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  1. Update to my previous post. BOA reallocated my credit lines so I'm still at 99.9K I didn't notice until I got my new statement. I have 70k on one and 29.9 on the other.
  2. Went from $50K to $70K. Asked for $100K. $119.9K total across two cards now.
  3. I am well within DTI ratios even with everything reporting Base on my income and how much mortgage I need, I can have as much as $4,000 per month in outstanding payments. Here are my current payments: $240 Car 0.9% $340 Tractor 0% $1,050 - Lending Club - 5.4% - 16 to go $500 - CC - 0% Should I even bother paying off the CC or the LC? Will it help with approval? My FICO scores range between 760 and 810.
  4. Hello, I will be applying for a mortgage soon. My scores and income are strong so I'm not worried about an approval. I'm floating about 25K in zero interest CC debt spread over various cards (0% is good through early 2020) and have an outstanding Propser loan at 5.4%. The monthly payment on the prosper loan is $1K with 16 payments to go. Minimum payments on the CC debt are about $500. For a mortgage application, which would be better to pay off? The prosper loan or the CC debt?
  5. I had (2) Barclay AA cards a couple years ago. I combined their limits into a single card. Their policy must have changed.
  6. Yes you will end up with a credit balance of $800.
  7. My had a Sumsung. I couldn't wait to get rid of it (it's finally gone). There was a known problem that would let water accumulate in the bottom of the fridge, under the drawers. There is a little defrost drain tube in the back of the fridge. it's only accessible by removing the panels from the inside (PITA). Within this tube, there is a small heating element that keeps the tube from freezing up solid. Well the heating element proved to be to small and the drain tube froze up anyway. Once this tube was frozen, water could not drain out and it ended up draining into the bottom of the inside of the fridge. It had to be cleaned up on a regular basis otherwise it would overflow out the door and it would stink.
  8. I just did a home renovation. I had to pay various contractors and suppliers with a check.
  9. My LC account sucks. I am at 4.15 %. I have seen an uptick of notes that make 1 or 2 payments then nothing...
  10. I am only going on your location and square footage. There are many other factors that affect the actual size of the unit including but not limited to: Amount of windows / glass Type and R value of insulation Shading and sun exposure

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