two years later)... I read where they say hard pulls rea
  2. I put my website back up and I am currently revamping it to hopefully be able to help those looking for me in the future. I am currently updating my list of banks and credit unions as well. I have also started a blog that I hope some might enjoy. I started helping those reported to chexsystems almost 20 years ago.. time certainly does fly by it seems. my new site is at https://checking-plus.com/ love to all of my credit board family mca
  3. thank you, they have been removed.
  4. Maine Eastmill Federal Credit Union They do not use anything including a credit report. Proper ID is required Saco Valley Credit Union Only ID is required to open an account New Dimension Federal Credit Union They do use chexsystems but anyone can get a savings account with a membership. More than likely you can get a checking if chexsystems shows paid for more than one year and no fraud. Midcoast Federal Credit Union They use only a credit report and an ID Town and Country Federal Credit Union They use a credit report Five County Credit Union They offer second chance checking
  5. Alabama Merchants Bank They do not use chexsystems, EWS or a credit report. They use Telecheck. First Southern State Bank They do not use chexsystems, EWS, or Telecheck. Indicated no credit report is pulled. Proper ID is required. Avadian Credit Union They offer a second chance account called E-Checking Family Security Credit Union They do offer second chance checking called Give Me A Break Checking America's First Credit Union They do not use Chexsystems, Telecheck, or EWS A credit score from Equifax of 600 or more is required for a free checking If your sc
  6. Over the years I have helped with removal from Chexsystems, Telecheck, and EWS. I am no longer able to do this because my time will not allow. I do not recommend paying companies for removal. There is no guarantee for removal. It is your right to dispute any report, even those that are accurate. I do however continue to research for non-chexsystems banks and keep my lists as current as possible. I do NOT suggest that you pay any company online for help with finding a bank. The same information that they will provide you can be found here for FREE. Many times the information they will provide y
  7. Nevada is a very difficult state if you are reported to Chexsystems. I am in the process of trying to find more options there and will be updating the list as I find new ones IF I do.
  8. Depending on where you live, there are many options for those reported to chexsystems. Some banks do not use chexsystems at all and others are lenient.
  9. I would never trust Suntrust after some of the issues that I have heard over the years. They are well known for closing accounts at a later date
  10. Okay my list of banks and credit unions are now posted here https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=604673&p=5694015
  11. Is Union Bank new? Please let us know if you apply and how it goes. Union Bank is a medium-large bank headquartered in Los Angeles, that is owned by a Japanese bank. I'm unsure if there's much special about them aside from getting more personalized service because they're smaller than the big guys. They are in the process of handling their own issued credit cards. Currently First Bankcard is their credit card issuer but that will change in about a month. They use Chexsystems right?
  12. NASA Federal Credit Union is great if he is eligible for membership but please let us know how it goes. Last I heard, NASA does run chexsystems but that may not be correct.
  13. Is Union Bank new? Please let us know if you apply and how it goes.
  14. I love Gobank because it is an option for many but I hate the fees. There are many other options out there that do not have fees for most
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