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  1. So you are saying this NACA attorney doesn't know what the heck he's talking about? When he's argued this already with no luck? Interesting... I'd be cautious about recommending people appear in front of a judge with an argument that has yet to be proven in court. It may have had some luck in a fraction of dispute letters by quoting this interpretation of the law... but I'd almost bet the only reason it was deleted was because the creditor figured they'd let it be the next JDB's problem and washed their hands of it. They don't have time to argue with it any more than the next guy...let alone if a debtor argues this claim in court...they may be surprised it's not going to help them win if that's the foundation of their claim.
  2. Defaulted SL's stick like glue, especially after they had to "file claim with government." My guess is that you have lates on it due to the default status. Again, the REAL reports are what you'd refer to in order to know for sure.
  3. DragonFlyer

    who is who

    You have mail. (go back about a week...Mister "I-never-reply-because-I-am-fighting-Kingons")
  4. Before I even scrolled down to see the screenshot I knew you were looking at a third-party three-in-1 credit report and reviewing the EQ column. LOL Glad I went further before I replied. Never use third party reports to base your disputes from. The fields are not populated properly, as you can see now.
  5. First, thank you both for your service. My husband is 100% disabled combat vet. We just bought a home with seller paying 8K in closing costs and us paying 0 down. We got back over $2K at closing. Getting seller concessions is a good thing. You sound like you found a very motivated seller. Our VA loan was WAY over $200K and even with "taxes" and insurance, our mortgage payment is much below $2K per month. Scores were in low 600's. Taxes vary from state to state. I posted the guidelines for tax breaks in every state in the military forum. Directory of veteran benefits by State Basically, you'd pro-rate the taxes and that would go to escrow. You'd file through the tax assessor's office for the reduction in taxes, and it all washes out in the end. We prepaid our insurance through escrow for the year using some of the earnest money we put on the property.
  6. Next time you go in, bring a copy of the FCRA and highlight key points that she needs to know. Hand deliver it.
  7. I don't think it's appropriate to blame the nurse IMO I didn't.
  8. Please show me case law that says a debt collector MUST pass "do not communicate" (ie C&D) or "dispute" notices to the new debt collector. It hasn't been court tested and proven to my knowledge. He adds: "Your reading of 807(8) will have to be court tested. Its primary target is information reported to cra's. "Credit information" has not yet be construed to mean the debt per se."
  9. Quick bump, but only to say that a well known NACA attorney said the following about this matter: I am engaging in discussion to see if there were elements to this situation that would mitigate the outcome differently.
  10. March 21, 1835 Charles Darwin, Voyage of The Beagle entry: So...it's not just potatoes. Spaghetti just is a gummy mess, no matter WHAT you do! LOL Thanks for the kind words! I am learning the basics of using a pressure cooker for the first time in my life. Wish me lots of luck. Those episodes, recipes, and epic failures will probably be published too.
  11. http://dragonfly757.blogspot.com/2010/01/w...it-suicide.html
  12. You are in serious competition with that view of yours, lemme just say...flatlander nothin! I see hills, trees, streams, and ...well, your home is gorgeous! (and I bet you don't have to worry about exploding ice cream...a real plus! LOL!) I was so glad when you closed on your home last year, and extremely happy you are now settling in and enjoying it.
  13. I was under the impression that the garnishment has yet to occur. Perhaps s/he still has time?
  14. You should consolidate them here: https://loanconsolidation.ed.gov/AppEntry/a...ne/appindex.jsp This is through Direct Loan Servicing. From there you can put the Federal Student Loans that are in default back into a positive status, and then defer that consolidated loan while you are in school full time. Then from there you can go on an income contingent program after graduation, if needed.
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