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  1. Amazon Alexa is a “colossal failure,” on pace to lose $10 billion this year imagine that! it is hard to monetize "hey Alexa, how far away is Uranus?" or "call Mike Hunt"
  2. turns out the email is just an alert for the 11/5 update. SAD!
  3. not all secured cards "graduate" I suggest getting at least two from quality issuers. Some issuers allow you to securitize a larger amount, some 25k or more IIRC. The amount you put on deposit doesn't really affect being approved. There is a master thread on secured cards; some info may be dated but it may help you get an idea of what is out there. I know a lot of people like SDFCU https://www.sdfcu.org/savings-secured-credit-card IIRC SDFCU allows up to 100k LOL.
  4. propane refilled, deep fryer cleaned, tested, and ready for turkey day... I even was able to by-pass the safety timer.
  5. I wasn't thinking anything as serious as that; just the short-term cashback debacle.
  6. NASA WTF? you send me an email that my FICO is updated but then your website is FUBAR.
  7. issuers comodify risk, sell marketing information, and other such back-office shenanigans
  8. “Only great pain is the ultimate liberator of the spirit…. I doubt that such pain makes us ‘better’; but I know that it makes us more profound.” ~ Nietzsche
  9. 10 crazy things detailed in FTX’s bankruptcy filing
  10. Layoffs at PenFed Potentially Impact Hundreds of Employees
  11. the main reason to buy SBUX is that hegemony sold all his and that always seems to trigger a stock price increase.
  12. I am unanimous in my love of this post^^^
  13. it violates creditboards axiom #42 get credit when you can not when you need it.
  14. so you were 30 calendar days late? what does the statement for November say in terms of your payment status? If it is reported your best bet is to write a GW letter where you are contrite and fact based on why you were late. good luck.
  15. Mine now shows updated 9/30 (834)
  16. American Express and Square Partner to Create First Credit Card for Square Sellers
  17. Thanks for checking in. I was wondering how this has impacted people racking up rewards with this card.
  18. WSJ: BlockFi Prepares for Potential Bankruptcy as Crypto Contagion Spreads
  19. Binance US, Curve in Bidding War for BlockFi Credit Card Customers
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