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  1. have you tried this? https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/622587-ceoemail/&tab=comments#comment-5809241
  2. Mortgage applications increased 2.2 percent from one week earlier,
  3. If you are interested in variants of FICO scores (e.g. auto enhanced or mortgage scores) you can buy scores from myfico.com.
  4. https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/519290-the-master-free-000-fico-score-thread/&tab=comments#comment-4921071
  5. this seems worthy for the success story subforum
  6. I did not reading and it seems DD are made via the clearing house (i.e., ACH) so my money is on a regular ACH PUSHED from an outside account will work. I hope you get the 3.5% APY!
  7. United warns 36,000 employees they may be furloughed this fall
  8. this is an instance where a phone call might be in order. I have no idea with NFUC although other CUs, such as DCU, have treated ACHs the same as DD.
  9. I have a former student who got in at the start of it here in NV and last time I saw him he asked me if he can endow a professorship and scholarship with subprime cash. Joking aside, he says his staff regularly deals with wheelbarrow loads of subprime cash. He is a poster child for why "cash" is more expensiveness for retailers than credit or even sucky debit.
  10. Dunkin' will permanently close 450 store locations by the end of 2020
  11. more winning: Brooks Brothers Goes Bust With Business Clothes Losing Favor
  12. Subprime Discover Financial Services and Saudi Payments inks network alliance agreement seems about right...
  13. Creator Cash launches to let YouTubers get early payments I'm calling peak fintech...
  14. so many concentrate near military bases and communities to take advantage of young recruits with low math skills. I'm not surprised, however, that there are pay day loan and CA defenders around these parts. SAD!
  15. very very small. That could be good or bad or both? Lexicon Bank Nears $50 Million in Assets Four Months After Launch
  16. Here’s the new president of Rotary Club of Murrieta she's a serial community bank creator
  17. IT pros indicted after arranging credit card payments for weed startup SAD!!!!
  18. real or perceived "money laundering" is a serious concern for retail banks. FWIW, I regularly move, via wire, 6 figures and chase has never balked but none of mine is too/from a casino. I never heard of Lexicon but I'll ask around.
  19. you know it is an anti consumer move when the bankers say it is "delivering long-anticipated regulatory relief to the small-dollar lending industry." https://www.americanbanker.com/news/cfpb-makes-it-official-rescinds-cordray-era-limits-on-payday-lenders
  20. Consumer bureau revokes payday lending restrictions write up ^ not surprised consumer protections are being undermined.
  21. CFPB Weakens Payday Lending Rules removes the "ability to pay" provisions imposed in 2017.
  22. not if the "early" payments aren't larger than the min. payment. the OP has not returned to provide us enough information.

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