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  1. I've been reading everyone's post for a while. I was supposed to close in July and moved over to the August thread. Well, I CLOSED ON FRIDAY!!! Ohh, it was so awesome, and it only took 30 minutes. My life has been a stressful mess over this whole process, and all it took was 30 minutes for it to be mine! I couldnt even get excited until I got in the car after the closing was over,then I screamed and cried. Talk about a stressful time! I'd rather have another baby in 20 hours of labor than to buy another house!! At least when u go into labor something is guaranteed to happen in a certain timeframe. I'm sending all you August..maybe September closers good vibes and well wishes. Good luck to u all!
  2. I just closed this past Friday and I used money from a DPA program. I got $5000 that I will have to repay whenever I sell the home. I can refinance to lower my payment but if I refinance to get money, the $5000 would have to be repaid immediately. If I went with a DPA program in a different county...same state, they forgive (u don't have to pay it back) if I stay in the home for at least 5 years.
  3. Congrats to those that closed!!! And to those who haven't yet....Calgon take us away!!!! My closing date was scheduled for July 15th. What day is it today??? I'm going out of my mind. Some days I try to pretend that I'm not buying a house so I wont have an anxiety attack. lol. Oh but how sweet the end result will be. And to add to it, the fan club (people who ask "hows the house" EVERYDAY!!!) doesn't make waiting easier. I almost cringe when someone asks did you close yet. Thats like asking an overweight woman if she's pregnant. But I'm TRYING to be patient. It helps to know that I'm not the only one going through this.
  4. I'm so dissappointed. After a long battle with getting my credit scores up to 649, 669, and 629 I was finally approved for a program in Michigan. Being a first time homebuyer, I didn't realize there were certain phases of loan and just because the program approved me for a $146 mortgage didn't mean that I was all set to go. Long story short, I found a wonderful home. It was listed at $159,900, and we offered $159K with seller paying 3% in closing. I have $5K from a DPA program, and I have the rest in cash. But now the program is saying that I need to be at 41% debt to income ration (income around $33K)so now they are denying me the loan for that house. Interest rate was 5.75 percent, no PMI! It was perfect, and now they are telling me no! Now another lender is offering me the 80/20, 100% financed. I think the 80 portion is at 5.3% and I'm not sure what the 20 is (nothing is confirmed) but I'm terrified of using this lender I've never heard of (even though my realtor suggested her). I was working with a predatory lender last year (nothing but time lost, no money) so now I'm fearful of getting into a bad situation. I'm emotionally exhausted. Any advise on what to look for when this new lender presents to me the 80/20 loan. Should I have a lawyer review the paperwork. I just feel like I'm trying to win an unbeatable battle. I'm tired of getting so close and then having the door shut in my face
  5. (also posted in the mortgage forum) I know this sounds crazy. But how awful would it be to get cash off my credit card to use as a down payment for a home I'm about to buy? I'm thinking $5-8K. I want the payment to be a little lower than where we stand now, especially of all the comments on how your taxes always go up. I can pay off the CC in about 8 months tops, but I'll be paying the mortgage for many years. Any thoughts about this?
  6. I know this sounds crazy. But how awful would it be to get cash off my credit card to use as a down payment for a home I'm about to buy? I'm thinking $5-8K. I want the payment to be a little lower than where we stand now, especially of all the comments on how your taxes always go up. I can pay off the CC in about 8 months tops, but I'll be paying the mortgage for many years. Any thoughts about this?
  7. I'm trying to get advice to see if I have a chance at suing my dental office or if I should just suck it up and pay the $200 bill. Long story short, I started a new dentist office. I went in for an appointment (which I had to wait an hour and 15 minutes), for them to say that I need a procedure done. I made another appointment for the procedure to be done. When i arrived at my next appointment, I had to wait 30 minutes. They took me back. A nurse came in to make sure I understood what I was getting done. I said yes. She gave me a sheet to read about my procedure, had me sign it saying I understood. I signed it. Another person came in and numbed my mouth to prepare me. The doctor who was doing my procedure (dr. X)kept coming in and out of the room to check my progress to see when she could begin. Then I waited about 10 more minutes and this dr. Y came in and said change of plans. You can't have this procedure done until you have this "other" procedure. I'm like WHAT?? I have my mouth numbed I've been waiting forever to get this done. Then she said basically either you have this new procedure done, or you can reschedule to have it done. But it HAD to be done. Oh, and your insurance doesn't cover this so you'll have to sign this paper saying you will pay the $200 for it. I could not believe it, and once again I've missed work to go to the dentist so I wanted something done so I signed it. I All while Dr. Y did the "new" thing, Dr. X kept coming into the room to see if everything was ok (clearly she wasn't prepared for this change either), until Dr. Y snapped at Dr. X that everything was fine and that I agreed to have it done.So I had the procedure done. I never went back there to get my original procedure done. I went somewhere new and they said they had never heard of a patient needing that "new" procedure done before having my original procedure. I've already sent a letter to the office. They said I have to pay it. I sent a letter to the BBB, and the final result was that mgmt from the dental office said I had to pay it. So I want to take them to court. Wise or unwise???
  8. My two year old just woke me up for water and I fell asleep with the t.v. on, so I ended up watching an infomercial on Vital Therapy Copper. It's some cream w/copper something to help ease arthrital (lol, is that a word? its 2am forgive me) well, arthritis pain, joint pain, muscle spasms etc. I had never heard of it before and I'm trying to find info about it for my mom. Anyone ever used/heard of this stuff???? It's supposed to be all natural w/o any side effects?
  9. Bump! Anyone have any idea on the new Collateral line?
  10. Anyone with any ideas before I head off to bed.
  11. 1st Question, I'm looking at a TU report and the account is Crap One, status chg off, profit & loss right off..(collateral) SBC for $97? WTH is Collateral? Then there is an Asset Accet coll. account and the orig. cred. is SBC, but the amount is about $600 more. different account#'s. THEN there is an Encore collection account-open account, orig creditor is SBC, amount is $97. THEN there is GC Services-open collection account for $97 orig. cred is SBC. Now after all that. Asset just got a default judgment because they were served my friend for two different accounts, one SBC, and another CC account. She DV'd them and she sent two letters to the court responding to the summons. Well, whoever opened her letter only read the first page, and missed the second page containing the response for SBC, so they said she'll have to file a motion to set aside and explain what happened. Can anyone make sense of this????? Thanks
  12. They aren't on my credit report...the letter says "this account may be listed with the Credit Bureau unless payment is made or arrangements to pay are made." Man I'm so MAD!!! I've been working so hard and since they saw my name they want to start some trouble. Thanks all. Time to DV. sigh (the story of my life)
  13. Sigh. So DB doesn't have a checking account and my stupid stupid self decided to pay a hosptial bill for him. Well, I guess the agency that was collecting on his account ran my name and decided to tell another collection agency (probably next door cause it's the same city/state) and now I have a collection letter in my name for an old account. The kick in the head is that I'm pretty sure I paid this but it's from 7/2003!!!! Should I just send a validation letter? I wanna send a Freedom Unlimited letter, but I don't think that'll get me very far. Any suggestions?
  14. Well good luck to you guys. I couldn't believe it!

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