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  1. Florida woman charged with putting porn in Easter eggs
  2. More Than 30 Workers At JBS Meat Packing Plant Have COVID-19
  3. https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/621700-can-confirm-that-penfed-uses-fico-09/ as per @Gumby79
  4. I hope you bought a lottery ticket the same day :)
  5. one problem is many who have joined Penfed with "dirty" reports have had trouble getting penfed credit products even when their scores are stronger. she can try crap1 prequal again at that time. Is the discovery reporting yet? If not, wait to apply for anything until it reports on the logic that having a new positive tradeline will help the scores (even though the new account may harm AAoA). Is that Ollo card the non-AF version? if so, then it is isn't terrible. A third card is important so even a secured card may be worth the effort.
  6. Amex only makes these offers if it thinks it can approve you. For amex it is simple cost/benefit analysis and not just about getting $$ for the bad debt but also that they may board a "new" profitable customer. So while I can't answer your particular situation, I would seriously consider taking amex up on the offer if 1) you can afford it and 2) you want a better amex product later.
  7. You Can Shield Your Credit Report From Late Payments During the Virus Crisis. Here’s How
  8. CDIA PDF: What are the available options for reporting an accountaffected by a natural or declared disaster?
  9. Credit Reporting During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Changes Under the CARES Act and Other Important Considerations "Litigation. Neither the amendment itself, nor the FCRA subsection it amended, provides a private right of action for consumers. However, furnishers are still subject to regulatory enforcement."
  10. FICO Solution Helps Firms Manage Deluge of Payment Holiday Requests due to COVID-19
  11. welcome to CB! Do you know the DOFD for this type of debt in your state? I find it strange it couldn't be included in the BK. Do you recall why?
  12. GSAPPLE: Here's how to find your Apple Card number, expiration date, and security code. Open the Wallet app on your iPhone and tap Apple Card. Tap the more button . Tap Card Information. Authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode
  13. OPEC and allies agree to historic 10 million barrel per day production cut
  14. By masses you mean Jamie Dimondxx and Whale Street.
  15. PDF: Covid-19, cash, and the future of payments  
  16. Fed Is Seizing Control of the Entire U.S. Bond Market
  17. reward and benefit structures change very often; in fact citi just AGAIN announced changes to the citi premier card. any list is obsolete rather quickly. use any list you find as a starting point and read the fine print of any card as things may change at any time.
  18. People are luring Instacart shoppers with big tips -- and then changing them to zero
  19. Boris Johnson Released From Intensive Care Unit, Remains Hospitalized
  20. I'm not sure how up to date this is, but you may want to read through this thread:
  21. does anyone have time to update this in list format?

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