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  1. 'FinCEN' documents reportedly show banks moved illicit funds
  2. Airbnb guest ransacks Australian woman's house, steals $18k of belongings and her identity
  3. this has to be fake???? APPROVING BANK: Toyota Fin BUREAU PULLED: Exp Auto 8 CREDIT SCORE: 657 SOFT PULL/HARD PULL: HP CUSTOMER STATE OF RESIDENCE: TX NEW/USED: New YEAR OF VEHICLE: 2020 MAKE: Lexus MODEL: GX 460 MILEAGE: 10 FINANCE/LEASE: finance PURCHASE PRICE: ~53,000 AMOUNT OF LOAN: ~62,000 (rolled 3k negative, tx made us pay TTL, purchased ext warranty, service plan and gap) TERM CONTRACTED: 72 (only because it was same rate as 60) APR/LEASE RATE: 6.64 MONTHLY PAYMENT: $1136 ANNUAL INCOME: $103k DEBT TO INCOME RATIO: ~30 MISCELLANEOUS COMMENTARY: I was unsure about this loan as we had to turn in our over milage lease to lexus. We had about 15 30 day lates on a 4 year lease. We have made all payments ontime for past 18 months with them and they took care of us. This is our 3rd Lexus GX. Finance manager said they moved us up to tier 2 because of Lexus loyalty. Also told me if I had a 670 he could've talked them into 0%.
  4. nobody should be a "CD investor" (insert cross dressing joke here). But for people with $X dollars who plan to use the funds in Y years, a CD is one option to park the funds. It isn't always about getting returns other than keeping up with inflation. Then again, "smart" money would tell us to forget about using cash to buy a property and just take out a mortgage.
  5. just curious, where did you obtain these scores?
  6. Digital mortgage platforms have the potential to reduce discrimination. But automated systems provide rich opportunities to perpetuate bias, too.
  7. if it owns the debt it has PP; just be glad it is a soft...
  8. sorry I didn't read "my state allows them to charge as a tax lien buyer/holder." as "they claim to own my tax lien" if it is a large dollar amount to you, getting professional help -- especially for a tax item -- is probably a good idea. good luck.
  9. not enough info... what kind of debt is this? is it within the SOL? how are they violating the FDCPA?
  10. other than myfico fool reports on synch and crap1, where is the evidence that available balances are being slashed? since the pandemic I've gotten CLI from citi and chase.
  11. while I don't disagree I just want to note that this can backfire if, after an approval, the creditor does an AR (which it will have PP for) on TU, EX, or IDS and sees the derog. Nevertheless, @creditimprovershould probably do as you suggest.
  12. perhaps wHells opened a fake account in your name during the huge account opening scandal? or some other random attempt by wHells to make people think is has changed? https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/623004-anyone-else-here-a-party-in-the-wells-fargo-class-action-from-2015-2016/&tab=comments#comment-5813661
  13. This bank really ties up cash!
  14. the whole weak dollar policy and dream of 2% inflation policy is killing people who actually saved money. fed and treasury want everyone in the market. We're about 20% cash right now and trying to decide on buying recreational land or depressingly low APY CDs. I suppose I could move it all into yen, dinars, and dong and hope for the best.
  15. I think I am going to join Hiway FCU for the 5 year CD 1.35% APY. SAD! Did I just say that?????!!!!#$%#^#^#
  16. the link is to a poutine flavoured site... that may be a hint.
  17. problem is... we need headroom for more than the max. Amex doesn't worry me but others do.
  18. Chime is now worth $14.5 billion, surging past Robinhood as the most valuable U.S. consumer fintech
  19. @cv91915 so... do you recommend affirm? amex just dropped to .60

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