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    Kona, someone who spent 7 years in higher education should know that level of education and intellegence are only modestly correlated. FUSA has a bad rap with some folks (me included), especially how they ignore BK stays and discharge orders. You're right that it is probably a good card for some folks (many folks?) but some of us do not appreciate B1's business practices.
  2. No, the account was not closed prior to filing. Anyone else have an idea about this?
  3. Account Type Company Current Status Negative Description Unknown DISCOVER FINANCIAL S Included in Bankruptcy Yes Unknown AMERICAN EXPRESS Included in Bankruptcy No why are some of my IIB account considered to have a negative description and others do not? See the examples above. There is no difference in the account listings, re: lates, CO, etc. Why is one negative and the other not? Does this impact FICO? The above is from my EQ FICO report from myfico.
  4. where is the list of politicians in default? oh wait...it is those hypocrits who wrote the law...nevermind. I certainly am not going to defend these MDs, but it seems all folks in default should be listed. of course my first thought was...where is the list of CRA employees in default
  5. where is the list of lawyers? or police officers? or teachers that have defaulted?
  6. got a letter from them stating they raised my limit by 1k to 4k. Funny, they have never made a dime in interest off me. I know a lot of folks hate providian, but I like them. At least they report CL, unlike crap1.
  7. Thanks for the reply DACMAN. We are going to get our current lender's rules next week. We might refi anyway to get into a 15 year loan.
  8. be sure to claim your settlement on your 2003 taxes...
  9. Has anyone else seen this pattern? CC INQs fall very easily. Insurance and Mortgage stick hard, very hard. I have three, old Mortgage INQs on EQ that will not fall off. Luckily they are almost 2 years old. My spouse has an insurance INQ on EQ that will not fall off. I just wanted to see if my experience that there is variation based on type of INQ has been identified by anyone else.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I didn't think about approaching our current lender (who is not or original lender, the mortgage has been sold once already). We've been paying the 30 like a 15 and knowing we can get a lower APR with a 15 I am still leaning toward refi, but I might see what the current company would need from us to remove the PMI and then keep paying the 30 like a 15.
  11. 6% on a 30...I am leaning toward the refi since we can go to a 15 year mortgage.
  12. sued for what? Improper reporting?
  13. A house just down the street, same size, model, virtually same upgrades, in our new track neighborhood just sold for $59,900 more than we paid for ours 15 months ago. This is a huge percentage increase. We have a decent rate now and really do not feel like the hassle of a refi. But we currently have just 10% equity from the original sale price. Therefore we pay about $76 a month for PMI. If we refi with a new assessment that reflect the selling price of the exact same model house that just sold down the street we would be except from PMI and get a slightly lower, although probably insignificant rate reduction.And before you ask, we expect to be in the house 7-10 more years...long enough to recoop the refi costs. Any thoughts?
  14. nope, I do not have the card and have not had the card since the late 1990s, which was two countries and four states ago. Are you suggesting this is not worth attempting?
  15. I have a best buy (HH) TL on all three CRA that lists as inactive. Does this mean I can call them and ask them to reactivate the account? It predates my BK by 4 years so reactivating this account will probably do more for me (in terms of FICO) than applying for and getting a new BB account. Does this seem like a reasonable strategy and set of assumptions? Has anyone reactivated an account such as this before? With Household? Any advice/comments will be appreciated. Heg
  16. fla-tan, thanks for the info. I was already aware of this. I meant to ask if anyone knew of any pending changes to the law? My spouse's consolidated loan is at 8%!! (almost paid-off, held by NELNET (NELNUTZ)) Mine is 5.5% with the auto payment reduction (held by DOE). At today's consolidation rates we would be much better off. It just seems that those who consolidated years ago are getting shafted by the way the law is written. Anyone have suggestions for those who are locked-out of taking advantage of today's rates? (I've already wirtten to my members of Congress).
  17. so you're saying that this company will somehow refi an already consolidated loan? Are you sure?
  18. was it a PRM? Perhaps they are checking to see if you are good for your share of the Bush budget deficit?
  19. if you have moved since any of the accounts went negative try to get your old addresses deleted before attempting the "not mine" strategy.
  20. paw67, I have two HH named cards/accounts. Different numbers, same low limit ($500).
  21. Do you think 6 months is too short? Should I pay it off a little more slowly, way 12 months?
  22. bmwguy, you think a car dealer has less baggage than Nader? These dealers were altering loan applications, overstating income. They also added charges without clearly disclosing them to the buyers. Most of the stuff revealed on the show is actually widely known of; state AGs are just doing little about it. Of course the main cause is that consumers are not doing their homework prior to shopping. The show did have a lot of good advice for consumers. One thing that I always harp on is that if someone is a "payment" sensitive they should buy an inexpensive car (perhaps an older model of the one they want) to keep payments low...not spread payments out. Generally, if you finance for more than 36 months and without a large downpayment you lose big in the long run.

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