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  1. anyone else have a ray of hope for me?? they really value my banking relationship, I know this because they kiss my a** everytime I come in. any ideas?
  2. And got no sort of points obviously. Its with bank of America and im now kicking myself because I had to use my debit card. I don't have credit limits so the only way was with my debit card. Do you think I can talk to bank of America into converting them into some kind of points for a credit card or something else??? PLEASE SOMEONE HELP I DONT WANT TO HAVE CHARGED IN VAIN!!!!!!!
  3. Yea but can they report every month for 4 years even though its charged off and sold????
  4. I have a chance and hsbc chargeoff from 2008 but on my credit report is says CO CO CO CO for each month up untill today. I thoight they have to stop reporting after a chargeoff no???? And also ehat would be my best step to get this removed???. . Thanks in advance for any help
  5. I won dispute and items were deleted on eq... Is there a quicker way to get them off the other 2 ex and tu since I already won eq?? I don't want to deal with the whole 30 day dispute process on the same item I already had deleted on eq if I don't have to. Any thoughts?

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