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  1. I'm not sure disputing or suing as a first or second steps to deal with a soft inquiry is the best idea. If there is no PP then the FCRA is pretty clear on the per instance statutory compensation (and no need to sue to invoke this). I hope the OP has obtained PAPER copies of his or her reports to determine the mailing address for this entity before disputing or suing.
  2. card arrived today. There is no card number on the physical card. no stripe and no CVV but there is a chip.
  3. MarkLA's turtle (RIP) Good thing @cv91915 is AWOL this is the type of media story that triggers him 😭
  4. New cardholders can also earn 30,000 bonus rewards points when they spend $1,500 in purchases in the first 3 months. 3X points on the things that really add up – like restaurants, travel and transit, gas stations, popular streaming services, and phone plans.
  5. only crap1 AA I recall is more recent than the great recession as it has been reassessing some of the high limits people have gotten.
  6. When did credit scores start? A brief look at the long history behind credit reporting
  7. Reinventing credit cards: Responses to new lending models in the US
  8. How a small typo ruined a Massachusetts couple's credit ^^^I'd love to see the AA letter stating this ^^^
  9. Exxon.Mobile 10% (up to $8) on AMZN and Hyatt.
  10. whoops... missed the year in the subject... someone start the 2022
  11. for auto CLI there is this thread (needs updating): https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/485718-the-master-automatic-credit-limit-increase-auto-cli-thread/#comment-4632481
  12. This couple left the U.S. to travel full-time—and cut expenses by 50%: ‘We’ve lived in London, Rome and Lisbon’
  13. two new accounts CRASH my score!!!! SAD!!!! 817 to 791 oh the humanity
  14. what address for the entity is listed on PAPER copies of your consumer credit reports?
  15. bored... looked at some of the mouse print from PNC and had to LOL at
  16. You might want to suggest she speak to her CPA if she plans to sell it at below market price to you as there may be gift tax implications.
  17. I hear you. My CPA asked me for a documentation of my losses when I included a w-2g... only that was my only gambling session of the year.
  18. Could it be that this is a situation where the creditor defaults you to a lesser card if you don't qualify for the better, prime card? Read the fine print on the application you completed. and welcome to CB!
  19. U.S. consumer watchdog to review 'excessive' credit card late payment fees
  20. anyone else a member? nice blog too https://www.creditcollectibles.com/blog/
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