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  1. if you have the PFD in writing that is great. Frankly shifting debt around isn't going to help a lot if you don't get a good budget in place. There are plenty of threads in the money management forum about cutting costs, etc. good luck.
  2. Chrisley’s living conditions in prison are a ‘nightmare,
  3. letter from target MC that since I haven't used it in a while they are about to close it. time to buy some gum.
  4. Tim Cook Was Reportedly Rejected From Applying For an Apple Card
  5. HSBC breached this banking rule 12,200 times. (UK) Regulators sigh wearily
  6. to manage the account you'll need his log-in credentials.
  7. why do you need the chase app to use his card as an AU? yes Chase reports to the big four.
  8. inquiries are a natural part of a long-term plan for better credit and FICO scores. FWIW they only have a small impact for 6 months and no impact after 12 months. What good is an improved credit score if you don't use it?
  9. the occasional spending promos but this past year I didn't get one rich enough to offset the AF so I plan to close mine.
  10. can you provide a clearer timeline? what exactly is reporting on paper copies of your four consumer credit reports? have you been sued?
  11. Visa and Mastercard can now be used on China’s biggest payment apps
  12. JPMorgan to expand online bank Chase to Germany, EU
  13. send the person to the hardware store for a bucket of steam.
  14. China’s digital yuan nears $250B transaction volume
  15. what exactly is reporting? is it a tradeline from VZ? a collector? both? when did it first go bad? how and who did you pay?
  16. ‘They will sue the sh*t out of you’: Debt settlement worker says you should avoid Target and Discover credit cards. she? he? they? mutton? I'm confused.
  17. yah it looks like citi has taken down its pre-screen site for now. have you ever opted out or frozen your report with any CRA? if you are opted out pre-screened systems will probably not work. there really is no harm in being turned down. inquiries don't matter. absent the pre-screen site from citi you'll need to risk an application. pick a card that benefits your regular spending pattern.
  18. You can now change the date on an Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts or The Hotel Collection booking (and that’s great!)
  19. first there are amexies without AFs. citi does blacklist. it was over 10 years for me to get back in after citi was IIB. but since you paid citi you may not be on the BL. Are you opted in? have you checked citi's prescreen?
  20. $850 for a campsite? Glamping is taking off SMH
  21. amex prescreened offers are usually golden and a sign you are off the blacklist. (assuming you used the actual amex prequal and not credit karma BS). I would get the amex before slumming with wHells fargo.
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