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  1. if you;'re rebuilding it can be a good tool. if you like disappointing limits it can be a good tool. if you can max categories like "movie theaters" it can be a good tool. if you like hassling with cheerful but powerless CSRs it can be a good tool. if you like it taking up space in your wallet when traveling overseas it can be a good tool. if you have low expectations for a credit limit it can be a good tool. if you like FAKE miles it can be a good tool. I hear some of the same points made for subprime cards like First Premier.
  2. Vietnamese Dong? AA "miles?" Pebbles through the hour glass?
  3. Government tax watchdog: IRS should not waste time pursuing $1 billion in welfare checks sent to dead people they should at least drug test them!
  4. This Guy Did 200 Pushups Every Other Day for a Whole Month
  5. so you didn't PIF each cycle? "paying early" unless you are PIF makes little sense. What were you trying to accomplish? If the accounts are still open, a GW letter to the right exec. office may help.
  6. he told me to dream big and that if I choose to do something I will do something!
  7. IDK, the idea that there will only be capacity for 150 tests when we're told anyone who needs one can get it seems contradictory.
  8. New Orleans coronavirus testing site hits capacity in 2 minutes
  9. Without rehashing the terrible ideas DR has and how he harms his lemmings... there is something even more insidious. There is one of his disciples with a show where people call in and he basically talks to them as if he is a bored high school counselor giving career advice. The "advice" however is all general, non-specific and 99% just repeating back to the caller what he or she said. It is a weird combination of "power of positive thinking" and John Edwards. He tells people things like "dream bigger than you can" and "think outside the pizza box!" anyone else come across this garbage? Something called the "Ken Coleman Show"
  10. LOL These Silicon Valley companies were listed as coronavirus paycheck loan recipients — but some say they never applied for loans in the first place
  11. Nebraska farmer drains pond, finds ATM
  12. Our Subprime-Cash-Free Future Is Getting Closer
  13. I'd switch libraries and find better reading material. :)
  14. just a little reminder to post a pic of your tat here: https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/162347-tattoo-pictures/&tab=comments#comment-1345998 also, anyone remember the post where a member's wife got a tattoo that looked like a 5 year old did it with a pen? epic stuff.
  15. Should I tell my sister that her husband, a notorious spender, has a secret credit card?
  16. ouch. I've been avoiding the news and enjoying the outdoors to celebrate the 4th of July and this only reaffirms my desire to tune out. :depressing:
  17. just read there's not enough testing capacity in AZ. But then that is probably fake news because I heard back in March anyone who wants a test can get one...
  18. Blowout jobs report may have missed a troubling trend linked to coronavirus
  19. the absolute numeric values are not what matters here... but which state wore it best?
  20. please don't take this wrong but if you really want to help, tell him to join CB as nobody is going to handle his repair process better than he can.

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