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  1. funniest interview I've seen for some time. that beard! and who needs an AR!!!!!!
  2. I forgot to mention her scores are higher too. I'm around 830 she's a perfect 850
  3. Victim uses battle axe to fend off home invader in Michigan
  4. The problem -- in Washington it’s referred to as “disparate impact” -- is one the financial industry has spent years trying to address. The increasing use of algorithms in lending decisions has sharpened the years-long debate, as consumer advocates, armed with what they claim is supporting research, are pushing regulators and companies to rethink whether models are only entrenching discrimination that algorithm-driven lending is meant to stamp out.  “Because machines can treat similarly-situated people and objects differently, research is starting to reveal some troubling examples in which the reality of algorithmic decision-making falls short of our expectations, or is simply wrong,” Nicol Turner Lee, a fellow at the Center for Technology Innovation at the Brookings Institution, recently told Congress.
  5. my spouse's limits are lower than my limits even though her income is 10 times mine, but that is because she doesn't bother much with CLI requests or combos.
  6. never said the programmers intended there to be biases. but biased because of garbage in garbage out assumptions and data.
  7. AI is programed by someone at some point. it is not intelligent design.
  8. Buy-now, pay-later app Afterpay is booming
  9. Cash-Strapped Small Businesses Turn to GoFundMe WTH? if you need GFM you have a hobby not a biz. and you need to get over yourself.
  10. A $45,000 Loan for a $27,000 Ride: More Borrowers Are Going Underwater on Car Loans As cars become more expensive, buyers are getting hampered by burdensome loans
  11. Many Americans are drowning in medical debt. Here’s what to know if you need some relief
  12. there have been numerous studies that AI, facial recon, etc. suffer from the same predilections as the people who program them. that is not to say GS is doing anything wrong here. It could simply be that length of history or some other factor is weighted heavily in its modeling and even a small difference on one factor can lead to large outcome differences.
  13. AI is as partisan and biased as its programmers. I might try to replicate his results. Mrs. H. hasn't applied yet. Her scores are higher than mine.
  14. you can ask them to "unwind" the approval and close the turd right away. pay whatever they claim you owe and put this behind you -- never look back. and every time you look at your reports for the next 10 years remind yourself of this moment.
  15. Goldman faces probe after entrepreneur slams Apple Card algorithm in tweets Apple's 'sexist' credit card investigated by US regulator
  16. This couple dreamed about frugally traveling around in a van — until reality smacked them in the face
  17. I contacted the OP's IRB people today but I assume with it being Friday and a holiday weekend I won't hear anything until next week.
  18. the CD in question had a balance much higher than my penfed ACH daily limit so I wasn't sure if it would work to transfer out at maturity. please let me know how it goes for you.
  19. Personnel CapOne Security Head Transferred In Wake Of Data Breach

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