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  1. agreed. and speaking macroeconomically... until NY, CA, and TX each have it under control and are able to reopen, the national economy will be screwed (especially "main street" wall street will do whatever it does). It doesn't matter if places nobody lives like WY and SD open. WY's economy is the size of Cameroon's...
  2. Small-business owners could face jail time as DOJ launches investigation into coronavirus welfare loan program
  3. Don’t toss that junk mail in the recycling bin just yet — it might contain your welfare check in the form of a prepaid sucky debit card
  4. if you settle without a PFD then it will report for about 7 years from the DOFD as a major derogatory item on your four consumer credit reports. Is it out of SOL for your state and this type of debt?
  5. https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/622587-ceoemail/&tab=comments#comment-5809241
  6. also, never use a letter you found on the internets. always use your own words that provide details on your specific situation.
  7. soft pay wall Chapter 11 Business Bankruptcies Rose 26% in First Half of 2020
  8. Goldman explains Apple Card algorithmic rejections, including bankruptcies cp is linked in the story
  9. closed it as I got tired of mini CLIs of $1500 here $2000 there. limit got to 42K IIRC but I never really used the card.
  10. low caps on cashback 11.99 is not a low APR and who pays interest on a REWARDS card? that's not how it should be down some of the quarterly categories are hard to max such as "movie theaters" of "gas" (for those that don't drive a lot low limits, although regular mini CLI are okay. customer service reps are super nice but usually have no power to help tons of reports of people not having rewards properly credits. for details see:
  11. CEO Likes To Think Of Company As One Big Manson Family
  12. Texas issues statewide order requiring face coverings
  13. although encouraging families that tend to buy dodge minivans to drive dangerously might help with population control
  14. not just banks. I used to have to deposit a 6 figure bonus (payroll) check annually at a local credit union and even after doing it for years I was treated as toxic and the process would take an hour or more. Thank goodness her employer switched to DD for bonuses.
  15. You pays your money and you takes your chances: No U.S. stock funds? Is this 25-year-old investor crazy — or on to something? interesting...
  16. A healthy 30-year-old man went to a crowded bar. He ended up in a hospital on a breathing tube
  17. this thread reminds me of an old joke how do you create a $100 million dollar airline? you start with a $1 billion dollar airline.
  18. Covid-19 Isn’t Killing SUBPRIME Cash. People Are Hoarding More of It hoarding or not finding a good use for it?
  19. The Dodge Durango Hellcat is a family SUV that can go 180 mph

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