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  1. It takes a long time for them to resolve an issue, and I have notice that if you have been recieving or applying for a lot of credit they will (or so it seems that) a late of some kind will show up on you report and KILL your score ours was a $100 net 30 bill cost us 25 points. Any way we did all the disputes and after 2 months it was remove, no oops our bad or who filed it. In the end our score only improved 8 points we have NO LATES EVER! it seems none of the business reporting "agencies" have a standard of if it's an error your score will return to it previous rating. You have to build again and that SUCKS, keep bugging them at least once a week and good luck.
  2. I also think it requires a personal gurantor, if not let us know, good luck!
  3. Our company did and we recieved an email letting us know it would be updated in 24-48 hrs. It actually took a week, but they were done. They go over them with a "fine tooth comb" so be sure your figures are correct (if not prepared by an account), and don't be suprise about the bottom line ( the value they apply). If done correctly your rating will go up as did ours. Good luck
  4. Wow we got advanta business they called today for verification and email a congratulation, any one who has their account know if they send it to home or business address, in my excitement forgot to ask.
  5. We have been getting increases from most of all of our accounts HDMC doubled our MC even though we were at the max!!!
  6. you can't you have to call them and request a copy.
  7. Congrats! How did you find out you were approved, we saw that it has to be faxed to D&B a bit strange.
  8. Congrats! Are they a Office depot company and is the account underwritten by the same people that issue the office depot card?
  9. wow didn't know this we have an account with them and it is revolving, glad it is they gave us a great line of credit. Anyone know if those with revolving accounts will be switched to net 30?
  10. Our company has one they do not issue a card, but will send you a letter with the account # it can be used on line or in their store
  11. We check D&B and Exp weekly have not had any problems with the "D" since I blasted them about the "late on a telecom bill" but Exp will KILL your score ours was an 89 and we had four (4) new accounts and the score drop to a 45! so far we have been able to get back to a 53 (it's been 30 days). so good luck to all
  12. Just thought you might not be aware, both sears and JC Penny are net 30 accounts.
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