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  1. with several FF credit cards you are only allowed one lifetime bonus payout. Read the fine print of bankone's UA card for example.
  2. FHA after 24 months. conventional after 4 years. I got 20 years fixed @5.25 on a refi 4 years post.
  3. of course on EX 6 months is 7 months and 12 months is 13 and 24 is 25.2
  4. SUVs are not covered under some Visa agreement; including one of mine.
  5. blank screen? sounds like a PC problem. have him call PAtelco. Maybe the app was never received.
  6. hegemony


    yah I've for a student loan that reads opened in 1987 but closed paid in full in 2001 (consolidation). Sucks if I lose the 1987 age.
  7. I just got a DMB card; not the dream card though. see: http://www.creditboards.com/phpBB2/viewtop...8&highlight=dmb
  8. bump...I've met some brokers who insist that folks with BKs have to go subprime and this is false.
  9. and you are calling other posters clueless??? there is a newbies section for you to read.
  10. :bozo: :bozo: :bozo: :bozo: :bozo: :bozo: :bozo: :trash:
  11. check the particulars with your card holders agreement. I know for mine it say I have to decline the renter's rip-off insurance and be one of the primary drivers on the folio.
  12. are you trying to sound like an a-hole or does it just come naturally?
  13. I don't think I've ever seen this with Patelco. Do you have a link to the post?
  14. ????? what direction did you intend? you may not have a reference point but you need to start somewhere. Pulling today will give you A reference for future changes.
  15. so, in general not you specifically, how often are tips under-reported to the IRS?

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