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  1. Wings Financial has 0% for 12 months and no BT fee "with qualified credit" quoRUM and Patelco both have no BT fees but I'm not sure about any 0% offer. Bethpage has 2.99% for 12 months with no BT fee. Consumers has 0% for 12 months but a 3% BT fee. Finding a completely free way to carry excess debt may be difficult. does it have to be a CU?
  2. ouch!!! went over 50% on Delta Reserve... down to 782.
  3. bought F and VZ today. (yes I am boring)
  4. that stinks, or should I say SUCKronies...
  5. Delta 93,500 miles + $309 for first LAS-ATL wide body (the plane not me).
  6. I read "tougher credit conditions" as "higher margins on credit and defaulted loan markets expected... so please give us some of your debt Mr. Ford"
  7. ntuit Pauses Hiring at Credit Karma Unit on ‘Revenue Challenges’
  8. you don't need the chime credit builder. I would have him remove you as AU on the negative discover account and then you should dispute it with each of the four CRAs as "authorized user only, not responsible for account." if they don't delete it. You probably want to obtain paper copies of your four consumer credit reports: Order paper reports from the big four https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/590506-ordering-paper-credit-reports-information-inside/&tab=comments#comment-5623246 IDS: https://www.innovis.com/personal/creditReport Your best option is to open a couple of secured cards with quality banks. see: And ignore the score credit karma provides; it is a fake score. Since you say you have a FICO score you may have more on your reports than you list so getting paper copies is imperative.
  9. Dow heads for best October ever
  10. Arizona tests a progressive take on medical debt relief
  11. welcome to CB! amex might not be the best first card to apply for. You may be better of getting 2 or 3 secured cards and in 6 months trying amex.
  12. welcome to CB! until you know the contents right now it only appears you have a letter addressed to a minor. As centex recommends, look at your EOBs. Whether it is legal to ADDRESS an envelop to the patient who is a minor or not is an interesting question but it is the contents of the letter that will matter.
  13. U.S. Bank reveals data breach involving some credit card accounts
  14. At one of my Green Acres properties I received an unsolicited offer from a cellular company to install a 100 foot tower (with a 100 ft by 100 ft square ground area). Now this is a property that has never been tilled or timbered; at least not in 100 years so such a tower would be an eye sore to say the least. I was surprised how little they offered in rent. For a 50 year lease it would pay about $4,000 a year (with 3% increases each year). WTF? I can't believe that is all they think destroying the natural beauty, not to mention the radiation, is worth. Plus I'd have to deal with their workers doing maintenance. I imagine it would lower the resale value of the property too. I have lost all respect for any fool landowner that agrees to this type of lease.
  15. Rock 'n' roll pioneer Jerry Lee Lewis known as 'The Killer' dies
  16. Now we know why @cv91915 has been too busy to spend time with us... he's been negotiating the mother of all deer pee deals!!!! DoorDash Partners with Tractor Supply for On-Demand Delivery
  17. Ballers like @centex don't get out of bed for a few pennies. FWIW, I just don't like the idea of now owning the phone. It creates a liability I'd rather avoid as I am to the point of trying to live a simple life. A similar argument could be made as to why we don't have a mortgage on any of our properties.
  18. IDK, if it means I earn a few pennies each month while I wait to apply my apple cash balance to my apple card payment I'm okay with that.
  19. dammit Marv!!! Here I though you were going to let us have fresh meat on Friday!
  20. So this debt was within SOL (it sounds like it was recent). $500 sounds like more than one month's worth of speculum. Is speculunm reporting the bad account too?
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