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  1. welcome to CB! are you looking at paper copies of your reports from the four major CRAs? Don't rely upon online versions!
  2. Rue LALA has "The Bouqs Company: Up to 35% Off Bouquet Delivery" closing in 1 day.
  3. anytime some cousin, brother, ol' pal from pohdunk high school talks excited to me about some be tech investment opportunity I just say: "pets dot com" and tell them to STFU
  4. https://www.thedrive.com/news/26907/you-dont-need-a-full-size-pickup-truck-you-need-a-cowboy-costume
  5. on Hilton. BP/Amoco Spend $25 or more, get $10 back BPme mobile app
  6. On Pt: Chevron and Texaco (at the pump only) Spend $35+, get 500 Membership Rewards® Points. Up to 3x
  7. Earnings recession is expected to swallow all of 2019 after holiday forecasts disappoint
  8. Tesla’s Cybertruck doesn’t look street legal, but pre-orders are pouring in "...There did not appear to be any turn signals ..." based on observing tesla drivers when they change lanes I thought all tesla vehicles came without turn indicators
  9. that stinks. Instead of calling citi, search for "good will" letters as that may be your best bet since the card is open and you sound like a good citi customer.
  10. Dawn Of The Neobank: The Fintechs Trying To Kill The Corner Bank
  11. Increase Your Credit Score With This 1 Trick
  12. Middle-class Americans getting crushed by rising health insurance costs
  13. I've gotten cold calls for our house. I get as much info as I can from the realtor so I can file my FTC DNC list complaint and then ask for 3 million dollars for the house.
  14. just need some salamanders to start using their house as a piggy bank to pay off their dodge ram 3500, skeedo, and snow mobile.
  15. "You can use it on ANY item available on the Zappos app or website, including items that are on sale." good on gift cards?
  16. got my settlement 10% off code. wow, I'm rich!!!
  17. I'm usually skeptical but I know people who swear by those wrist bands that help with motion sickness. Perhaps this is a similar concept?
  18. welcome to CB! so this has been going for years?
  19. Foreclosed home sales largely vanished in Las Vegas time for another bust cycle
  20. https://jalopnik.com/should-i-buy-a-car-before-or-after-i-retire-1839996894 if you have to ask this question you;re not even close to being prepared for retirement...
  21. probably a lot of subprime discovery cards too
  22. and they are famous for not paying for care when they don't want to. complete scam and not insurance.
  23. food bloggers who claim it is their job. fat food bloggers who claim it is their job.

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