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    I'm in almost the same exact situation with sears/citi. I disputed date of last payment and all three keep verifying, only mine should fall off next year. I called sears and they gave me the same info as you, they didn't have any records and all they could tell me was that they sold it to resurgent. I sent a letter to them stating who I spoke to, that they were verifying with all three without having any records. They signed for it on 09/08/08, so we'll see if they respond.
  2. lynn37 - congrats on the upcoming wedding!! my husband and i were living together for 3 years sharing a bank account, living expenses, credit, the works before we got married so i totally understand.
  3. thanks everyone. experian actually shows my name as his spouse. i need to do these kinds of things, he just isn't a person who has any patience for this stuff. as far as the detailed questions....we've been married for 20 years, i know everything!!
  4. I've done all my disputes for my husband and myself through the mail so far. I think I need to call TU regarding my husband's report showing our old address as his current (they haven't corrected since first dispute). I never thought about it, but would they even speak to me about his report?
  5. I wish my CU was so generous. I must have the most strict CU on the planet. Years ago they wouldn't approve me for a checking account. A few years after that I opened a savings account and had money direct deposited every paycheck into the account. It's been around 8 years since I opened the savings account. I recently applied for a visa through them.......DENIED. This is a CU that is for employees of the County I live in and I've worked for this County for 18 years. I'm shopping for another CU and closing my savings with them.
  6. what kind of response did you get?
  7. the phone number on my denial letter is 801-545-6705, not sure if this would be the same for an approval but it is listed as the "credit department" phone number.
  8. I asked them for: date of 1st delinquency date of last activity date account was chaged off amount of charge off was the account sold? if so to whom? date the account was sold They sent back a very cordial letter that said "This letter is confirmation that we are currently reporting your account to the consumer-reporting agencies as follows: Account was sold to Atlantic Credit.
  9. I sent an OC a 623 letter with detailed questions regarding their TL being reported and verified by the CRA's. They responded with a letter that only addressed one of the 6 items I questioned. If I send a copy of this letter and my original letter to the OC to the CRA's, are they obligated to delete the TL as the OC's own letter didn't include the requested information being reported?
  10. yes i did, and that was the other thing they said, that they reported the accounts as diputed to the CRA's.
  11. nope, just that they would have no further contact with us.
  12. So I sent a foad letter to two Asset accounts on my husband's credit reports. We received a letter for each account from Asset basically saying, ya we received your dispute, ya we are reporting correctly, ok we won't contact you anymore. Nothing about deleting. But the kicker is that at the bottom of their letter in bold letters it says: "This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose". This is a time barred debt and it is illegal for them to attempt to collect on it. Do we have any leverage here? I disputed again with the CRA's and am waiting for the results, but if they verify???
  13. what kind of scores do they look for? I've had a policy with them for 20 years also, but I'm still working on clearing a few more things from my credit report.
  14. I never received a response from them, but I did notice the change to the reporting just a few days after I sent the letter.

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