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  1. 84 months... had negative equity and will continue to for YEARS! e: Auto Loan Approvals! APPROVING BANK: Toyota financial BUREAU PULLED: all three CREDIT SCORE: (auto 😎 TU- 683, EQ: 625 EX: 622 SOFT PULL/HARD PULL: hard CUSTOMER STATE OF RESIDENCE: DC NEW/USED: New YEAR OF VEHICLE: 2020 MAKE: Toyota MODEL: RAV 4 MILEAGE: 175 FINANCE/LEASE: Finance PURCHASE PRICE: $27,411 AMOUNT OF LOAN: 33,873 (had negative equity from trade in and added on additional free maintenance) TERM CONTRACTED: 84 APR/LEASE RATE: 6.29% MONTHLY PAYMENT: $505 ANNUAL INCOME: $46k DEBT TO INCOME RATIO: MISCELLANEOUS COMMENTARY: going to try to refinance in a few months with penfed or navy [good luck!]
  2. in honor of @bigpoppa09 let's get this back on topic...
  3. Consumers, Flush With Stimulus Money, Shun Credit-Card Debt (pay wall)
  4. Just noticed my county treasurer now uses these dirt bags. I wonder who got the kickback? SAD! #venting
  5. closed at your request or at barclay's request doesn't matter. if it reports as a revolving tradeline then it will be OVER 100% utilization for the 5 years and not good for scores. If somehow this tradeline is converted to an installment loan in terms of reporting, it will not have the same impact.
  6. if you are in financial distress and this option helps you overcome the distress then FICO scores can be ignored. Any negative on the credit card tradeline will most likely remain on your reports and you may take a score hit from the new tradeline. This assumes the new "loan" is not simply barclays closing the card and reporting 60 payments on a zero-limit card that may or may not have derogatory information. If that is the case, you will have >100% utilization on this tradeline for the 5 years. What do the terms of your written agreement/contract with Barclays say?
  7. May I remind you that this thread is for mocking and laughing at poster on myfuko so that we may feel better about our own sub-optimal choices. There are plenty of other threads within which we can mock and laugh at each other and ourselves. Please stay on topic. TIA and congrats!
  8. without context it reads as if you once again manipulated a post of mine to insult me for no obvious reason. But whatever, just claim it was a joke.
  9. WTF is your problem? not enough poor people to belittle?
  10. AVN Awards, Vegas’ porn expo, latest to go digital for 2021 SAD!
  11. "I can’t lie, having a penis on your arm for four years is a really strange thing to live with,”
  12. well he clearly isn't a poster on MYFUKO or he's have the AOD (based on his logic for doubleDD cash)
  13. Why Clark Howard Added a New Credit Card to His Wallet
  14. United States Outlook Revised to Negative From Stable by Fitch
  15. Small Business Owners Are Leaning on Credit Cards to Survive
  16. it is more like polio -- life changing health changes -- for many victims than a flu. But who has which long-term impact seems stochastic.
  17. I use that tool every week or so and can only DREAM they would give me a FR. I would love to have a real human review my 4506-t
  18. THIS IS WHY YOU DON'T FINANCE FOR MORE THAN 36 MONTHS especially on a used car when you don't have a lot in the bank...ETA: and there must be something else going on assuming FICO is the score mentioned... I'm betting high utilization on comenity and synch turds. I'm in a weird spot and unsure how to proceed. I have a POS Ford Focus thats at the end of its life and Ford no longer wants to fix. It will cost me 2 grand to fix the car (stutter, transmission shift) for the 3rd time or so. I want to stop pouring money into it, and my mother keeps pushing me to a guy who just sold her a new car. I still owe $5000 on the car [BUILT IN 2012]. I don't want to keep making payments on a non working car. The value of the car is only around $2000. A dealership will not cover that 5 grand (unless I can find some crazy rebates). Capital One Auto Prequal told me it would finance 24,600[IS CRAP1 CRAZY? 24.6K FOR SOMEONE WITH 26K INCOME?] but I didn't know how set in stone their prequal was and how to factor in the previous car. I just need a working car. Is there anything I can do, or am I just stuck? Thanks! Credit Score: 640-660 AAoA: 3.5 years # of positive trade lines:19 # of negative trade lines:1 - Medical collectioon from 2016 for $160 - Bull city [TOO BAD S/HE ISN'T READING CB'S MEDICAL SUBFORUM] Income:26000 Lenght of Employment:2 years Previous Loan Experience: Auto loan 2016 - Credit Acceptance - high % [come on... tell us the APR]- still owe 5k Debt-to-Income (DTI😞 29% with car payment (362 currently) Year of Car: current 2013 Miles: 122K Down payment amount: Co-borrower/Co-Signer: Not available
  19. you claim to make bank but you need a 6 year loan for an aspirational vehicle??? APPROVING BANK: Infiniti / Nissan Financial BUREAU PULLED: Experian CREDIT SCORE: 796 SOFT PULL/HARD PULL: Hard CUSTOMER STATE OF RESIDENCE: AZ NEW/USED: New YEAR OF VEHICLE: 2020 MAKE: Infiniti QX60 MODEL: LUXE MILEAGE: 5 FINANCE/LEASE: Finance PURCHASE PRICE: 54,000 AMOUNT OF LOAN: 60,000 TERM CONTRACTED: 72 APR/LEASE RATE: 0% MONTHLY PAYMENT: 790 ANNUAL INCOME: 375,000 DEBT TO INCOME RATIO: 1% MISCELLANEOUS COMMENTARY: declined, they offer 0% for business loans as well and just asked for my EIN to run our business credit and put it under that name

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