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  1. too bad there isn't a new subforum for such threads as this.
  2. even I have standards on posting links; anything myfukoo worthy gets trashed unless I'm posting it to mock it.
  3. do you have any old credit reports? do you think this might be too old to report?
  4. yah I saw that cnbc post when it came out and I thought it was too stupid to bother posting here.
  5. what is the DOFD of the debt? and hi
  6. I mostly go when I'm out of the country, especially in Asia because 1) I can get a passable espresso 2) western style bathrooms 3) I don't speak ພາສາລາວ
  7. Another Cowboy costume please!!!!! APPROVING BANK: Chrysler Capital BUREAU PULLED: TU, EX CREDIT SCORE: 668 SOFT PULL/HARD PULL: Hard CUSTOMER STATE OF RESIDENCE: Michigan NEW/USED: New YEAR OF VEHICLE: 2019 MAKE: Ram MODEL: 1500 MILEAGE: 5,000 (demo model) FINANCE/LEASE: Finance PURCHASE PRICE: $58,380 (with tax, fees, warranties, protection packages, etc.) AMOUNT OF LOAN: $55,380 TERM CONTRACTED: 60 APR/LEASE RATE: 0% MONTHLY PAYMENT: $923 ANNUAL INCOME: $112,000 plus bonuses DEBT TO INCOME RATIO: <10%
  8. Patelco Credit Union Moves Headquarters To Dublin
  9. what did the denial letter say was the reason for the adverse action? banks assume a lot of risk even booking secured cards. can she added to your card(s) as an AU?
  10. getting a cancer diagnosis is financially devastating. Research shows that cancer patients are more likely to declare bankruptcy than the average person.
  11. The Madoff Victim Cash Recovery Quest May Be Coming to a Close
  12. America's milk industry is struggling. Don't blame oat milk winning!
  13. We asked country-music stars – the poets of pickups – to review Tesla’s new Cybertruck
  14. Because the Jetros and Jethreens of the world think there something magical in the number of days between turkey day and xmas... and when there are fewer "shopping" days they can blame the calendar for the reduction in earnings to their stores and food blogs.
  15. welcome to CB! IIRC for this particular card the answer is yes.
  16. America's largest truck-engine manufacturer just announced 2,000 layoffs — and it's another sign of the trucking 'bloodbath' that's slamming the $800 billion industry so much for trade school
  17. American Express announces new reservation booking tool for Platinum and Centurion members culmination of
  18. Goldman Sachs Goes Downmarket
  19. my dream Richard Roman lives by few rules. But one he made up himself: When you’re in hell, move a few ZIP codes away and make your own heaven
  20. you have no clue where the fat is; it is not with faculty. the fact states have cut support is the main driver of higher tuition and fees. Some "state" schools get less than 10% of their budgets from the "gov'ment" If you had a clue you'd not be making such generalizations. also, there is some truth in the linked report but it is a state-by-state story. rustbelt and corn belt states will see enrollment pressures; not so much in parts of the country people actually want to live in and where businesses want to operate. Oh and on trades and trade schools... I didn't know you were a fan of ITT Tech!!! :lol: Just because some fools take out huge loans to earn a B.A. in Food Blogging from Western Arkansas Bible College doesn't mean all students do. But then, why waste talking points for AM hate radio?
  21. what are the BT fees of the double movement? what is you strategy to get out of revolving debt? Are you sure this person won't leave you holding a bag of flaming poop? BT fees on 8 grand can eat up your "savings" pretty fast. Perhaps you should look for a better BT card than crap1. Some CUs have no BT fee offers for low APRs. Having a 4.99% APR with no BT fee may be cheaper unless you plan to have this balance for the next 34 years.

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