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  1. A service (Washing Tax Service) prepared the OIC for me. They made sure that all my taxes were filed that were supposed to be and I was up to compliance before the OIC was filed. Frankly, I am really upset about this as I have made every possible effort to clear things up with the IRS so that my credit would not be ruined. Now, I guess I get to look foward to my credit cards either getting revoked or skyrocketing interest rates on them T
  2. Can you elaborate? I called the Taxpayer Advocate and of course, they said they couldn't do anything about it. Could you provide an idea of the process you went through? Thank you (and to all), T
  3. Hello all, I have just started to get my problems worked out with the IRS. They have levied my bank account for $3500.00 and I owe about $48,000.00 with taxes, penalties and interest. I have submitted an Offer in Compromise, but IRS has issued a lien at my local court house already. I found out because a Tax Attorney sent me a letter offering services. If the IRS accepts my offer in compromise, can I have the lien taken off? It has not shown up on my credit reports yet, but I am sure that it will. My credit is perfect otherwise. If they do not accept my offer, can I still have it taken off in some way? I have been reading through the board and I just purchased my home so I will not be moving for quite some time so I am not sure if I will be able to dispute it off once it shows up Thank you for any info/advice, TB

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