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  1. Have you ever driven in nj and been pulled over? Unregistered vehicle makes perfect sense, and your tag numbers are there. I would call the nj division of motor vehicles and find out. Can be an error... Or you really do have an unpaid ticket. Unregistered vehicle is a big ticket in nj, and can be, at judges and townships discretion lead to towing away vehicle, and if unpaid, warrant.... Albeit a small one.
  2. Can't comment on eligbility, but... as an investment advisor... no one I know of expects mortgage rates to rise significantly in the next 2 years, if there will be any rate increases, it will be on the short end of the curve, thus flattening it, leading into a recession. So take it for what it's worth. Then again, 275k is not a ton of money in the grand scheme of things for a home, so don't rush yourself just because. Then compare the rate of getting into a home now with worse scores, rather than waiting for things to settle with scores, and qualify for a lower rate in the future.
  3. If LLC, you are personally ok, as long as you did not PG it. This is what LLC's are all about. If the business has no assets, just tell them the business is defunct.
  4. ...this. Plus, Barclays is big in the north east, since they acquired a lot of Lehman Assets, so they are a fairly big name, especially since they have the naming rights to the Barclay Center. NYC, JFK also happens to be a JetBlue hub. This will likely be a little loss to Amex. Look, bottom line, clients will come and go. it happens.
  5. That could be true! The account hasn't updated on the CR since early Feb, I'm guessing it should again in the next few days. I'll wait until it updates again before trying again Waiting is usually the hardest part. Lol, tell me about it. =) OP, where did you send the GW letter? Mail? Email? Fax?
  6. good job. congrats. Barclays grows with you pretty well. =) They gave me my first real credit card, that led to everything else. =)
  7. So I suppose yes, I am serious about keeping a clean credit report, particularly while residential rates are so dirt cheap right now, we do not want to take money out of savings to pay for it. But... God forbid we go through another emergency, I can't say that I would have anxiety over a 30 day late, as I NEVER want to be dependent on credit to get by. A single 30-day late can tank your score 85-100 points for a year. And continue to cost you 25+ points for the entire seven years. Master Graphs And it is completely avoidable. Just set all your accounts to auto-pay the minimum e
  8. Do you already have a Barclays account? Charge cards with Amex are going to be easier to get over a credit card, in my experience.
  9. Did you personally guarantee the credit card/account? Is the business still operational? Most of all... What is the business structure of the business? Sole proprietorship, LLC or c-corp/s-corp? If business is a sole proprietorship anyway, that is the same as personal, they can sue you anyway, since you have full liability. If not sole prop, and you have a LLC or Corp, is the business operational and have assets? If yes and yes, then yes they can sue, and you would be liable up to your invested amount into the business or business assets. If not operational, and you alrea
  10. None taken, and you are absolutely right. I was careless with my credit. It was not my highest priority, and I am 100% ok with it. I have zero regrets about anything that I did. Being in my early 30's, I feel I have not screwed up as much as I see other people my age and have accomplished significantly more. I am dissapointed that it happened, because I could of put the two or three cards on auto pay which I did not, however... I would of not taken any more attention away from my family or my two businesses during a crisis, in order to make sure that every one bill gets opened and paid 30 d
  11. Called Capital One EO to find out update... my requests are still Pending. Should have an answer tomorrow. The manual underwriting team is on the east coast, and are apparently behind.
  12. That's not the definition of insanity, but for some reason people keep saying that… I guess it sorta sounds nice, even though it's wrong (no offense). That said, while it may not be the definition of insanity, it is definitely stupid. This thread, and all this dudes posts, are hilarious. I love how he's got a low-limit VS card and is carrying a balance on it. I think he even acknowledged this in a post, he said something like "Not gonna use this card cause I'm a guy…" Well, apparently even that couldn't stop him. I absolutely LOVE it. I can only imagine what he bought there… and based on
  13. For business, get the Business gold. =) From my Amex experiences, they get pissy with business spend on personal cards. =) Lastly, the point to consider is that this is indeed a Charge card, to be paid off monthly. Also does not report a limit... as opposed to the every day cards, which are credit cards. Also, the Amex offers I get on my PRG and Business Plat are different vs my other amex revolvers.
  14. Duh, I glanced going up to $175... not $195. My apologies. Lol, I know know, I pay for the card.
  15. Sidenote, the LAST thing I would want Amex to do is allow Gold cardholders access to the lounges. They are already OVERcrowded most of the time. Any time I am in DFW, there are already 50 or more people who have platinum cards who chose to pay the $450 annual fee. The lounges are great. Compared to the crap you get at United, Delta, etc... and you still pay $400 a year to get access to that.
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