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  1. Well what else do you do if "companies" is taken?
  2. Look at this little gem I found... http://bestcreditrepaircompanys.com/2014/five-huge-reasons-to-avoid-diy-credit-repair-and-why-youll-want-to-leave-this-to-the-pros/
  3. Not necessarily "Major" issues. But very frequently issues that will hold up financing until they are repaired. If it is bank owned - all bank owned properties are "As is".
  4. What they offer is not your credit report...
  5. It will work for up to 90 days if the report number used is not the most recent one given. If the most recent report # is used, much longer. My report # from August 2013 still works.
  6. you don't have to wait till tomorrow. at the top of the screen where you viewed that is a link that says "view current copy of your report". you can use that to view your current report as much as you wish for the next 30 days. And you can go here: www.experian.com/viewreport And use your report # to view your report for much longer than 30 days. The reports shown are real time.
  7. Found it: 21. TERMINATION OF ACCOUNT: This Account may be terminated by you at any time by giving notice in writing to Credit One Bank. Credit One Bank may terminate the Account and demand payment in full if you are in default under any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, or if there is a dispute between the Cardholders as described elsewhere in this Agreement, or if a Cardholder requests termination of the Account privileges of any other Cardholder, or without cause if Credit One Bank deems termination of the Account to be in its best interests. In the event of voluntary or involuntary Account termination, all credit privileges under the Account and Credit One Bank membership will be terminated immediately. Once we receive your final payment in full, processing of Account closure may be delayed up to 45 days, in order to ensure that all outstanding credit card charges have been received from merchants. No later than the end of the delay period Credit One Bank will send you a check for the credit balance remaining on the Card Account, if any. Credit One Bank may require the return of any Credit Cards before issuing a refund check. However, when your Account is closed, if there is: (1) a debit balance of $1.00 or less, that balance will be rounded to zero and you will not be required to pay this amount; or (2) a credit balance of $1.00 or less, that balance will be rounded to zero and this amount will not be refunded to you. The rounding to zero may occur after your closing statement cycles, and you may not receive a statement reflecting the rounding.
  8. If you cancel the card, be sure to do it in writing. Their cardholder agreement states that cancellation must be done in writing to be valid.
  9. Use the profits you get from them to fight them Luckily my fighting days are over... **knock on wood** Then maybe we all get together, buy stock and launch a hostile takeover. I'd watch that movie.
  10. where did you hear this? in my experience store cards are never a good thing. they're not necessarily bad, but a major credit card account is always better. +1
  11. Use the profits you get from them to fight them Luckily my fighting days are over... **knock on wood**
  12. Wow, In my area (South Central PA) you would only find that at a dealer. There are a couple of privately owned shops who specialize in VW/Audi that will do a a timing belt/water pump change for approx $500 on a Jetta.
  13. What about asking for $25k requires courage? By doing so you are asking them to show you their cards in terms of the highest CL they are willing to give you at the time. The absolute worst thing that can happen is they decline.

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