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  1. YMMV. I have no open mortgage or other installment and scores 830-850.
  2. nobody said that. you need to use original letters appropriately for your situation.
  3. Thousands of retail stores are closing — so how is Dollar General opening almost 20 stores a week?
  4. I keep hearing good things about that show. Someday I hope to have time to watch it.
  5. since when have jethros and jethreens mastered anything other than mud holes and overeating?
  6. The Navy commander behind the credit union banks love to hate
  7. was the issue resolved in your favour?
  8. James Bond had one, now almost anyone can get one to flash at Dunkin’ and Chick-fil-A; ‘status symbol’
  9. did you cut and paste from an online cookie-cutter letter site?
  10. did you complete Citi's fraud affidavit form or is citi treating this like a merchant dispute?>
  11. I understand the pain and frustration. Don't beat yourself up over it. Like I suggested, trying for GW every 6 months or so might be worth the stamp. You never know when a servicer will change its policies.
  12. not reporting for me... I haven't used it since month #1 FWIW
  13. People in this state take the most time to pay off their credit cards
  14. mailing something to a home address is a terrible idea. try the ombudsman's office. Perhaps then try GW again every 6 months. Have you educated your child on the need to make the monthly?
  15. I'm glad I'm not paying in. My spouse has hit the ceiling for almost 2 decades and I doubt she'll ever get out what she's paid-in.
  16. What exactly will you be disputing with the four major CRAs? what is the SOL for this type of debt in your state? Does the CA own the debt or is it merely "assigned?"
  17. There are no good credit repair agencies. why would you need an attorney? To sue your child? have your GW requests been in writing? If not, I'd try reaching out to executive offices at the servicer
  18. Social Security has tilted to favor higher earners who delay claiming benefits
  19. We Could Be Nearing The Second Great Depression
  20. The repo market is ‘broken’ get ready for the crash of the gilded fake economy... jerb growth is slowing too!
  21. More than 10 million people now have accounts on Robinhood
  22. Banking Regulator Rebukes Wells Fargo’s HR Operations OCC cited backlog of employee complaints and compensation structures that don’t do enough to prevent wrongdoing

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